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Sunday, October 23, 2016


The times were harder - the opportunities -
non-exixtant -yet the Black Panther Party -
stood tall and defeated the " enemy ".
Today our youth, young adults are waiting for the 
clarion call - this nonsense must stop - NOW!

We are so used to dropping the " ball " - and we all do that because most of us have " no spine " - less dedication - are not educated on issues - and our heart in not in the right place.

 Simply put more interested in the " rubbish " that the television and other mundane sources - hit us in the face - daily and we are sucked into the nonsense.

If one is educated on issues - their heart in the right place - can you tell me, truly - sisters and brothers - Blacks and others " people of color " - there is nothing - we can do to better - ourselves?

The Black Panther Party - stood for some principles - and attained whatever they had in mind to do.

They did it - and we who can read between the lines know it - and more those who met and continue to meet - stellar, astute - true Black Panther Party leaders - many of them alive today.

What a blessing! So what are we waiting for?

Dedicated leaders, more fearless - laser beam
focused - who could take any task - and over 
come any hurdle - in their way. We know them -
 as long as we are alive - we will honor them in our heart and - mind.

The Black Panther Party (BBP) spread all over our Nation - the United States of America - feeding children, uplifting poor neighborhood, running clinics, providing transportation, educating folks to organize - yes - organized with a purpose.

The BBP spread all over the world - from South Africa to the far corners of New Zealand. From Canada to Argentina and beyond.
From China to Cuba - from places that you would think the BBP would not be - but today are thriving. I met them in person - and they shared with me - the glory of the past - and the HOPE for the future.

Today the Blacks in our Nation and here in the Bay Area - are taking cover under " hidden agendas " - some following the UNION that are controlled by the MACHINE.

 More corrupt the ZIONIST - who have their finger in ever pie - as is Local 261 the Laborers' Union - who will pour millions - into the  " campaign coffers " - of lackeys like Mayor Edwin M. Lee and others. Fail to support good causes - and think they can get away with murder - time will tell. You are put on notice.

Let us get real - we did not have our so called weak, spineless Black leaders - seen anywhere - at the Black Panther workshops and meaningful events.

Of course these cockroaches will not come out - for fear that LIGHT will be shed - where there is complete - darkness.

More sell outs - from San Francisco - who are wheeling and dealing with the Zionists and the corrupt developers - the likes of Amos Brown the lead sell out - Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Derf Butler, Angelo King, Doris Vincent, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Dr. Churchwell, Al Williams,  the Tabernacle Group in toto - and more.

Sophie Maxwewll, Shaman Walton, Veronica Hunnicutt all in favor of  " Proposition O " - all sell outs that are selling our community - and have been selling - out our community for years.

Gwen Woods the mother of Mario Woods - attended the
Black Panther Party - 50th Anniversary festivities -
we embraced her - and assured her of our total support.

Our politicians the likes of Senator Diane Feinstein and Congressperson Nancy Pelosi have not uttered a word - about the lack of concern and meaningful deliberation from the Department of Justice. 

Their term in office must be reduced to two 4 years - after that they should fade away - scum bags of the worst order - corrupt to the core - evil to the core.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has sent us - San Franciscans - the COPS -  Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) an acronym - meant to fool us all -  an entity - that cannot investigate and less adjudicate.

This body creates large documents - that are sitting on the shelves gathering dust.

This is how lethargic we all have become - we do not even understand the process - and the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - Supervisors the likes of London Breed, Malia Cohen, Scott  Wiener, Mark Farrell and Katy Tang - do not give a " rat's ass " - as to what happening to the suffering and traumatized - more those that need help most.

Our mothers and fathers - the families, the loved ones - who have lost their children - to " murder " by rogue SF Police Officers - are at their wits end.

Nothing is happening - NOT one SF rogue police officer  has been charged - by District Attorney George Gascon - Why?

So what do you think we should do? 

Continue to listen to Black sell outs the likes of Amos Brown, Cheryl Davis, Paul Anderson,  Joe Marshall ( an idiot) - others one worse than the other - trying to tell us to be patient -  wait and wait - keep waiting, and waiting - " Waiting for Godot !".

We are sick of waiting - sick of protesting -
we are sick of being sick -
those in power - think they can push our buttons -
enough in enough.

Alex Nieto, Amilcar Lopez, Mario Woods, 
Luis Gongara Pat, Jessica Williams - the most
recent " murders " by rogue SF Police Officers -
and there are more - and we cannot wait. We cannot wait.

We are not afraid of cowards - cowards are those who use their guns - shoot first and murder - they shoot first and ask questions later. This nonsense has been going on for decades.

These same cowards - will NOT go near men and women who are armed - they will not go near them - because they are cowards.

When some " rogue SF police officers " - within minutes and sometimes within seconds - after, arriving on a scene - shoot to murder.

 Something is fundamentally wrong with these officers - they are not fit to be - police officers.

It does not help to read the " text messages " - incorporated in the Blue Panel Report. Other empirical data starring in the face of the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and District Attorney - George Gascon.

 We are fed up of  witnessing -  how dysfunctional the SF Police Commission has been - more the Office of Citizen Complaints - thinking they can fool all the people - all the time.

We stood together before and we CAN stand together now -
We have suffered for too long - and the cowards must understand
that enough is enough - we have all the empirical data -
to prove who is right and who is wrong.

50th Black Panther Party Anniversary -
where do we really go from here ?

For too long - have too many suffered -
and it is not as if we cannot do something! 

It is not as if something cannot be done -
so why are we waiting - " Waiting for Godot ! ".