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Friday, October 14, 2016


Ronald Davis spewing some diatribe -
lacking concrete empirical data -
to fully analyze and implement solutions.

San Francisco Police Department has the worst track record - when it come to discipline - incident reporting - collecting meaningful data - offering the SF Police Officer - the pertinent course and training to address Quality of Life issues - that have been compromised in San Francisco.

 The SF Police Department - one of the worst Police Departments - in the Nation to have had several - enforcements to bring the San Francisco Police  Department on track to maintain basic standard - the corruption and lack of discipline has been - systemic and known by Law Enforcement  Nationwide - "  Consent Decrees".

The Federal Bureau of Investigation - other Federal Law Enforcement - all know - about the SF Police Department - the laughing stock in many Law Enforcement - circles.

This one singular form of discipline used so many times - the " Consent Decree " - and more for long periods of time  one " Consent Decree" for as long as 20 years - is a shame - and  a dark cloud that has been hovering - over the heads of those purporting to serve as servants in  Law Enforcement  and have failed in their - duty - miserably.

This systemic cancer - involves the drab, inept, spineless SF Police Commission that is in bed with SF Police Officers Association.

Meet and confer sessions - are taken to mean and adversely impact all - when " meet and agree " - seems to be the deliberate action of sorts - going on. 

The recent Grand Jury and the Blue Panel Report - has given as a clear idea - what needs to be done. The problem is that our Mayor Edwin M. Lee. Other City Department Heads - the City Administrator Naomi Kelly, the City Attorney Dennis Herrera, the SF District Attorney George Gascon, the Mayor main advisors - and pandering to corruption of the highest order.

It does not help the SF  Board of Supervisors especially London Breed, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, and Mark Farrell - seem to are more about mundane issues - and are not addressing Quality of Life issues - Safety.

You compromise Safety - you compromise Health - you compromise Health and Safety - is affects most of the other critical issues - linked to Quality of Life issues - Education, Recreation, Transportation, homelessness, congestion on our streets - and so on and so forth.

Some years ago - the SF Police Department had computers using Windows  95 software -  glorified type-writers - I reported this several times on my website. It took another ten years to fix the problem.

However, it is only recently that the SF Police Department has caught up to the finer more pertinent elements - of the digital world - but missing are tons of information - erased - place in wrong places.

It did not help that the Laboratory at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - next to 

Recently the SF Police Department moved to a brand new Police Station - at Mission Bay - but before that everything  that took place at 850 Bryant - the wiring, the plumbing - you name it was Smithsonian - and adversely impacted - the operations be is the Records Department, Data, filing - it was a mess.

There was a long period when the Federal Bureau of Investigation sent reports that the SF Police Department could not access nor save data - because their software was antiquated.

The SF Police Department - could not receive less decode and analyze data - and has not kept precise information. On the many crimes committed - the SF Police Department until recently could not query incidents reports - yearly, bi-yearly, over a period of three, four, five year - pathetic.

We the people have protested -
the City and County of San Francisco -
is totally dysfunctional -
rampant discrimination - shoot first and ask questions later -
has become a norm - the SF POA are known racists of the worst order - Nationwide - and more here in San Francisco.

The SF Police Officers Association (POA) would like us to believe - using fake propaganda - better known as disinformation - to announce that the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) - has let the SF POA - off the hook - and that is simply NOT true.

The SF POA is a rogue entity that has to be disbanded. 

This is not a UNION in the sense that we know of UNIONS who truly represent the people.

The SF POA - uses strong arm tactics - interference and threats - any individual any group that confronts them with facts and the TRUTH - are targeted. This is despicable.

The SF POA has millions of dollars - from dues collected by the SF Police Officers Association - paid by the over 1900 Police Officers - over $350 a month.

The SF POA portends to protect the SF Police Officers - but the fact is - that millions are spent to buy favors at the State and Local level. Political favors are bought - and alliances made with other Correction Officers and California Highway Patrol - for dubious reasons. 

Again and again the SF POA has influenced the SF Police Commission - that has a lack luster performance - beating around the bush - meeting the SF POA - " to meet and confer " - but turning such meetings - " to meet to agree ".

Interim - SF Police Chief must rein in the SF POA -
please to NOT tell us that you cannot rein these thugs 
in - the SF POA has shown again and again - 
they are a cancer - and this cancer - must be removed and 
disposed of - so that it can never, ever show it ugly head.

Where is the justice and fairness in San Francisco?

We have a " buffoon " in Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has no ability to lead - he is a panderer.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - had been lying to all of us - tax payers - and must " step down ".

 A recall petition is now in progress -  to remove Mayor Edwin M. Lee - and he knows about it - and has his tail between his legs.

If all goes well - this indictment - should send a clear message to Mayor Edwin M. Lee - and the many other wannabes who are corrupt - wasting millions of dollars - tax payers money.

We have about 30, 000 City Employees - over 30% making over $200, 000 with benefits - and most of them living outside San Francisco.

The community has tried all decent means to communicate to the Mayor Edwin M Lee.

I sat with him - and personally know that the man is a JOKER - he has no clue about " cultural competency " - less " about true viable and sustainable leadership " - absolutely does not believe in " transparency and accountability ".

In the last two week we have had 15 killings and shootings in the Bayview area - and there has been - no alarm - no announcement - the constituents of the Bayview - are traumatized.

Yet the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - want to build 30, 000 units - where more and more are targeted - assaulted , robbed, shot at - and in some instances killed.

Where is the SF POA on the above situation.

Below the Rotunda at SF City Hall -
a ceremony - most of those participating -
SF Police Officer - study about the times -
(circa 1938) and you will learn more - and be wiser.

The SF POA are like the Ku Klux Klan - the above photograph -
was taken circa 1938 - and most of those participating in this ceremony - were SF Police Officers - what has the Mayor Edwin M. Lee to say about such ceremonies - taking place right now - away from San Francisco.

 Added to that we have had " rogue SF Police Officers " - shoot first and ask question later.

The Mario Woods incident - reviewed by experts - clearly shows the dysfunctional systemic prevalence of " racial bias " - " blatant discrimination " - people are fed up - there in NO leadership at the Mayor Office - Room 200.

Not one SF rogue Police Officer has been charged -
what is the Mayor doing - for sure with intent - making the 
situation worse - giving money to the SF District Attorney's
Office - some $1.9 million - without have a Blue Print that works-
the SF District Attorney - George Gascon must be put on notice.

The Mayor Office - keeps dealing and using sordid individuals - the likes of Cheryl Davis,  Amos Brown, Diane Aroche ( whose husband works with the SF District Attorney's Office ). All of them were invited to the Press Release at 450 Golden Gate in SF - the Federal Building - some of us had to go - using our credentials - that those in power - thought we had none - but we have and more.

Paul Henderson ( who is running for Judge ) others one worse than the other Steve Kawa a perennial parasite and political hack - brought in by Willie L. Brown ( a former thug Mayor of San Francisco).

 Christine Falvey,  an advisor to Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who pretends she knows some - when she as ignorant on issues - as can be - and more the other buffoons - who hover around Room 200 - the Mayor's Office at City Hall - all - wheeling and dealing.

We the people united - will never, ever be defeated -
We the people detest the atrocities committed -
by the rogue SF Police Officers - more those belonging and protect by the SF Police Officers Association - who must be removed -now.