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Friday, October 21, 2016


The stairs at City Hall - 
lead to the many rooms - where the -
wheeling and dealing goes on - abject - corruption.

Yesterday, October 18, 2016 some 100 years ago - since the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - have met in the August Chambers - Room 250 - are  trying - their best to serve the people of San Francisco - at SF City Hall.

On an average they have not succeeded - there was one year - be it decades ago - 17 of the 18 San Francisco Supervisors - were brought to Court, tried and went to jail.

Today we have some that should be in JAIL - charged under the Rico Act - but continue to wheel and deal -  think that they represent - when in fact they do not - and a disgrace to anything - decent.

The Muwekma Ohlone - always missing from the 
discussion - typical of thieves, rogues, those corrupt -
who steal the land - brag what is not their is theirs -
people who have BLOOD on their hands.

The  Ohlone have been here for over 12, 000 years - carbon dated - yet not once when the " thieves " - gather with their avarice - do they mention about how they stole the land - that is all of San Francisco - and more.

There is NOT one  single legal document - to state that the land is theirs - I am talking about " crooked folks " who speak from both sides of their mouth.

Large tracts of land - called Rancheros - were found in San Francisco - and I know some families that have title to that land - that was stolen by others.

Some of us have read the Treaty of Hidalgo and know the exact words of that one singular  treaty - and more what they words mean.

The large tracts of lands - that have detail information - how they came to be - who has title to the lands - how the Native Americans have been treated - the stated  boundaries of the deeds and so on - that were passed from generation to generation.

I personally know of folks in the Pacific Heights who have stolen land - have fake papers - and brag they are something - when they are " thieves ".

 Some of them holding important positions - one Senator has two mansions - but as far as character is concerned - they are scumbags.

More, the Zionists who control commercial estate - that will go bust soon - some feel the bubble - and come say - this one will bring many to their - knees. I hope the Zionist learn their lesson once and for all.

Proposition " O " - is one of those Propositions - the impending pressing " Bubble  " affects rental and commercial space - time will tell.

Yet we have House Negroes - not educated on issues - trying to say that they will get something - always begging for stale and foul smelling - "bread crumbs " - pathetic to say the least.

When I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco - I had access to some documents - and the contents were very revealing.

As might be expected the United States Army - and more Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco - played an important role - when it came to these documents - pertaining to large tracts of land - and recording the documents more in Sacramento.

Some of us were privy to the details and - " true information " - of how the land was acquired and how the deeds to the land - were drawn up.

The many innocent killings, the raping of Native American women, the forceful taking of the children - to boarding schools - deprived of everything linked to their culture. This was a type of  sordid " holocaust " - totally lost in today discussion of sorts.

More with sell out Blacks - have no real identity of their own - and sell their souls to the Zionists - to the MACHINE - while all the time pretending to say what they do not mean - the likes of Malia Cohen and London Breed - one worse than the other. Veronica Hunnicutt, Sophie Maxwell, Shaman Walton, Aurelious Walker, Churchill, all seeking money - for selling out the community.

This is a photograph ( circa 1938 ) -
the location our SF City Hall -
the Ku Klux Klan - conducting their business -
right under the Rotunda of our infamous SF City Hall.

Tuesday this week - October 18, 2016 - some names were thrown out - at the 100th Anniversary celebration and enactment - names like Doris Ward who not present.

 Known for being inebriated most of the time. When is was the Assessor - it was NOT uncommon to find her shopping at Macy's - during working hours.

The current Black Supervisors were present - Malia Cohen and London Breed - both have nothing much to offer but corruption of the worse order. Malia as usual trying to fork up some speech - and talking from both sides of her - clap.

Mark Farrell who is trying to cover up - how he stole the elections - in District 2 - and then you have Kathy Tang - who saw nothing in shredding some sensitive papers - pretending - that she knew little about archiving such documents.

Katy Tang portends to represent - but she has not help San Franciscans at all.

Diane Feinstein was there - trying to say something - and could not even understand a JOKE - that Tom Ammiano cracked a joke - about smoking - and looking forward to some quality THC.

The aged Senator who has done all in her power to help her husband Richard Blum - has been removed from Committees in Washington DC. For Feinstein and her husband - it is all about money and more money.

Scott Wiener - thinks that he will succeed - in his quest to go to Sacramento - he will realize that it does not pay dividends to hit anyone - below the belt.

 The Zionist that he is - backed by the others - that have never, ever had the best interests of the people of San Francisco. Scott Wiener is a loser - and the sooner he leaves San Francisco that better - but I know for sure - it will NOT be Sacramento.

The thieves - the ancestors - of so called former SF Board of Supervisors - and those that have been in their seats in recent years - more those who fled from Europe.

Most of them have a lot of learn about the true and genuine history.

 Most of the time they are blind to what is evident - they have NO clue about empirical data - and less about spirituality that does not force people to be converted.

These scum bags be they from Europe - others brought here from Africa as slaves and have not understood - the meaning of that situation at hand. Most slaves were sold into slavery by other Blacks then known as Negroes - be they some chiefs in their  villages. 

The very fact they sold their fellow men - Black even if they captured them -  selling to the White men - that goes on even today - more by politicians.

Few do not appreciate - that when they fled from the plantations - they were rescued and many a time - shelter for the rest of their lives - by Native American tribes. This deep history goes back hundreds of years.

Many of them were rescued by the Native Americans and have not realized - how indebted they should be to the Native Americans and by inference the Muwekma Ohlone - the Pomo, the Miwoks - other Native American Tribes in the Bay Area.

On this 50th Anniversary of the Black Panther Party - there is mention made of the Native Americans in the Bay Area and the Black Panther Party. 

 The Asians and more the Chinese who were treated like animals - incarcerated on Angel Island - and treated with disdain until the late 1950s. The Chinese pander to everyone - and have not particularly embraced the Native Americans in the Bay Area.

This land belongs to the Ohlone - all of it.

When those who think they own the land - when in fact the stole the land -  have no proof - not a single document - that proves that they bought this land.

 These folks must acknowledge - more the living dead - who really owns the land and who really must be thanked for enjoying the bounty of the land.

We have the recorded sordid actions - so called folks - with their heart in the wrong place - racists - evil " stakeholders "  - claiming land - by putting stakes here, there, and everywhere.

Today - they show NO respect - never mention a word - about the First People - and have the audacity - as  proven " thieves " - to talk from both sides of their mouth.

Many idiots see these symbols at City Hall -
never, ever ponder - that they are symbols -
to stay away from corruption and other evils -
time to take another look - and your daily lives -
folks like Malia Cohen, London Breed, and Scott Wiener.

It was fun to watch all those SF Supervisor from the old days - soiled in corruption - yet pretending that they were free from stains that stink to high heaven.

Corrupt politicians  - who had served the City and County of San Francisco supposedly, well - when the opposite was true.

Nothing much has changed - and today - with Scott Wiener and Mark Farrell - Malia Cohen and London Breed - it is worse.

And of course Katy Tang - has still not got it - she continues to shred and thinks nothing of archiving. You cannot teach an old dog - new tricks.