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Friday, February 24, 2017


Stop The Dakota Access Pipeline - NOW!

It is Not as if we do not know - what is right and what is wrong.

The Wisdom is on the side of those that have passed it down for thousands of years - more than 13, 000 years. The Lakota Sioux Nation - a sovereign Nation - has gone through these trails and tribulation before.

A short time before the Treaty of Laramie was signed in 1851 - the same shenanigans we see today - took place. The tribes resisted as much as they could.

Then Lt. Custer thought fight the Lakota Sioux Nation was an option - and he was defeated at Big Horn Wounded Knee. However, the U. S. Army could not stay still - and reenforcing themselves - they massacred women and children - all Native Americans. To this day the genocide continues - but in today's informed world - that actions are there for all the world to see.

Let me make it very clear - President Barrack Hussein Obama - a House Negro failed us all.

This last decision to buy time - and force the Corps of Engineers to STOP the work - while failing to continue the Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) - factoring Cumulative Impacts - will be remember by all of us - who understand the workings of the corrupt United States government.

For sure that Wisdom and quality experience - does not come from those that speak with a " forked tongue " - we know who they are.

The crooked and corrupt President Andrew Jackson -
today we have a similar person in the White House.

Much like Andrew Jackson targeted the Native Americans - today - we have a person in the White House - that has lost his mind - keeps issuing Executive Orders - that are not worth the paper - shame on him and his lackeys.

The Dakota Pipeline must STOP - now.

As has happened before - the U. S. Government fails to understand that the Dakota Access Pipeline should not be any where near the Missouri River - that provides clean drinking water to millions. More down stream - where eventually it meets the Mississippi River

Camp Oceti Sakowin -
near Cannon Ball Reservation.

Some of us went to Standing Rock Reservation - we went to Fort Yates, we went to Cannon Ball Reservation - we went to the Oceti Sakowin Camp - to see things for ourselves.

Thousands of people from all over the world - came and created a camp - and among them some infiltrators - who found is difficult - to overcome the spirituality - and such are the makings and doings of America - but before there was Turtle Island - and this matter most to indigenous people.

Chief Sitting Bull - 
he united the tribes - who lived for thousands of years -
the dwellers of the prairie - they all form  -
the Lakota Sioux Nation - who today stand tall and firm.

We all remember the British who made contact with the Native Americans - and drew the jurisdictional lines - and more or less kept their word.

We remember the  "Removal Era " - and for sure folks like Andrew Jackson.

We remember the Allotment Era - land was given - then after some years taken away - because in the interim the agreement was changed - and taxes and other corrupt amendments added - convoluted that to this day - is the way - those the speak with a sordid  - " forked tongue " - conduct themselves. 

We remember the " Reorganization Era " - more of the same - forcing the Native Americans - to beg for food - killing the Buffalo for their fur - and leaving thousands of Buffalo to rot - starving the Native Americans - and committing many other atrocities - too painful to describe.  Genocide.

We remember " the Termination Era " more of the same - the agreements and treaties - all convoluted - terminated - because the so called " Courts " - were controlled by the evil and  corrupt "  forked tongued " - who to this day - in appeal after appeal - have failed to up hold - justice. 

The Department of the Interior foremost conducting the ploys and machinations. The Corps of Engineers and the Department of Defense - break the law - and following the dictates - of screwed by individuals - one of them Donald Trump.

Today - Brothers and Sisters - I am addressing the indigenous people - we have entered the " Self Determination Era " - and we have wasted time - not organizing - failing to bring the best minds together - to protect our Elders, our women, and children.

The window of opportunity is narrow - and now - the time has come  " to put our lives on the line " - that supreme sacrifice is understood by only those that are close to the Great Spirit.

This situation is all over the Nation - where strangers who once lived in caves and animals - saw an opportunity to immigrate to Turtle Island - without documents - filthy and dirty - and landed on the shores of so called America - better known to the indigenous as Turtle Island.

The Great Spirit sees it all - that is why - the children of the world had to go to see things for themselves. We know who has their heart in the right place.

The stand we take now - is a stand that has not been taken in a long time - may be the last time - that stand was taken - was when Chief Sitting Bull - was in his prime. 

We know that Chief Sitting Bull  - while he was alive - brave as he was - did all in his power to protect the children and the women. 

His warriors often went to battle with Chief Sitting Bull - and the battle cry was I am Chief Sitting Bull - that put fear into the enemy. 

The details of the battles have been reported - and even today - those that understand battles - revere - Chief Sitting Bull.

 Even as they do Chief Crazy Horse, Chief Joseph, Chief Two Bears, Chief Running Antelope, Chief Rain in the Face - others - I have been studying their lives - for many years - and know what I am talking about.

Chief Two-Bears

Chief Running Antelope

Chief Joseph

Chief Rain in the Face

We are not about forgetting our ancestors. 

We are not about failing to respect our Elders.

We are not about going into any type of " ceremony " -  WITHOUT cleansing ourselves - and staying true to our values.

This fight is not about going into battle - without a strategy, without a viable and sustainable plan that matters - our Elders must be consulted and those who have their heart in the right place matter.

We are entering an important phase  " Era of Resolution  and Self Determination " - the movement is on the rise today - and Native Americans more and more play an important role.

The Great Spirit is with us - our women warriors have done well and taught us a lesson or two - our men warriors have stood by - shoulder to shoulder - and need our total and committed support.

Our time is now - and unity and spirituality is on our side - the enemy may have arms and ammunition - but they are totally -  "spiritually bankrupt " - they still continue to lie, steal, and murder - and think nothing of it.

We know what we  must do - and it is not for us to reveal it to anyone - the Great Spirit will guide us - as the Great Spirit has guided us - since Mother Earth - was created for us to dwell.

Today - the happenings at Standing Rock Reservation - Camp Oceit Sakowin - the many marches all over the place - in favor of 
" Resolution and Self Determination " is here. Aho.