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Saturday, October 8, 2016


Candlestick Point - contaminated - prone to
severe flooding and liquefaction - a site that 
our City and County of San Francisco - handed 
on a platter - to Lennar Urban a rogue developer -
now joined at the hip - Five Point Holdings, LLC

Malia Cohen simply does not get it - stupid and inept - she is making a fool of herself.

Malia Cohen together with Sophie Maxwell, Shaman Walton, and Veronica Hunnicutt are endorsing - " Proposition O ".

Proposition " O " - has nothing to do with housing, less job, and even less - helping anyone in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

We learned recently Lennar Urban and by default their new partners in crime - Five Point Holdings, LLC - headquartered in Aliso, Viejo, California - has NO key Executives on record - and what is more - no concrete transactions in the past 12 month.

Five Points is a symbol - over the centuries - has stood for good but in our GREEDY world - the Five Point symbol - is more satanic and evil.

High powered Zionists are behind this Limited Liability Company. Time will tell.

We have all the empirical data - from 1976 to date.
Hundreds of photographs like the one above -
clearly stating how polluted the Hunters Point Naval 
Shipyard is - Depleted Uranium was once tested here.

Veronica Hunnicutt - a sell out -
who firmly believes that homes can be built 
on very contaminated land - so does Sophie Maxwell,
and Shaman Walton - and Linda Richardson.

Why is it  - in the Bayview -  the only ones selling the community are Black?

Here are some names to ponder Sophie Maxwell,  Malia Cohen,  Veronica Hunnicutt,  Angelo King,  Derf Butler,  Shaman Walton,  Dwayne Jones,  Tiffany Bohee,  Al Norman, Toye Moses,  Linda Richardson.

All of the above are being monitored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Proposition M passed a long time ago had limits on heights of buildings - tall buildings - skyscrapers. It also had a cap on the amount of office space - that could be built - Citywide.

Well the audacity of a corrupt entity like Lennar Urban - that has a track record of bluffing, cheating, hoodwinking, led by Zionists of the worse order - who have cheated folks in New Mexico, Texas, Florida, all over California - building cheap units - and adversely impacting - thousands - what is there more to say?

The former " thug Mayor " of San Francisco -
Willie L. Brown - has his sordid finger -
in every deal - raking in millions - even as he
loses his eye sight - pathetic to say the least.

Five Point Holdings, LLC tied to the hip of Lennar Urban now want to put a Proposition - Proposition " O " - to increase height limits - at Candlestick Point and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Increase - the amount of Office Space they can built at Candlestick Point and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Make changes to Proposition M - to increase the amount of Office Space to 5 million square feet - over a period of 5 years - and thinks that we will fall for this ploy.

Most of the parcels at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard are contaminated - and still under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy. Most people do not know this.

Lennar calls the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - " The Shipyard " - as if they control it all. Lennar does not - the land the other parcels - have NOT been conveyed.

Five Point Holdings, LLC is  bribing mostly Blacks - ignorant Blacks - pitting their ugly faces on flyers - linked to crooked and fake - Proposition " O".

Touting sound housing, jobs, and other benefits. Having NOT read Proposition " O " - receiving the bribes - and they all will be visited - and dealt with by Law Enforcement. Enough is enough.

All hot air - none of the promises made by Lennar Urban were fulfilled - and it is the same with Five Point Holdings, LLC - a corporation that is dubious in nature.

Lennar Urban and so does Five Point Holdings, LLC - want to build on contaminated ground - what is it - that these House Negros do not comprehend? 

They all want money - these sell outs - have caused so much damage - all these many years - and now their faces are on the fliers of Proposition " O " - for all the world to see.

Of course most ignorant Blacks the likes of Malia Cohen, Veronica Hunnicutt, Sophie Maxwell,  others like Linda Richardson and Dwayne Jones - have sold their souls to the devil - they will get their reward - here on Earth.

Very contaminated land on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard -
high level readings of cesium, radium, other elements -
all very detrimental to health - have already taken heavy
toll of former U.S. Navy employees - many of them worked
and were not told - that their work was detrimental to their health.

The Market today does not favor Office Space - the Business Times and other Real Estate experts - have stated clearly - that the " Bubble " is here. These idiots - mostly ignorant Blacks - have no clue - who is using them like dirty rags - use them and throw them away.  These Negroes have no respect for themselves - all they want - is the money.

 The ignorant House Negroes - have NO clue - what this means - because simply put - they are NOT educated on issues.

You will notice these sell out Negroes - have not said a word - when it comes to the murder - of our Black youth -  women and men - murdered by " rogue SF Police Officers ".

Have not joined us to protest at City Hall - other places - all they care is to get BLOOD money - while Black youth - young adults - women and men - are shot and killed - in cold blood. Shame of these sell outs - who think the developers have their best interests.

All the day of their lives - these sell outs - are pandering - begging for money - prostituting themselves - it is all written on their ugly faces. Take a second look at their faces - Hunnicutt, Linda Richardson, Doris Vincent,  Malia Cohen, others too many to mention.

Much like the Tabernacle Group - a faith based entity - that was on Lennar Urban's pay roll - but now that the well is dry - are licking their chops.

Crooks like Amos Brown, Cheryl Davis,  Dr. Churchwell - getting money - just for doing the dirty work - selling out the community - all Black and they and those that they hang with - should be ashamed - of themselves.

Lennar Urban as is Five Point Holdings, LLC are evil and they will fall on their face. 

Nothing good will come at Candlestick Point and more Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The huge " crane " at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard -
that once enabled huge submarines to be serviced -
an atomic bomb assembled at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard -
was put on the U.S.S. Missouri - then loaded on a plane -
that dropped it on Hiroshima - Japan - millions were killed -
that one act - BLOOD on the hands to those that committed this 
dastardly - and horrific crime - crying to heaven for justice.

A list of Aircraft Carriers and other ships -
build at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard -
during World War II - the ignorant -
most Black sell out have no idea how contaminated -
Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is - it will cost 
$2 Billion if not more to abate and migrated the area today.

Recently Malia Cohen - a crook of the highest order - caught in the web - with infamous " Shrimp Boy " monitored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation - tried to de-rail the project - started way back in 2005 - at 5 Thomas Mellon Circle.

A project that - has most of its permits in place - had a schedule meeting at the San Francisco Planning Department - Thursday, October 3, 2016 - Room 400 - at City Hall - only to be continued - at the last moment - by Malia Cohen.

The project location Executive Park - here comes Malia Cohen and continues the posted agenda item - to a later date - using her fake power - as the Supervisor of District 10.

We will see how this episode fares - who truly is in control of the situation at hand.

Malia Cohen is a sell out - that is NOT trusted in the community. Time will tell.