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Monday, October 10, 2016


Nat Turner

" The Movie - Birth of a Nation "
moving,  telling, and begging for real questions -
a 'revolution " that took place 185 years ago -
in 1931 - Southampton County - Virginia.

When the movie " Birth of the Nation " hit the screens all over the United States - those that saw the "truth " - perhaps for the first time - realized their sordid place in " history " - more those biased Whites - who continue to live their lives - as if this land is theirs - lock, stock and barrel.

The discrimination -  inherent by implicit bias - being raised a certain way - looking down on other human beings - is rampantly on the rise - the murders by Law Enforcement - Police Officers who first originated with links to being - " slave catchers ".

Others who have deep leanings - to the Ku Klux Klan.

Many Christians who say they are Christians - use the Bible - to tell their own stories - interpret their own way of thinking - reinvented their own commentaries.

 Defiling and redefining - what was written in the Bible.

One of these facts - starring in the the face of the those that use  the Bible - that states that Negroes were animals and went so far as to say - they had - " no souls ". So much for using the " Bible " as am authoritative source of sorts.

We have the division between State and Religion - but more and more even today - conservative Religious bigots - control vast sums of money - the 1% and the 99%. We know this but we do not analyze how deep - the traumatization of the United States of America affects the poor - and more people of color.

I do not know her name -
I see more in her face - 
I feel her deep pain and all -
those that are a disgrace to the human race -
I know who treat her ill - and I know their fate
they, treated her like chattel - they are burning in hell.
Mama - I do not know you - but today many will see you -
that another look - and say - well ..........

Some 185 years ago Nat Turner led the " slave rebellion " - in Southhampton County, Virginia - today many Blacks cannot even put themselves in the shoes of the real Nat Turner.

For starters they do not read the history of their people. 

Lucky for me I was born in Nairobi, Kenya - my spirit comes from a place - known today - as the birth of human beings - homo sapiens. I speak my mind - my heart in the right place - I have things to do - and places to go to - I have two seconds - and time is running out.

185 years ago in the year 1931 - Nat Turner a self-styled Negro Baptist Minister led the rebellion in Southampton County, Virginia - fifty five white men, women, and children - lost their lives - most hacked to death - on plantations that he worked on - and those near by - that treated Negros like animals.

Evelyn Hawkins remembers her grandfather taking her and his other twelve grandchildren across the farm - to visit a cave - which is no more than a hole - where her grandfather says Nat Turner dug - with his sword.

Sidney Turner's grandchildren gained a piece of history when they inherited his two farms. The area where Nat Turner and his fellow slaves - slaved - what a paradox.

The famous sword that Nat Turner used to lead the charge and the revolution - still lies in a near by Museum - for all to see - some admire the heroic deeds - of human beings that were treated worse than animals.

Those that were hacked to death - their relatives - look at the deeds of that particular period - as a massacre - time will tell - as history always does - the - truth reveal more - it take time - but at the right moment - light is shed where there was abject - darkness.

There is one truth that stands alone - that we all can look at it - and reflect - if our heart is in the right place - evaluate the facts - and move on in life. More to those that can " discern " - there are few that are blessed - with the power of - " discerning ".

We must know our past - to better reflect well - and move forward understanding  the present and of course the future - always - with our heart in the right place.

Revolutions and massacres are nothing new to me - few remember the Mau Mau Revolution - that originated in Kenya, East Africa in the early 1940s and was active in the 1950s.

 Just uttering the words Mau Mau - would send shivers down the spine of the colonial Whites in Kenya - the land of the Mau Mau.

Many would kill themselves and their families - than agree to fall into the hands of the Mau Mau. 

These facts are there to read - and the British - to this day - remember the Mau Mau - as if it was - yesterday.

Make no bones about it - and there is more - and I will share it another time - another day.

Only some live to tell the true facts - that will send shivers down the spine.

Bring about traumatic nightmares - to those that think all is fine - and have been doing " evil things ' up to the time of  the declaration that  was read to them - folks in Texas received the news - about the FREEDOM - authorized by President Abraham Lincoln - over a year later - from the day of the Proclamation.

Time stops for the evil - and in a flash they see all their evil deeds - before them.

 The bigger horrific deeds starring in their face - migraine headaches, they vomit or puke - their throats dry - their mouth dry - the eyes burry from tears of fear - their heart throbs beating - they see death with all its horrific dimensions  -  time passes so quickly - and there is NO time to repent.

I can relate to Nat Turner - a self-made Negro - who learned to read and write - and had he heart in the right place - a Minister but more a leader - with a divine touch to do what is right.

Who was introduced to the spiritual values of Africa - not so much those that taught by Christian and Christianity tainted - and fake - teachings manipulated to usurp - more to diabolically - convince that some teaching were true - when the opposite was true - in those times of slavey. Diabolical.

Today Sidney and Corene Turner continue the legacy of Nat Turner - on the two large farms they own.

God alone knows how Nat Turner reached his pinnacle - how he managed to do all the " great things " - while being treated like an animal - a slave of those times - was nothing but an animal - used until there was no need of the animal. 

Working hard like all the slaves did - then being the preacher - reading his bible - yet choosing words - that sounded right to the Slave Masters who were monitoring him - at all times.

Sendding signals - hidden meanings - and doing what he only could do - uplift the spirits of  those that were traumatized, dejected, and earning for some succor.

Then wearing another hat - comforting,  teaching, discerning, have the tenacity and fortitude - to lead his people to the land of Freedom. 

