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Tuesday, February 7, 2017


President of SF Board of Trustees -
SF City College -
my good friend Shannel Williams.

We have some good people who care and have their heart in the right place - one of them is Shennel Williams - who is the President of the SF City College Board of Trustees.

We the people voted to set aside money so that the students could get free tuition - and that the woes - artificially imposed by the entities involving accreditation - that were proved wrong in our Court - thanks to Dennis Herrera our SF City Attorney.

Thea Selby

Plans are afoot to build housing on land that should have been used on SF City College property - for a state of the art facility to foster ARTS.  Who is behind this nonsense? Richard Blum?

Several curve balls thrown in the mix - the SF City College spent more than they were supposed to spend - and now have agreed to pay back and make regular payments - over some years.

John Rizzo

SF City College has affected positively most families in San Francisco. 

It was high time that San Francisco took the lead and made tuition free for all San Francisco residents - as it was a long time ago - when our neighborhoods enjoy harmony and there less animosity.

Rents were affordable - there were neighborhood gatherings - track meets, soft-ball, base-ball, football tournaments involving the neighborhoods - and cousins and relatives knew each other better - neighbors shared their friendship for decades - no more.

Great movements started at SF City College - too many to name - some stayed within our Nation - and others spread worldwide.

Bouchra Simmons

San Francisco is hurting with housing woes and  sky rocketing - rents that few can afford. Less those that have children and make less than $60, 000.

Tuition is one of those woes that keep bright students who already are suffering - deprived of Quality of Life Issues.

The Black Students Union, the Pacific Islanders,  Hispanic Association and other organizations have done what they could do - to keep the morale of the students going - and fared well.

We advocates dug deep in our pockets and did what we did - so it is not a big thing - that now - what had to be done - is now fulfilled with tax payers money - after much dilly dallying. God help us all - for our poor leadership - and being faint of heart.

Brigitte Davilla

In recent years - the hurdles thrown at the students from all directions -  has been bordering on being - traumatic.  Some of us have stood with the student and the staff and will until all is more than well and moving - smoothly.

At one time openly it was declared - you could attend the classes - but there was no guarantee that any student would be certified.
What type of utter nonsense - it baffled many of us - and many of us - did not speak up. Many threw their hands up - and gave up.

I could not believe this and had to go to SF City College to meet those I knew to find out - what exactly was happening. What I was told - at that time- happened to be the Truth.

In charge of  SF City College -
Susan Lamb who now has the responsibility
to put things on track - we all wish her luck.

The new SF City Board of Trustees - under the leadership - of Shannel Williams - who has been close to me - and I have done what I can - to protect her - when she was attacked for no reason.

Then she ran for President of the SF City College Board of Trustees - before that enduring the loss of her mother.

 Shannel Williams is made of steel - and she will do what it takes - to protect the students and what is more work hard for the students. Her heart - always in the right place.

Rafael Mandelman

I know others on the SF City Board of Trustees and they too should follow Shannel Williams' lead - you have to do your home work - and always have the best interests of the students -  our beloved San Francisco students.

The professors, the administrators - the other staff - that have been asking for pay increase. I hope their pleas are addressed in a holistic manner - sooner than latter.

Our San Francisco Private Industry should support SF City College - entities like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, AirB&B.

The many other insurance companies, real estate companies - and enterprises  that are making good money - in this very booming - economy.

I know some entities think they made the good things happen - I saw them grinning, talking from both sides of their mouth - posing for photographs - some where in some room at City Hall and trying to get " browny points ".

Suffice to say - I know better - and will not mention their names.

Alex Randolf

San Francisco once was know all over the world for its Ethnic Studies and this Department has to be revamped.

World leaders attended SF City College and contributed much to the world - always thanking SF City College - for the sound education and learning to think out of the box.

Many SF City College students - went to University and beyond - and always remembered the good old days - when in all things educational - and even sports - extra-curricula activities at  SF City College did very well.

The Media Department, the Culinary Department, the Criminology Department, Ethics Study, Motor Mechanics, Solar Power, Biology, Ecology, and other state of art classes offered by SF City College - should equip our students - with the best skills and benefit society - through their stellar - contribution.

We need experts from the Private Industry to work with the Counselors - to vett our students - and help them get into fields - that will contribute to the entire world.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - and I represent the Muwekma Ohlone in San Francisco - you all who are doing right - have our blessing.

This land on which San Francisco stands is unique - its eco-diversity, the diversity of the City and County of San Francisco - the diversity of the climate.

 The many one of kind insects, plants, frogs, birds and soils found all over San Francisco and the surrounding areas.

The Great Spirit is pleased - when SF City College Students have stood for solidarity - and on more than one occasion put their lives on the line.

We appreciate it all - and we must go to a better place - with our heart in the right place.

Our Elders more from the Indigenous Communities - are grateful to the Professors and the Administration - and Policy Makers - for taking the added step to help the indigenous students.

Tom Temprano

I have seen it first hand - and thank all those who contributed to the success of many a poor student.

The waves of our indigenous population that fled El Salvador, Guatemala, other Latin American countries - Mexico - we had to take a stand and demand that San Francisco be a Sanctuary City.

More to stabilize our beloved immigrants fleeing from dictatorial regimes - we thank those affording thousands of immigrants - who came in waves - more women and children - youth and young adults traumatized - murders and killings - bombings and destruction - rape and more - " immigrants seeking succor " - giving them HOPE.

The children who came here in the 1980s are now grow up and I know many of them - they are doing well - and now join us in rallies and other meetings - to address the issues of our time -  murders in our streets.

High rents, congestion on our streets, poor education, health issues - safety and the role of Law Enforcement - corruption at City Hall and it other areas - they are grown up and know better - they have been to hell and back - many times. Seasoned warriors - will trained and experienced to deal with Social Issues that they have concrete - solution for.

Our White students have profited standing shoulder to shoulder - including our White Professors who teach at City College - White Administrators - I could name many - suffice to say that SF City College has a stellar record - in this department - helping causes and fighting for what is right.

This free tuition which was in place and removed - in the course of years has caused " hardship " to many.

The Great Spirit has deemed it right - to right the wrong - and bring succor to the students that most need help.

The San Francisco City College students are grateful - and what will blossom from this good seed - tax payers money.

 For once spent right for the good of our students that we love and treasure - they will contribute and make us all - proud. Aho.