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Friday, February 17, 2017


Over the years - the Democrats have let us down - decent San Franciscans - who work hard and pay their taxes.

Here in San Francisco  we have a large,  hard working - and much needed  " immigrant population ". The paradox is that the " illegal immigrants " pay their taxes. They get nothing is return in terms of benefits. This is a crying shame.

In the early 1980s we fought hard to make our City and County a Safe Haven for those that were fleeing - dictators in South America - many of the Dictators - propped up - by the United States of America. 

If only the general public and more the corrupt politicians knew more about El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Argentina - the many Banana Republics and can connect the dots.

San Franciscans and the many advocates fought hard to make San Francisco - a Sanctuary City - which today is being put to a test.

Yesterday at City Hall - Malia Cohen and Katy Tang - failed to represent those that need help most - please do not force me to get into details.

Suffice to say the above two " political whores " have failed to represent those most  need help - both of them lack the much needed " compassion " - during these pressing times - to address issue that we should not permit these two - to kick down the street.

Legislation was introduced and hopefully will be voted on by the Full Board - allowing the Public Defender - who has all the experience and credibility to represent - all immigrants - caught in a bind - more - here in the jurisdiction of San Francisco.

Some advocates who daily help immigrants tried to explain to Malia Cohen and Katy Tang - that this work - representing the thousands "  illegal immigrants "  - is one of urgency. To no avail.

The sooner the immigrants are represent - after coming under the Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) - formerly know as Naturalization and Immigration Services (NIS) - the better.

Donald Trump for reasons best known to him - and armed with his many Executive Orders - is out to get the immigrants.

Donald Trump and his lackey - have NO compassion.

The sooner WE get our act together - stop arguing and making a fool or ourselves - such as Malia Cohen a House Negro and corrupt to the core - and Kathy Tang who chose to take on the Public Defender himself - get their act together - the better.

Katy Tang from District 4

Not long ago Katy Tang - shredded sensitive information - failing to follow the rules and breaking the law. 

Now, she thinks we have forgotten - our incompetent and crooked  she is. 

Wait until ICE visits her District 4 - and arrests the many illegal immigrants who - survive operating " prostitute dens " - one single raid coming soon to her neighborhood - will silence her for a minute.

Donald Trump according to the Associated Press - has plans to involve thousands of National Guards - to round up thousands of immigrants.

Illegal immigrants - who work all over our Nation and pay their taxes - but because they do not have the " legal papers " - cannot use their taxes paid - to receive services - such as ordinary legal Americans - do.

Yesterday - February 16, 2017 - thousands of immigrants - walked off their jobs - many of them supported by their owners.

The owners supported their employees - spoke of how hard their employees worked- and how much their services and sacrifice - was appreciated.

Malia Cohen represent District 10 -
a corrupt sell out that has failed San Francisco.

Of course Katy Tang an American Chinese - and Malia Cohen - an African American who also is a House Negro and a sell out - would not comprehend - the sacrifices the " illegal immigrants " make.

More, how difficult it is to live in " fear ' each and every day.

Being African American she should have been able to understand some - many African American parents - fear the Law Enforcement - mostly those that have children - and breathe a sigh of relief - each day - and every time their children come home - safe.

All that is California once belonged to Mexico - so it is not as if there is no connection - here in San Francisco and the surrounding areas - the cities and towns bear Spanish names -  to know and more understand that connection - is important.

We all know that without the immigrants - Central Valley and all those farming operations - picking lettuce, strawberries, melons, and so forth - need hard working workers - with strong backs.

Closer to San Francisco - our many ethnic restaurants allow us to enjoy authentic foods.

 That also applies to our Thai Restaurants, Chinese restaurants, and others - the many dish washers, those that prep the food - all happen to be immigrants in the majority - and among them many " illegal immigrants ".

Our concerted effort should be to unite and take a stand - with the Public Defender - his experience.

More having the stellar " capacity building " to take on a load of lawyers and attorneys - other experienced entities - such as advocates and non-profit involved in immigrant issues - all ready to roll up their sleeves and do justice.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - this land we call San Francisco -  each and every square inch stolen - belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone.

We support the immigrants - and we will stand strong and defend the rights of the immigrants - more the indigenous immigrants from South America.

Talk is cheap - our City and County has wasted millions on a failed SFCC pension program, the Central Subway that started with a $600 million budget and now is close to $1.8 Billion, the same with the Third Street Lightrail - fleecing the tax payer.

The Van Ness Bus Rapid Transport besides inconveniencing thousands - no one cannot say how much is will cost - for sure over budget again.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
talks from both sides of his mouth -
we need the Public Defender in place -
time is of essence - and kicking the can down the street
is not the thing to do at this juncture.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackey chose to meet at a Muslim Mosque to announce some millions were set aside - for the illegal immigrants - more to win " browny points ".

This may have been  a good start - but really - already thousands of hard working  " immigrants " - need much need representation - they are under the jurisdiction under ICE - and ICE does not waste time " deporting ".

If one has REPRESENTATION one has HOPE.

President Barrack Hussein Obama -
wasted no time to deport the highest numbers 
of illegal immigrants - a fact that is not known to many.

The Democrats must remember when Barrack Hussein Obama was in the White House - his administration sent - the greatest amount of  " illegal immigrants " - back to their countries.

Malia Cohen better learn to control her sordid brash way - pretending to know some - when she has no clue - about many pertinent subjects - the air-head is just that - plain - stupid.

I commend Jane Kim and Sandra Sewer for introducing this legislation and hopefully the Full Board will permit the Public Defender - Jeff Adachi that I have known for over 30 years - and supported - to do his work.

The Public Defender is elected by all San Franciscans - the SF Public Defender and his office - is admired and known for their excellent work - all over the Nation. 

They win over 70% of their cases - and that points to sound - REPRESENTATION.

Time is running out - as you read this article - the National Guard is being readied - to conduct raids - even though someone chose to leak the evil plans of Homeland Security - prematurely.

This is Ohlone Land and we embrace the immigrants - more those from South America - with whom the Ohlone and other Native American Tribes - inter-acted for thousands of years. Aho.