The legacy of Nat Turner - through the movie " Birth of a Nation " opens our eyes " - to history,  the times from Slavery to today.

Nothing has changed much - the House Negroes and there are many in San Francisco - continue to sell the community.

I do not want to mention their names - it will defile,  tarnish,  and ruin what I have in my mind - as my soul pour out this article - full of pain, trauma, and pondering - how some whites could be so evil.

Sidney Turner's descendants include Hawkins, Alvin L. Turner, Vivian Lucas, Brindle S. Hardy, Lemonte Hardy, Eloise T. Pearson, John Young, Jason Tuner, Joyce T. Lewis, Yvonne T. Reeves, Sandra Skykes, Ann T. Mason, and A. Sidney Turner.

Driving tour are being planned to allow the many interested - historians like myself - who have embraced the Buffalo Soldiers, the history of the " Underground Railway " - Mary Pleasant who lived in San Francisco - and did so much for so many.

My life has been blessed knowing the legendary historian Anthony Powell who once lived in the Bayview and how lives in San Jose - who collection and artifacts linked to the Buffalo Soldiers - are one of a kind.

The Buffalo Soldiers some 600 plus lie at the Presidio Cemetery - we documented each and every soldier - the many who remains were interred after - bring them to the San Francisco Cemetery - run and managed by the Veterans Administration.

I have a smaller collection of the Buffalo Soldiers - that I keep close to my heart.

History has left a long trail of lynchings of innocent Negroes of that time - killed just because the Whites of that time - could not comprehend - less face the facts - that some Slaves dared to take over many plantations - and kill the Slave Masters and all therein - for their sordid acts.

The spirits of those lynched can travel far and wide - and bring about change - and change is coming to our neighborhoods - more in the inner cities.

Our U. S. Attorney General paradoxically bears the name that is close to this story Loretta Lynch - she has failed to stand for what is right.

Loretta Lynch -  must impeach the SF District Attorney George Gascon - and see that she does not endorse State of California District Attorney Kamala Harris - who has not lifted a finger to stand of justice and more fair play - running for the seat of Senator - left vacant by Barbara Boxer.

Kamala Harris  is a panderer - she and all the lackeys that support her - in all her days at a so called Public Servant - she has been pussyfooting - and that any more - must come to an end.

History records some 200 Whites of that time - linked to the historic revolution led by Nat Turner - one of a kind - hacked to death.

That may be difficult to comprehend  -  evaluating the facts of the time - studying cause and effect - a reasonable conclusion - to bring about some long, need resolution - at that time.

Suffering and and endless pain and trauma - had reached saturation point - and as we all know - everything must come to an end - more those elements that cause unnecessary suffering - trauma, deep pain, and break down of the mind, soul, and body.

In the movie " The Birth of the Nation " - there is only so much that can be revealed and only so much that can be told.

 History will bear witness - how the movie - rates in our mundane world of make believe and stirring clear of truth and more empirical data and facts.

 More revealing the Truth - Truth hurts and many whites are shunning the movie - preferring to meet behind close doors - and embracing  their inherent - Ku Klux Klan  (KKK) - concepts and sordid values.

At the farm - the cave still stands where Nat Turner was found and arrested - there is still a trail that leads from Cabin Pond Road all the way to the cave - a path that the " blood seekers " may have taken to arrest Nat Turner in October 19831.

There are post cards linked to the lynchings at Jerusalem - and many tales of the time - many of them fabricated.

 There were many lynchings - burnings - other horrific acts - too demeaning and traumatizing for me to describe in detail.

 Suffice to say - only those " evil " - so called humans - more acting as barbarians - who undertake and still live to fabricate tales - some are dead and pass on the fabricated tales - hand them down to generations - as if they are " Truths ".

 When in fact they are lies - tainted with blood - these future generations - have BLOOD on their hands and will burn in hell - for the sins of their fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers - who came to this country - Turtle Island - land here as strangers - without any legal documents.

We know that Nat Turner and his 16 fellow slaves were captured and lynched.

For decades Whites from the South - woke up from their slumber - nightmares hunting them - many of them - deranged and driven crazy - most of them could not live a normal life.

Heads were severed off and left on the road side - planted on stakes for all to see and ponder. 

This one revolution one of a kind - send shivers down the spine of the planters - who had it good for decades.

 Now they tightened their grip on  the slaves and slavery - until that day when Abraham Lincoln - declared the Emancipation of Slavery - in January 1, 1863. 

Nat Turner was born on a plantation owned by Benjamin Turner - who allowed Nat Turner to he instructed in reading, writing, and religion - that which prevailed at the Baptist Church of that time.

Nat Tuner was sold three times in his childhood. Then hired out to John Travis around 1820. Nat Turner became a fiery preacher and leader of the Slaves in and around the plantation where is lived as a slave - the Southampton County - Nat Tuner claimed he was chosen to lead his fellow slaves - from bondage.

Taking his cue from an eclipse of the Sun in 1831 - he first enlisted the help of four slaves. The planned an insurrection which is rescheduled for August 21, 1831. 

On this historic day - Nat Turner and six other slaves - brought about the demise of the Travis family. They also  managed to gather some arms, horses, and other basic essentials to organize and carry on their mission - they managed to wipe out 51 whites on near up plantation - sending shills to those that heard of these historic events - never before heard by those that treated fellow human beings - like animals. That is putting is plainly.

Nat Turner was found in the cave - taken to Jerusalem, Virginia and along with 16 of his followers - lynched - with the crows hurling insults - some of it portrayed in the movie - " Birth of a Nation".