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Monday, October 31, 2016


Sitting Bull - this one singular Chief -
united the Chiefs of the Plains -
you uttered his name - and sent shills down the
spines of the " place faces " and those who
feared to encounter him and the warriors he led - in battle.

Life is for the living - not the living dead.

Today for all practically purposes of understanding and meaningful comprehension - of  the real and factual  and needed - " situation " - we lack leaders - who are educated on issues and can make a big difference.

The issues at hand -  be it the Dakota Access Pipeline - the "greed" of the " palefaces " - depriving those that must receive the benefits - the stolen Indian Trust Funds - in the Billions.

The many on going deceptions coming from the politicians -  Sitting Bull and his deep followers - would do - what they felt strongly in their heart - and deal with the issues - without wasting any time.

His name " Tatanka-Iyotanka " - translated  - " Sitting Bull " is known today - as it was yesterday - all over this Earth.

In the year 1872 the whole incident  - I am about to describe - is spelled out for all the world to read and know. Much like the present Dakota Access Pipeline - fiasco.

The North Pacific Railroad was being built in 1872 - the Sioux Tribe clashed with the United States Army - in an attempt to block the construction of the Northern Pacific Railroad - on land that was theirs - the Lakota Sioux land.

Chief Sitting Bull approached the United States Army -  strolling in defiance - joined by his warriors - sat down and lit his tobacco pipe and passed it around.

No one at that time - saw anything like this happen - and yet the scene was unfolding for those times - and times as we have seen today. We have no faith - and of course if you have NO faith - how can you have HOPE.

All the while the U.S. Army taking pot shots at the warriors and Chief Sitting Bull - none of the bullets hit anyone - while all heard and saw the bullets - whizzing by them all.

Upon finishing this act of defiance - Chief Sitting Bull cleaned his pipe and left  with his ardent warriors - oblivious to the gunfire around him and his warriors.

Such open defiance and acts of bravery were bestowed on a few - Chief Sitting Bull but also another great warrior Geronimo.

Chief Sitting Bull united the tribes and other smaller tribes joined him in the pursuit of  " true freedom ".

The United States soldiers and so called Government entities the likes of the Bureau of Land Management - shuddered when they heard his name.

Chief Sitting Bull was bestowed with the unique and singular  title - of " Wichita Wakan ".

Only those that are spiritual know the power of such individuals - they do not fear any entity - and they do not submit to any mundane power.

 Not the U.S. Government, the Christian Church - or any dubious entity not worth the salt.

Chief Sitting Bull -
given the title of " Wichita Wakan ".

We are living in very difficult times - and we cannot have leaders and spokespersons - who are NOT educated on issues. 

Leaders who are not " spiritual " - and more who do not care for their people. Those who do not have their heart in the right place - cause more harm than good.

Stop pussyfooting with politicians - charlatans - and with " informers " who speak with a " forked tongue " - be slow to part with knowledge - that should be earned.

People say that " Chief Sitting Bull " had something to do with the victory over the U.S. Army in 1872 - the Seventh Calvary and Lt. COL George A. Custer's  - shameful defeat.

Obliterating the over 200 U.S. soldiers and defeating George A. Custer - sending shills all over the Nation and more the U.S. Army.

Chief Sitting Bull had the power of " vision " - given to a select few - unknown to many - the battle of Little Bighorn was led by by Chief Sitting Bull's nephew White Bull and the Ogala Lakota warrior Crazy Horse.

Chief Sitting Bull -
a man of wisdom, great fortitude, and untold tenacity.

We need him today - more than ever - to stem the 
foolishness, unite the people - and deliver the enemy 
a scathing defeat - without touching them -
time to bring in the Center of Disease Control -
the days of the paleface are over - it is written everywhere.

After the battle of Little Bighorn - the U.S. Army strengthened their efforts - all recorded - put immense pressure - and forced Chief Sitting Bull to head north to Canada - with his followers.

The Tribes were scattered without a " stellar and fierce leader more spiritual ". 

Today's Reservations - affectionately called REZ - are the footprints - that leave tell tales of those sordid events - that today most fail to comprehend and less understand. 

What befell the Sioux next was starvation - and Chief Sitting Bull pleaded with Queen Victoria - he called her " Grandmother " for help.

Chief Sitting Bull and his people returned in July, 1881 -  back from Canada and surrendered to the American Authorities - for the sake of this people.

