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Thursday, February 2, 2017


It is amazing how nonchalant our San Francisco politicians address the " homeless " situation in San Francisco. 

The many homeless - facing this inclement weather - the extreme cold - the rain - and heavy winds. Many shiver all night long - without a wink of sleep. Stress leads to other problems - and no one - seem to care.

Again and again - the homeless who take shelter under our bridges - in places where they can keep their belongings dry - face entities that pretend to help them - but confiscate their belongings.

In some case - dump them on trucks - take the belongs away and destroy them.

Often times it is much needed medicine - often times some jacket or blanket that keep them - warm - there is a God that watches it all.

The talk among the mostly Democratic politicians at all levels - including our Senator Diane Feinstein, our Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

Our very corrupt Mayor Edwin M. Lee  of course,  folks like Milia Cohen and London Breed - are shallow - reflecting how spineless these individuals are. 

They all have failed to represent and must be ashamed of themselves.

Each of the above have amassed wealth - most of it illegal - often times wheeling and dealing with corrupt developers - at times with other nefarious entities - the Democrats for all their talk - do not walk the walk.

The San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee - has long been known - to have access to vast sum of tainted - money. This helps the SF DCC to create slates - figuring names that are mostly dubious in nature.

An exception when recently - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his supporters - mostly developers and others like the infamous AirB&B - being defeated - by individuals like Tom Ammiano, Eric L. Mar, David Campos, John Avalos and others -  a take over  by the corrupt - that would have adversely impacted thousands in San Francisco. 

Our neighborhoods are changing - drastically changing - and thousands are leaving San Francisco - never to return to this once great - City and County of San Francisco.

We have a flood of wannabes - who take what they can get - and give very little back.

This is Ohlone land - more Muwekma Ohlone land. 

This fact is important to remember - those who stole the land every square inch - think they legally own the land - when do not.

The SF Board of Supervisors meeting every Tuesday is becoming a " farce " - London Breed is getting a little less brash - but the hood in her - still comes out.

Betrays her lack of etiquette, wishy washy attitude - a loser - who is aiming to become our next Mayor. High hopes!

Malia Cohen has failed the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - the units being built on contaminated ground - by Hunters Point Naval Shipyard by 5 Point Holding, LLP - formally Lennar Urban - same snake different head.

Lennar Urban must know that we are watching you - and your days are numbered.

 No good what so ever - will come out from 5 Point Holdings LLP - scumbags and scumbags - and it does not matter - that Edwin M. Lee - who has backed Lennar Urban and now continues to back 5 Point Holdings LLP - does not help any progress.

Lennar Urban has NOT paid its Community Benefits since 2013.
So why are we letting this entity - that is very corrupt - do business in San Francisco without impunity?

There is nothing shocking about Donald Trump - better Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton a liar - who compromised the security of our Nation. 

Hundreds of agents - were compromised when this sordid woman - was the Secretary of State.

The many trips she made to California - millions of dollars filling her campaign coffers. Those that backed Hillary Clinton - are now - licking their chops.

Our homeless are suffering - and this suffering is now in your face - and this City and County keeps - kicking the can down the street.

We say that we are the City named after Saint Francis of Assisi - but many of us - do not go deeper than that - we cannot and should not allow our poor to die a slow death.

Hundreds of bodies over the years - laying in the morgue - and a huge proportion of these bodies - incinerated - without due process.

No one contacts the next of kin - and our SF Health Department and other agencies - including the City Administrator - think we do not know anything about due process.

Our children are suffering - and now we have a parade of those who are in favor of suspending our youth - and not giving them a second chance.

The President of the SF Unified School Board  Shaman Walton - is in charge - but clearly one can see - is not not capable of comprehending the issues at stake.

Less of adjudication and bring about some viable and sustainable - solutions.

Our Immigrant children and other children - lack the attention and nurturing that must be given them - so that they learn - get themselves educated to give back to society.

What is happening today - is that many are dropping from school - the truancy is a problem - and no one seems to take notice - address the situation at hand - and bring about concrete solutions.  Time will tell.