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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


San Francisco they day is a " progressive City and County " - but in recent years - is known as one of the " most corrupt " cities in the Nation - casting a deep shadow on Chicago - if you know what I mean.

Our San Francisco Ethics Commission has been stymied - by the former Director - failing to fill in positions - investigators more attorneys - numbering 4 at one time - and then falling to one singular - position.

The former Director St John Clair - did all is his power to procrastinate -using any shitty excuse - to create situations - where there was absolutely - " no fair play ".

Hundreds of cases - failing to make it to any kind of adjudication.

It is useless to say that we practice some kind of "democracy " - when practically all our rights given to us by our " constitution " were denied - as long as the Director the SF Ethics Commission - was in power - St John Clair.

It did not help - when like minded SF Ethics Commissioners - worked hand in glove with St John Clair - a very corrupt man.

A case in point - begging for justice the Mark Farrell case - a crime that has case a shadow on San Francisco - and all things fair. Mark Farrell stole the election in District 2 - then took more money from the City and County of San Francisco.

Today is the the Chair of the Budget Committees and continue his nefarious ways - pretends he is saying something - when he means nothing at all. Scum bag of the highest order. He should be ashamed that he ever attend any Jesuit institution.

It did not help - when former Supervisor Tony Hall from District 7 - later given the position of Director to Treasure Island - was fired - and had to fight his case - before the then " sordid SF Ethics' Commission" - for harm done to him by then Mayor Gavin Newsom.

The same happened with Ross Mirkarimi a former Supervisor from District 5 - who ran for Sheriff and won - and then was involved in a minor ' domestic situation " - that his enemies  - ganged on Ross Mirkarimi - ruining his family life.

 Leading the Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi to lose his election - the second time around - running for SF Sheriff. The first time around - Ross Mirkarimi received more votes than the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - in that election.

We also had several - other dubious situations - some " whistle blower cases" - others " discriminatory in nature involving the San Francisco " Department of Human Resources ".

 Then - of course the one of kind case - the very corrupt Juliet Ellis " situation " - where all the evidence was there - to fire her from her current position - as Assistant General Manager - working for the SF Public Utilities Commission - which she continues  to abuse.

She transferred over $200, 000 to her former non-profit in Oakland - Green For All. Of course the Fair Political Action Committee (FPAC) fined her.

 The SF Ethics Commission was slow to act - and then had to act on the decision of the superior FPAC.

Juliet Ellis rallied her friends - from far and wide - flew in Van Jones and others - had Dwayne Jones, Derf Butler, Dwayne Jones, the scum bags from the East Bay - shouting and screaming foul language - typical of those that have no etiquette less manners - brought up like animals to say the least.

Juliet Ellis paid to have  others to fly into town - to come to speak on her behalf.

Had the backing of Fred Black - now Director of the SF Foundation - and others to help her - keep her job - making over $250, 000 with benefits. Some Jamaican Jerky!

The Mayor for sure put in a good word - and even Harlan Kelly her boss - came to City Hall to Room 400 - to vouch for Juliet Ellis - the very corrupt woman with no ethics and less standards - at all.

The SF Ethics Commission - weak in the knees - scummed to pressure - and did not fire - Juliet Ellis.

Juliet Ellis  was given a slight slap on the back of her foul. stinking - hand - and she continues screw up things  - to this day.

All due to the poor judgement of the San Francisco Ethics Commission.

At one of the sessions before the SF Ethics' Commission -  linked to Ross Mirkarimi - suddenly the City Sheriffs appeared - a few minutes before the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who was present - had to testify - and whispered something in his ear.

Then the Sheriffs  proceeded to whisk the  Mayor Edwin M. Lee - apparently there was a warning related to a "bomb scare ".

 It was all a ploy - clearly showing all  San Franciscans - how corrupt this City is - and what it will do to protect the crooks - in this case Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a very corrupt person - not to be trusted.

We the people were not told anything at all - and remained - seated.

Such are the shenanigans that exist and continue prevail in San Francisco - to this day.

The many such cases and  more - go into ' so called closed session " then come out - and jokingly state - nothing that transpired behind " close doors can be disclosed ".

Now after all these years - plans are afoot to change the SF City Charter - and allow discussion on any cases - may be reserving rare " close session privileges " linked to one of kind cases - where confidentiality could compromise more - and adversely impact the case. Time will tell.

The few astute advocates continue to exert pressure on the San Francisco Ethic Commission - I did at one time - and must now join their ranks.

The SF Ethics Commission was created - to shed light where there was abject darkness - not any more.

The SF Ethics Commission - has come under extreme fire and pressure - and finds itself - reeling and trying to find succor under come rug - much like cockroaches.

The SF Ethics Commission must define itself better - after the reading the City Charters.

The SF Ethics Commission as it stands today - puts down the Sunshine Task Force - talks to much about what jurisdiction it has - but fails to under - what it is suppose to do - and define itself.

Again and again those astute protectors of Public Comment, our rights given to us under our Constitution - speak up - only for the SF Ethics Commission - to go on the defensive.

Recently the SF Ethics Commission has hired a Director to replace the very corrupt  St John Clair.

The SF Ethics Commission - has hired another investigative attorney -  lessening the backlog at the SF Ethics Commission after all these years - of less funding and politics more led by Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

San Franciscans - want less verbosity, diatribe and beating round the bush - time will tell.

Our SF Ethics Commission has failed to shed light - where there is abject darkness.

Failing to take on " Whistle Blower Cases " seriously.

 Using every trick in the that dirty hat - to kick the can down the street.