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Sunday, February 19, 2017


The Muwekma Ohlone -
they lived here in San Francisco and the vicinity -
for over 13, 000 years.

We are in the year 2017 and today much as yesterday - we know that we are dealing with entities in the government be it Local, State, and Federal - that have been treacherous and nefarious in their actions. More when it comes to respecting the Native Americans - and more on - land issues.

Native Americans have been here on Turtle Island for thousands of years.

When Whites lived in caves, did not take a bathe for years - had no concept of hygiene - Native Americans did better - lived better - and the Six Nations and more the Iroquois practiced - Democracy.

The Long Cabin - the Matriarchs - who where in charge and did very well.

When our Founding Father found out about the Six Nations they invited them to the White House - and after learning more - incorporated much of what the learned about the government of the Six Nations -  in our Constitution - linked to those Sacred Values of the Six Nations.

North Dakota - the Oceti Sakowin Camp -
in close proximity to the 
North Dakota Access Pipeline.

Today the Nation and many advocates are confounded with what is happening in North Dakota - with the Dakota Access Pipeline.

We have addressed the situation in many articles.

We went further and visited North Dakota - traveling from San Francisco to North Dakota - thousands of miles away.

Visiting - Standing Rock Reservation, visited Fort Yates, and Cannon Ball Reservation - and Camp Oceti Sakowin - and saw things for ourselves.

Whites love treaties - that they make and break.

Our judges and lawyers who are decent know about this - the laws of this land are the most convoluted - as they stand.

More here in California - where until 1927 - edicts were sent - to kill any Native American - and one could fetch $5. This was as you know - the Wild West.

You place a stake here - you placed a stake there - and if you had some money - and was a thug - you acquired property - thousands of acres in many cases. Shame on the thieves.

Chief Sitting Bull - 
a man with his heart in the right place.

Only those who are educated on issues and have their hearts in the right place - can comprehend truly what I am saying.

Those who cannot think for themselves - believe all they hear -  cannot discern - wither away.

When the " TRUTH is revealed - those that are not educated on issues - are mostly - confounded.

The flag of the Lakota Sioux Sovereign Nation.

The Lakota Sioux Nation signed a treaty in 1851 - the Treaty of Fort Laramie. The Lakota Sioux are a sovereign Nation. What is it - that this Nation does not comprehend?

Yet today Whites with ulterior motives - are breaking the law with intent - failing to respect the Lakota Sioux Nation - invading their territory - and doing as they please.

The Great Spirit see it all. 

The Rotunda - SF City Hall -
the Nazis holding their ceremony -
circa 1938 - nothing much has changed.

They do that here in San Francisco - a racist City.

The Lakota Sioux are a Sovereign Nation - and yet those that deem they can do whatever they want - fail to understand what is Freedom and what is license.

Mostly Whites -  prefer to practice license - strangers that came to Turtle Island - and screwed things up.


The Dakota Access Pipeline

The Dakota Access Pipeline should not come any where - near the Missouri River - on which millions depend down stream - for their clean drinking water.

More tied  to a large Watershed in the vicinity on the very long path of the Sacred Missouri River.

If the pipeline breaks and contaminates the land, the air and the water - Mother Earth - will never be the same - respecting Mother Earth is foreign to the average White - whose god is GREED.

Closer to home - here in San Francisco -  the land of the Muweka Ohlone - we know all this land was stolen by the thieves.

The thieves do not have one single document - where they have proof that the Muwekma Ohlone - or the other Native Tribes - here in California - signed a document - giving up their land - Ohlone land.

Around 1852 more with the Gold Rush - Senators in Washington D.C. met in an Executive Session to consider and sign 18 treaties - much like agreements are signed with foreign governments.

Agreements signed - 18 Treaties in all - and agreements with California Tribes - dealing with land and land rights. None of these treaties - were made public - until in the early 1980s - they were unearthed.

Read more about : " The Secret Treaties With California Native Americans ":

San Francisco is a Racist City - and few know that all the land was stolen by thugs - Whites that came here without documents - greedy and all they want is to grab - everything in sight.

Each and every square inch of California - is stolen.

 It does not matter - if one has the facts - and proof that the Native American lived here for 13, 000 years. It is might over right.

Carbon dated artifacts and Sacred Remains - going back 13, 000 years - that the "THIEVES" do not care - nor respect.

San Francisco is a Racist City - and therein  lies the " crux " of the problem. The corrupt will fall - flat on their faces - and the time in coming - soon.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - and make no bones about that. Aho.

Read more carefully - the basic facts about the 18 treaties signed by the United States government and the California Native Americans :