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Thursday, February 16, 2017


The Dakota Access Pipeline -
will it - or will it nor cross the Missouri River?

The Sichangu (Burned Thighs), the Oglala ( They scatter their own), the Itazipcho ( Without Bows), the Hunkpapha ( Camps at the end of the Camp Circle ),  the Mnihowozu ( Planters by the Water), the Sihasapa (Black Feet), Oohenunpa ( Two Kettles ).

The above seven tribes - are all the Lakota people - also known as the Teton, Thithunwan - the dwellers of the prairie. They all form the Lakota Sioux Nation.

The Lakota Sioux Nation - lead by notable Chiefs - one of them Thathanka Iyotake ( Sitting Bull ) from the Hunkpapha band - who united the bands - and help defend his sovereign  Nation - more his people.

This back and forth thorough out history - the first when the British made contact with the Native American - the early U.S. Era.

The second the Removal Era.

The third Allotment Era.

The fourth Reorganization Era.

The fifth the Termination Era.

The Era we are experiencing today is the one termed the Self Determination Era.

Chief Sitting Bull - 
he united the tribes - formed the Lakota Sioux Nation.

Today the United States government - and more the Donald Trump administration - is bent on doing what he thinks best - even though - he utters the words - " the will of the people ".

No one gives this " maniac " the permission to speak on behalf of the people - more the people who have their heart - in the right place.

 For sure not the indigenous people that matter - when it comes to Mother Earth.

One can research the Eras that I have mentioned above - and gather the information - you deem necessary.

I did that when I worked for U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco - and had access to information not found in most libraries.

Andrew Jackson

Donald Trump today is much like Andrew Jackson - who had disdain for the Native Americans - and wanted them all to be - history.

Andrew Jackson used the Indian Removal Act to move Native Americans West after stealing their land.

Following this Act - Andrew Jackson set into place and action - the Trail of Tears in 1831.

Chief Joseph - 
he and his followers 
endured the Trail of Tears and so did others.

Donald Trump -
acting the fool - his followers are many -
and all of them will fall flat on their faces - soon.

There is nothing new about these times - and the "evil doing " - perpetrators - who are " spiritually bankrupt ".

Those of us that are fine tuned with the " situation " - are in close proximity to the Great Spirit - clearly see where the " strangers " are heading to - we have nothing to fear.

The Black Snake will be defeated - but NOT in the manner we think - but in a manner that will bring the demise of thousands - without blood shed.

Will the people endure - for sure they will - as most indigenous people have - the Great Spirit watches it all - and that is the point - at this time. If your heart is in the right place - it will be alright.

No one can challenge compassion - those who with intent harm others  - they will be accountable for their actions. To the just - no harm will come.

The blizzard has bought us some time.

No one has given up entirely -
it is this balance that is critical to our victory.

The world is watching - the goings at Standing Rock Reservation - and more at the Octheti Sakowin Camp.

This battle is not about the "evil doers " - we know they will meet their fate.

This battle is about those that will have their heart in the right place - and stand with the Great Spirit. Aho.