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Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) is meeting today - at 450 Golden Gate Avenue - the Federal Building - to have a Press Release - only the Press are invited - according to reliable sources.

One can call the Department of Justice (DOJ) telephone number and one Mary Brandenberger and another Shannon Long are supposed to be at the post  - one is on office travel and I have left her 3 messages - Shannon is on post - and I have left her three messages:

Shannon Long : 1. 202. 514. 2064

The Community has been left out in this process - and reliable sources say that COPS an entity that is tied to the Department of Justice (DOJ) - prefer only to have the Press PRESENT.

 Time will tell - if the DOJ and United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch - and her lackeys - continue to treat San Franciscans - with disdain.

COPS starts with the word COMMUNITY - and the COMMUNITY has not been notified - not even the leaders - and treated with disdain.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee and our Interim- Chief Toney Chaplin will be there - at 450 Golden Gate Avenue.

I have contacted them - I have the Press Credentials - from the Bayview Newspaper - well accepted all over the Bay Area and California.

I have yet to hear from the key authorities in charge from the City and County of San Francisco - among them Interim Acting Chief Toney Chaplin and Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

We the constituents of San Francisco - have been dealing with the deaths of Mario Woods,  Alex Nieto,  Jessica Williams,  Luis Gongorra Pat,  Amilcar Lopez - others too may to mention.

The families - more the Mothers are suffering - and no one cares that NOT one single rogue SF Police Officer has been charged - and brought to trial and charged. They all must be sent to jail - for a long, long, long time.

Our SF District Attorney George Gascon has NOT charged one single rogue SF Police Officer.

Yesterday, we just found about the COPS - Press Release - and when we contacted the folks mentioned on the Press Release - none of them seem to respond.

What is happening to this Nation - where are the rights  - that the Constitution speaks to and many brag about - that  gives us the FREEDOM to exercise our rights?

Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) has a fancy ACRONYM - very deceiving- where the COMMUNITY has conveniently - been kept OUT.

Our Mayor Edwin M Lee loves to talk - about this and that - but decided NOT to spend one single dollar on the Blue Ribbon Panel. 

The Blue Ribbon Panel that has made 81 suggestions - and exposed the SF Police Department - gone rogue.

The esteemed judges on the Blue Ribbon Panel stated that the SF Board of Supervisors - must act and bring about change. Most of the SF Board of Supervisors - are fast asleep at the cockpit.

The Blue Ribbon Panel stated - that our SF Police Department - has gone " rogue ". For a longest time the SF Police Department was under - Consent Degree - time that happens quickly - before we have rampant murders - on the streets of San Francisco.

The Grand Jury has been direct and stated that the SF Police Department and the SF District Attorney - procrastinate when it come to justice - in the murders of so many - by rogue SF Police Officers.

Today NOT one - single rogue SF Police Officers - has been charged. What is happening to our City and County of San Francisco? Why must we the tax payers be treated with hostility and disrespect?

Chronologically speaking going back to the 1930s - San Francisco Police Department - has been charged so many times - that it is a disgrace to any decent Law Enforcement entity.

The Police have their origins with Slave Catchers - and today the many SF Rogue Police Officers - keep acting like Slave Catchers - go see the movie " Birth of the Nation ".

You will learn some and may be more - if you are a decent person - more if you are a person of color.

Come out today - October 12, 2016 - at 450 Golden Gate Avenue - the POPOS report is about to be Released to the Press only - and we will be there - we are gathering around 10 am - the Press Release is around 10:45 am.