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Monday, February 6, 2017


Donald Trump seems to foster an 
"animus " - when it comes to immigrants -
this one issue -  may have turned millions against him -
a fight he will lose - even though he thinks he is the President.

It is amazing when you talk to ordinary Americans - and bring up the issue of " immigration " - more so here in California and very much here in San Francisco.

Immigrants have contributed so much to California and San Francisco - and by default - an osmosis of a unique nature - having  far reach consequences - the one of a kind - " start ups " - I have witnessed this - right here in San Francisco. 

In other field be it the founders of Facebook, Google, the many Bio-medical fields, Engineering of all sorts - immigrants proudly state - their contributions.

The Silicon Valley - where the common understanding is that more immigrants - the innovation they have brought with them and implemented - has put California on the world map.

Palo Alto, San Jose, San Clara, San Francisco, Emmeryville, Fremont and so many other towns and cities - benefitting from all the talent and much needed contribution.

And while we all know that many jobs are being out-sourced  -  there is an influx of immigrants from India for example - solely based on lower salaries - benefiting this segment of the population - adversely impacting - many qualified United States -who naturally must be paid more. We have standards here in the United States.

Some of us  have noticed - hacking into areas - exploiting the vulnerable Seniors and others - using sensitive information - to take people for the ride and wiping out their savings and bank accounts. The Hackers hailing from Russia, China, India, other East European countries - and even folks from Nigeria some stationed in Europe and other here in the United States.

I have nothing weeding out the bad guys - and keeping them out of the United Stares -  the above mentioned example is one. 

The " Refugees " are many -  and many are suffering - though they have done nothing to deserve such a situation. 

For sure if we can save some women with children - save them from starvation and death. Men too, youth and young adults - most of them traumatized.

Those that need some much needed  help - " to save their lives " - these concern and attributes - to save their lives after much vetting - make our Nation - great.

In many cases cases the vetting takes 5 years and as much astroturfing 8 and 10 years.

The digital world is here to stay - and we could have used the many benefits - the need " fire-walls " - the secure " servers " - during the President Barrack Hussein Obama's Administration - but the Democrats - blew the opportunity.

Many of us Federal workers - were compromised - by Mainland China - hacking into the Office of Personnel Management - and stealing sensitive information.

As many as 3 million Federal workers adversely impacted - with very high security clearance - and some say as high as 10 million.

The Internal Revenue System was compromised - and even the Federal Bureau of Investigation - no one knows - what the Russians and Chinese and others - have stolen.

No one knows - how many of our agents - are "dead" - more double agents. No one knows - how the " enemy " - will use the information - to compromise - our " power plants " - " our clean drinking water " - our transportation system - even trigger - a situation that send conflicting signals - when it comes to " high level security ".

We do have the capacity to tackle - and the capacity to take preventative measure by ' vetting " - several layers - that can weed those that have incidents and records -  track incidents  - that point to chronic criminal activities - that are totally - barred here in the United States.

Americans by far measure are decent people - and none of us  who have our heart in the right place - have turned our hearts and lost focused about compassion and humanity.

Many of our citizens were not consulted to mess with Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan - after messing in these countries - we the American people - did more to help the citizens of these countries - and till continue to help without malice.

The United States has chosen to favor the Saudis - the majority of  Saudi citizens -  involved in 9/11.

Our Nation has wasted over 1. 5 Trillion dollars on wars - and related issues - arm dealers,  war mongers - corrupt politicians, and sordid foreign policy makers - taking our Nation down the drain - into the " cesspool " of their own - creation.

At home we fail to comprehend that the Native Americans - welcomed us all - many of us in the 1800s and before and after - entered this Nation - without any documents.

We all fail to understand that many Native American Tribes - are not on the Federal Register - a benefit - that gives citizens born here - more Native American - a second class status - if they are not on the Federal Register.

Our Reservations are areas - where Native Americans were dumped - on land - much of it barren.

The fertile land stolen - the Native American women raped, the children murdered, the men out gunned by superior weapons.

The atrocities committed - defy the imagination - and we still have historians today - delving deep in the records - and shedding light - where there is abject darkness.

When Native American warriors such as the Lakota Sioux Nation - defeated Custer - and shocked the United States Army - fairly - all things being equal - arms and men - that victory - was not taken lightly.

The United States Army - the notorious calvary - murdered thousands of women and children.

Chief Sitting Bull

Chief Joseph

This one act - cries to heaven and the Great Spirit - and the consequences of things to come - are here - and those that have their " heart in the right place " - will witness the victory.

Chief Sitting Bull and Chief Joseph - other Chief too many to mention - mustered the courage and laid their lives - to save the women, the children , Mother Earth - the many warriors laid their lives - and they must NOT be forgotten - today.

All over this Nation - the people are in a mind frame of revolution - they are mostly fed up with the Democrats - and now can handle the upcoming, nonsense - brought about by Donald Trump.

The people have been nauseated listening to Donald Trump - saying one thing and doing another.

Playing to the Television - and having failed to act Presidential - with less etiquette and even less manner that count.

Camp Oceti Sakowin - 
Standing Rock Reservation

The Dakota Access Pipeline - on Lakota Sioux Sovereign Land - is an example. 

Water is Sacred - and more Precious - the Missouri River is a source of water -  we must not play with fire.

We should not lay any pipeline - containing that petroleum oil  - any where near - precious drinking water - it should be far away - from any watershed - far away from any resource that can be contaminated - besides the land, the water, the air and all that is good that makes us appreciate  - life.

The Latoka Sioux Insignia

Donald Trump should be " man enough " - to stay away and not confront the values of the Lakota Sioux Nation.

The WISDOM that has been passed - for thousands of years -  the Lakota Sioux Nation has it all - preserved and handed over for thousands of years.

Only for some corrupt, greedy,  full of animosity - defying the superior norms and Sacred Values of the Lakota Sioux Nation -
messing things for the last two hundred years if not three hundred years.

The majority of Executive Orders - coming from the desk of Donald Trump and filled with " animus " - disdain for a segment of the population - defiance for the sake of defiance.

Our lives are tied to standards, Quality of Life issues - ethics, standards, morals count - Donald Trump has a skewed way of thinking - and has allied with Putin a " thug" - a " killer " - who played a key role - with the KGB.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior
The First People of San Francisco 
Every square inch belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone

Simply put we have important issues facing our Nation - the land that belongs to the Native Americans - once called Turtle Island.

Closer to home the Muwekma Ohlone - all this land - each and every square inch in San Francisco - belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone. Aho.