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Sunday, February 5, 2017


The 6th Bay Area Annual American Indian Two-Spirit Powwow attracted many people from all walks of life to witness a celebration that has achieved much - all these years -  this is their 6th year.

BAAITS exists to restore and recover the role of Two-Sprit people within the American Indian / First Nation community by creating forums for the cultural an artistic expression - of Two-Spirit people.

From time to time I attend the Powwows to connect personally with those I know -  to meet new friends and learn more.

To unite and build consensus - to create capacity building - to deal with  the on going struggle - to bring and inspire the hope - of how we can together make progress - and achieve victory - here on Turtle Island and all over the Earth.

It is important to understand - that without spirituality we cannot and will not overcome - and so as we embark on our journey - we must help one another to build - and strengthen ourselves - foster means and resources - that are our own - and win these battles - one at a time.

Time is on the side of the indigenous people - that has been said many times - but it is left for us to play our part - and play it well.

The youth and young adults were well represented - learning from the Elders and keeping the cultural conscientious of the times alive and burning.

There is nothing more precious than the drum beat - so close to the real and live heart beat.

The joy to witness fellow humans beings - dance, smile, and share the best they have to offer. 

The children too were represented - and this land once know better as Turtle Island - is making a come back.

Never mind we have a President in the current White House - who has lost his mind - our role and the part we play - it important to the healing of this sad Nation - they call America.

Former Supervisor of San Francisco 
Eric Mar and Wounded Knee two 
great warriors in their own right were in the house.

The Muwekma Ohlone the First People of San Francisco - had a table - Perry Matlock was in attendance with the pertinent information and buttons - and all for FREE.

How this man does it - and where he gets his enthusiasm - has been amazing - but this warrior - does what he does best - REPRESENT.

The POWWOWS encourage all to participate -
where the very young - display their talents -
which brings joy to many - but more the love and compassion
in the presence of the Great Spirit that witnesses it all.

There was so much talent but more then talent the love being spread  - unique at this Annual BAAITS  - Two-Spirit

This one as were the others held at Lower Fort  Mason - in San Francisco - where near by are the Ohlone Shellmounds - as there are hundreds more all over San Francisco.

I have a bond with my fellow 
Native Americans.

At these Shellmounds lie buried the Sacred Remains of the Elders and others - while those who are indigenous know well - these remains must NOT be disturbed - the greed - more the developers who have lost their mind - keep desecrating the Sacred Remains.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone here in San Francisco - and so it was my pleasure to welcome so many kind souls -  spread a little information that will take us - further to a better place.

Hopefully -  closer to Federal Recognition - but more representing those that need help most - in these trying times.

It was amazing to observe the respect and kindness
displayed by the many groups - more those
that sat round their drums - spreading that vital 
beat - the joins with the live-beat of the heart.

The leaders of the Two-Spirit representatives
who represented us all at the Oceti Sakowin Camp -
at Standing Rock were present - and I had an opportunity
to speak to them - and share my memories when I was at
Fort Yates, Standing Rock, and the Oceti Sakowin camp.

Hundreds participated in peace - 
focusing on the things and values that matter -
the First People matter - BAAITS matters -
our Representation on all levels matter -
let us not stay on the side-line - but on the frontline.

The Bay Area was well represented Standing Rock - and that fight will go on - as long as we all are UNITED and as long as we are able to dialog - communicate with purpose in mind.

 Always following the WISDOM of the Elders - those that have their heart in the right place - our heart in the right place - the GREAT SPIRIT will be with us. 

Native People have been here nurturing Turtle Island for thousands of years.

It is not as if - those that think they know it all and have been here but a few hundreds years -  know something. Their experience in limited and they must learn from those that have WISDOM.

The indigenous people of Turtle Island have been here for thousands of years - all Carbon dates and recorded.

Only those that are spiritually strong -  have wisdom and compassion  - their heart in the right place - have nothing to fear.
Time will tell - and good actions so afar - and are better placed.

Kudos to the BAAITS Powwow Committee - Jim Eagle, Javier Fresquez, Roger Kuhn, Loretta Miranda, Pam Peniston, Derek Smith, J Miko Thomas, Ruth Villasenor, and Amelia Vigil. Keep bring people together - and help us all stand for what is just and right.

To the many sponsors and the thousands who sent their good vibes to make this 6th Annual BAAITS Two-Spirit Powwow held on February 4, 2017 at Lower Fort Mason in San Francisco a grand success - we say Thank You.