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Saturday, February 25, 2017


It is not easy - when forces that we are conditioned to think - will come to our assistance - will be there for us - all the time - to maintain some " normalcy ". 

We must forget such thoughts - and revamp our mind and being - to help ourselves - with tenacity and fortitude.

True there  is a government - to maintain some little normalcy - do not depend on the " government " - for everything.

More if you can work, are healthy, belong to a tribe - and have a mind that can be creative.

Most important what works for indigenous people is being spiritually strong. Those that are " spiritually bankrupt " - will fall on their face - their doom is of their own making.

The present White House - is just that - a White House - never mind the White House - was built by Blacks.

Never mind on top of the White House there is a statue of a man  - who is suppose to be a Native American.

Never mind the Founding Fathers - incorporated into the Constitution - the wisdom and mandates - practiced by the Long Cabin - ruled by a Matriarchal system -  the Six Nation - the Iroquois Tribe.

The Six Nations practiced Democracy for thousands of years - this Nation is a Republic - not a - " genuine true Democracy ".

The Electoral System - is a strong remnant of the feudal system - when landlords -  more evil slave masters - spoke for those they owned and those that belong to their sordid - household.

Native Americans - and more all indigenous people - should never be dominated and treated with disdain - today a saturation point has arrived - and with any violence - those that are involved with the " devil " - doing " evil things " - will be crushed by a higher power.

The higher power that reigns supreme - from the teachings and Wisdom of the Great Spirit - handed down - for thousands of years - will save those that have their heart in the right place.

Some flags of the Tribes - 
that will hold their ground -
never mind if it takes time - time is on our side.

The Insignia of the Lakota Sioux Tribe.

As much as we all - want to protect Mother Earth - evil greedy forces - have abused Mother Earth - and today - so many people have given up HOPE - when HOPE is necessary to stand tall and fight for what is right.

Mother Earth will be here - much longer - and after those that choose to defy Mother Earth -  perish.

One has just to witness the ice melting - in many areas - more the North Pole and the South Pole - the affects of the Ozone Zone melting.

 The Earth getting warmer - many large countries - bombarding the Ozone Level - with Carbon Dioxide - and more.

Sea Level Rise - Climate Change - and a host of adversely impacts that have changed our climate for the worse - blizzards, heavy rains and flooding - today - we are witnessing it all.

We went to North Dakota to see things for ourself. 

The people on the  Reservations are suffering - and while we are talking about the Dakota Access Pipeline - thousands of Native Americans - are starving - have no heat in this inclement weather - more blizzards - and many are slowly dying.

There are Native American Casinos that are raking in millions - those of us that are " compassionate " - are compelled to ask - why not share a little - and make a difference.

Health issue are discussed better today in and around Cannon Ball Reservation - University of California San Francisco - has received millions - from private entities - to address health issues - and the on going trials and tribulation - that have caused extreme stress - adversely impacting the Native American Tribes and others too.

For thousands of years - the Wisdom has been passed - to those that did their best to stand tall and defend the land that was cared for - for all to respect and understand more.

Those of us that respect Mother Earth - have it in us - to understand what I am talking about.

It is one thing to imagine the land where the Lakota Sioux and the other Tribes moved freely -  enjoyed the environs - blessed by the Great Spirit. 

Today that testimony is for us to see and imbibe the best it has to offer. Spirituality that is given to us - more indigenous people.

It is quiet another to be there - and feel the spirituality.

The presence of some very strong divine power - and knowing that there are evil people - still stand strong - and more stand for what is right - with our heart in the right place.