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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Pin-pointing the area - surround
the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Time  is of essence - and even as the President Barrack Hussein Obama regime - let down the Lakota Sioux Nation -  using delaying tactics - saying one thing - and doing another.

We are watching the events connected to the Dakota Access Pipeline and now have to deal - with you know whom.

The Black Snake - associated with the Dakota Access Pipeline - should not go anywhere the Sacred Missouri River.

The Missouri River that joins the Mississippi River - together is the largest river that has benefited millions of human beings - for thousands of years.

The reverence shown to these two rivers - by the hundreds of tribes - is well documented.

Water is Sacred - a concept not well accepted by those who are    " spiritually - bankrupt ". 

Leading the charge - a person and the lackeys who follow Donald Trump.

What sense does it make to put into danger a source that is required to sustain life?

Again and again we see GREED and those who worship GREED - treat Mother Earth - with disrespect.

The time has come to stand for what is right - and bring on board all those - who have stood quiet - leaving only a few advocates and others who feel the pain -  do not have the commitment to stand united - to the end.

The time is now to stand united - be educated on issues - and listen to those that have WISDOM.

Thousands heeded the call and went to join thousands others at the Oceti Sakowin camp - North Dakota - very near Cannon Ball Reservation and not far from Standing Rock and Fort Yates. 

There we saw people from all over the world - this Nation - and also realized that hundreds others had infiltrated the Oceti Sakowin camp - with ulterior motives - as often happens.

The Protectors not Protesters of the Sacred Water and Sacred Lands - are there to respect Mother Earth.

All this on Sovereign Land - that comes under the jurisdiction of the Lakota Sioux Nation.

The paradox is that those that have NO patrimonial jurisdiction are calling the shots - and this nonsense must STOP - now.

The Elders that have their heart in the right place - have spoken - and this act more a sacrilege - the Dakota Access Pipeline - and the adverse impacts its entails.

The Dakota Access Pipeline - will not be tolerated - every arm of our so called Justice System - will be called upon - because that is one tool - one method - those that are " spiritually bankrupt and worship money " - understand.

We held a protest in San Francisco -
as more protest have been held in Oakland -
in Los Angeles - all over this Nation.

San Francisco is aiding in the  funding the North Dakota Access Pipeline - banks such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citi Bank, Chase Bank and other brokers of large financial institutions - headquarter in San Francisco - are aiding and abetting the Dakota Access Pipeline and must STOP the funding.

San Francisco is Ohlone Land - and we say that those that use San Francisco - and more the financial institutions - who continue do business and are connected with " sordid projects " - one of them - the Dakota Access Pipeline - must STOP - now.

We have not heard a clear message from San Francisco's Mayor Edwin M. Lee - he has NOT said a word - he lives in San Francisco - he hails from Seattle, Washington - his heart in not in the right place - for all his shallow - talk.

We have had the support of some SF Board of supervisors -  one of them former SF Supervisor Eric L. Mar.

San Francisco must take a stand -  much like we took a stand on other issues - that adversely impact - millions.

In this case the immediate, short term and long term - adverse impacts on the watershed, the contamination and pollution of the Sacred Missouri River  other Sacred Sites in North Dakota and the neighboring areas.

Chief Sitting Bull -
he united the Tribes - under the
banner of the Lakota Sioux Nation.

The banner of the Lakota Sioux Nation.

We have been to the North Dakota - stopped to revere the Black Hills.

 The many Sacred Places - the Lakota Sioux Nation and the surrounding Tribes - have defeated the United States Calvary before - Custer's defeat still send shills - to military historians.

Time have changed and the dilly dallying among the Corps of Engineers, key Law Enforcement who have been participating in  espionage.

 All sorts of intimidation - firing on innocent people with rubber bullets -  injuring and taking NO - responsibility. Cowards act like that - not warriors.

The cloak and dagger methods used in the past - will NOT fly today.

The world has shrunk - and the digital information collected on those that are " evil " - defies decency,  so called justice - and more fair play. The just must stand united - more our women and men warriors.

The blizzards and deep snow have 
covered the Oceti Sakowin Camps -
for now - the snow will thaw -
life will go on as usual - no one should bow down -
to those that have no morals, less ethics 
and for sure less standards.

Millions are ready all over the world to ascend and stand united with the Lakota Sioux Nation. 

Of course - the Elders must have a plan - a plan that is holistic - viable and more sustainable.

There are forces - in the minority - that want to sit on the fence - and jump of that side that is green.

Well, there is no time to sit  down and not address the poignant issues - that must be addressed - on an emergency level.

We must be educated on issues - our heart in the right place.

We must study and more understand - the processes that are convoluted.

 We do have some amongst us - that can gather our wits - and unite - much like Sitting Bull and Chief Joseph.  Today we have the tools that those in the past lacked - and can and must do better.

We must walk the walk - less talk the talk - and forget about saying stuff just to make ourselves - feel good. Those that are wise - think hard - and in silence and acts of living - have tenacity and fortitude - to handle any situation.

If Chief Sitting Bull and Chief Joseph could do it - we can surely do it.

 In this digital world.  We must all remember - it is about Mother Earth - we are passing through and we must leave Mother Earth - better  - for those that will come after us.

This Black Snake is poisonous - and its head must be cut off.