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Saturday, October 8, 2016


Mario Woods Mother Mrs Gwen Woods -
holds the photograph of her son -
murdered by SF rogue Police Officers. 11 months
have gone by - and we have seen NO movement.

It is a crying shame we have a SF District Attorney - who goes by the name of George Gascon -  who does not have a conscience - more he too like Mayor Edwin M Lee - is a disgrace to the human race. 

The United Nations was first formed here in San Francisco - and yet even though the United Nations - stands for Human Rights all over the world - here in San Francisco - the birth of the United Nations - we practice blatant discrimination - corrupt folks like Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a disgrace to the human race

For all his empty talk - the SF District Attorney - George Gascon -  has in all this time - made promises, lied, and being a total - jerk.

His sordid office - has failed to make any concrete investigation  - progress to  bring the " rouge SF Police Officers to justice - and more brought about some holistic - adjudication.

Hundreds of innocent people - have been affected by George Gascon's poor judgement - SF District Attorney a former Police Chief of San Francisco - now, the SF District Attorney - has clearly demonstrated - that he has no ability - to investigate and less to adjudicate.

His entire office is dysfunctional and must be revamped.

The present District Attorneys in San Francisco - sent packing - clean up the cobwebs and more the stench - coming from the SF District Attorney's office - situated at 850 Bryant Street.

The Blue Ribbon Panel - dealing with the many murders by rogue  SF police officers - was very clear on the inherent corruption  - prevailing within - the SF Police Department - but also the City and County of San Francisco.

The SF Police Department is a JOKE - has NO oversight worth the salt - not from the SF Police Commission - nor any known entity within the City and County of San Francisco. 

The entire SF Police Department has gone - rogue.

The more we delve into the SF Police Department - the more we find the  SF Police Department - totally practicing blatant discrimination, racism of the worst order - and as I have been saying - all these many years - over 35 years - totally, dysfunctional.

One of the judges from the Blue Panel Ribbon - affirmed what I have been saying for a long time - a total over haul of the SF Police Department must be done - and for sure " the rogue SF Police Officers " - now - having a field day - fired .

The doctors from UCSF were present 
at the demonstration held in front of 
850 Bryant Street - where George Gascon -
makes his abode - doing nothing at all.

Latina Mothers showed up in unity -
led by Mama Christina - who spoke 
so eloquently - and inspired so many.

This fight - exposing the SF District Attorney -  is not one we the tax payers and the citizens of the Bay Area - take lightly. 

This fight has just begun - and SF District Attorney - much like State Attorney Kamala - have failed to represent -  the constituents of San Francisco - the many victims - shame on them two. 

It is not easy -  during these trying times - to take off work - and come and exercise one's right to speak up - protest and take a stand - as so many did October 7, 2016.

We are fortunate that many help us - people who have their heart in the right place.

God loves us and we know it - yesterday - many of those working at 850 Bryant - spoke to me - and expressed their desire - to help us from the inside. We hope they do - join the revolution.

Sisters, Brothers, youth came to the front lines -
to show their solidarity and the leaders representing
their various - constituencies spoke up and took a stand -
their heart in the right place - shedding light where
there is now - abject darkness.

The people united - will never ever be defeated.
There is no turning back - both Mayor Edwin M Lee and
SF District Attorney - their tail between their legs -
scared - and hiding - afraid to face the people .

San Francisco named after Saint Francis of Assisi - the Saint who have deep compassion - now, has been turned into Sodom and Gomorrah - we see all - the worst type of corruption -more from London Breed,  Malia Cohen,  Scott Wiener,  Kathy Tang and Mark Farrell.

Decent people came from all over the 
Bay Area - in unity to take a stand -
against the blatant murders - on the streets
of San Francisco - by rogue SF Police Officers.

This is Ohlone land - 
this warrior the symbol of all things pristine -
we the indigenous people must unite -
to fight the despicable corrupt crooks -
the likes of Scott Weiner and Malia Cohen.