Chief Sitting Bull spent two years in jail - and then was assigned to the Standing Rock Agency - which remained his home for the rest of his life.

Chief Sitting Bull was hired by William " Buffalo Bill " Cody - and performed his famous " Wild West" show -  for $50 a week - traveling from place to place.

Chief Sitting Bull signed author graphs for $2 and in the end was fed up of this life - saying " the wigwam is a better place for the red man " or words to this affect.

Around 1889 many reservations were honored by the "Ghost Dance " - that brought HOPE to the Native American Tribes - those that led these " spiritual dance ".

Spoke of a messiah who would bury the white man's world under a layer of soil and return the Indians to their old ways. 

Monument - Standing Rock

Chief Two Bears

Chief Running Antelope

Today there is a lot of " noise " - and less of " silence " - less of the true heart beat - that reveals - to those that are cleansed - what this Earth - really means.

The Earth will heal - Mother Earth - can take the abuse - and the silly ones - will learn the lesson the hard way.

Today government - be it on any level - lacks spirituality - and therein lies the crux of the problem - deceit, lying, cheating - how can the ones that stole the land - be trusted.

You cannot sit down with the " devil " - and dream of making - peace and bring about solutions.

The PLAINS must be left untouched - for therein lies the Buffalo - hence the words " Tatanka Oyate " the people and the Buffalo must sync - and this lesson has been repeated before - many time before.

Where are leaders - who can go to the front lines - and defy the very evil " enemy " - with touching them.

When you are strong- spiritually strong - you do not have to say anything. When you are strong - you can neutralize many force - however - evil.

Take your clue from Chief Sitting Bull - be humble - protect your people - have wisdom - do not fear - reserve and preserve our resources.

 Be independent - do not waste you life with alcohol and other drugs - and defy the norm of our ancestors  - do not disrespect Mother Earth and be the scourge of the Earth.

The Muwekma Ohlone

This is Ohlone land - and here in San Francisco and the extended Bay Area - many Tribes from the plains were sent forcefully - in the 1950s and later - the sister to Los Angeles the Bother to San Francisco.

 A sister to Portland, Oregon,  - a Bother to Oakland, California - the families divided and many died a slow death.

This genocide must be investigated - and those agencies and entities behind these atrocities - exposed - this is the right time.
More because it took place on Turtle Island - and these crime were committed with intent to do harm.

United States Attorney - Loretta Lynch

Shame on the United States Government - and more the Department of Justice - and U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch.

For the last 35 years I have been helping the Native American Indians from the plains - and many of them confide in me.

 More those that joined the United States Army - and have yet to be treated well - earning the honorable discharge - and yet not receiving their benefits.

The Dakota Access Pipeline must be STOPPED.

If we all are united - we can shut down the shopping sales - weeks before Christmas and teach the " greed" a lesson - all over the United States. Time is on our side.

This is our moment Brown and Black - we can do it - and we must do it.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

Here in San Francisco - where the politicians - come to the fore - with resolutions and what have you - they, have FAILED to protect our Shell Mounds - and respect the OHLONE -  they are all worthless - and must NOT be trusted - at all.

Tribal Chair Rosemary Cambra -
Francisco Da Costa - have addressed 
the SF Board of Supervisors - 
tons of talk - no action - you all are put on notice.

All over the United States - nothing good will happen - unless there is an " apology " for all the wrongs done to all of the Native Americans - from Turtle Island - all these many years.

From the time Christopher Columbus a pirate, a murderer, a scoundrel, a good for nothing piece of shit - landed on the Eastern shores of Turtle Island. 

Those who believe Christopher Columbus was something - must get a brain transplant - the history has been documented - and it all there to read and more comprehend.

The time to apologize - for all the atrocities committed to Native Americans - has long passed - and we are still awaiting - and our patience has reached - saturation point.

Canada has done it - and so has Australia - our President Barack Hussein Obama - has a golden opportunity to do something - but is acting like a jerk.

More - a House Negro - this Dakota Access Pipeline crap - is just that - it must NOT - happen.

Do we have a Chief Sitting Bull present amongst us?

Let us not stray aside - by just vain talk - and not truly supporting those that are laying their lives - on the front lines. 

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone here in San Francisco - and support the Lakota Sioux land and Tribes - and other connections - to bring this victory - home.

Not a whimper from Senator Dianne Feinstein, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

 Other spineless and inept so called Representative that you call continue to Vote for - send them packing where they belong - hell. Aho.