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Saturday, October 29, 2016



The Native Americans have been very patient -
this one final sign - when thousands of Buffalo
appeared from no where - is a sign to the 
"devil " - be gone - or you will suffer the consequences -
diseases not seen that will affect only those - who are greedy.

The United States of American and our President - a House Negro - who could have done something - but chooses to side with the prospectors - who want to build this pipe-line - that can pollute the drinking water - but more - cause - " divisiveness ".

This land belong to the Native Americans - here in the United Staes of America - the government has failed to apologize to the Native Americans - for all the atrocities committed.

The United States government - has a proven track record - scalping Native Americans, raping women, taking children to boarding schools, stealing the land, breaking the treaties - and disrespecting Native American symbols -  desecrating Sacred Sites and more.

The " greed strangers " who landed here - from elsewhere - are immigrants.

Most -  from day one - have not learned to respect the host nations - the thousands of Native American tribes - that have had it with the strangers - greedy bastards - that want all they see - everything.

Today in the year 2016 - thousands of Native Americans are treated with disdain in their own land - and other are NOT put on the Federal Register - only some scum bag government - acts in this manner.

This oil pipe-line is not wanted.

We are on the verge of a " bubble burst ".

A bubble burst - a thousand times worse - than the 2008 economic spiraling of the economy.

Yet - these scoundrels - defy norms - again and again - desecrated Native American Sacred Sites - these acts cry to heaven for justice:

I have sat down with the Elders - and had long discourses - and all that we see today - where mentioned - in the discourses.

The Chiefs from the many Tribes - have spoken - many have given up their spirit - fed up - with the actions of the United States government.

The Dakota Access Pipeline - affects the people - the Takanka Oyate people - the people who for thousands of years - preserved and protected Mother Earth - not the scum bags - who today want to contaminate, pollute, and leave nothing much for future - generations.

The least the United States government can do - is respect the Native Americans.

This is their land - and they maintain it for thousands of years - in less than 400 years - the corrupt and the greedy - have ruined this land - Turtle Island.

The least the United States Government - that is corrupt - can do is respect the sign - from Mother Earth - even the Sacred Buffalo has spoken - may be for the last time.

Thousands of Buffalo appeared from no where - and when those protesting saw the Buffalo they responded with shouts of joy - their hearts filled with hope:

The Buffalo is a Sacred animal - of course those that are not spiritual  - " greedy bastards " - will wake up from their slumber.

Diseases never seen before - will take them down - and the economy that we see today - will spiral - worse that what happened during the depression - and a thousands times worse - that 2008.

Sometimes we pray for a sign - we all knew that the Great Spirit was one our side - I wrote a couple of articles - I have been involved in protests - but always - avoid - putting innocent  human beings - in harms way.

The United States Government - provokes the innocent people - using para-military forces. Attack dogs, and creating loud noises - as if experimenting - when you fall prey to diseases - and die a slow death - no one entity - no one power will come to your aid.

The thousands who gathered to protect the " drinking water " on land that belongs to the Lakota Sioux and other Native American Tribes  - has long been disputed  -  the crooks - who sign treaties - and then with a "  forked tongue " - break the treaties - much like a snake that cannot be trusted.

The map above is one of many - that gives the reader
some idea of what is happening - those in the region. 
For thousands of years - the owners known what belongs to them. 
If you are Native American - you respect Mother Earth -
not so those with forked tongues - those that imitate the snake.

There is an alternate route that can be taken - the Dakota Access Pipeline - those that are behind this plot - this " evil project " - want to defy the Native Americans.

 More those that have patrimonial jurisdiction - over all Lakota Sioux land. Land where the Buffalo roamed - freely.

Native Americans now at a crossroads - and we must join them all - Brown and Black people - others of good faith.

More - to show our United States Government - that having attacked foreign lands - without justification - Libya,  Iraq,  Syria,  Afghanistan and more.

 Having taken the foreign Nations down the drain - we have a 30 trillion debt.

 What else is there to learn - from those that continue to bring about harm - on millions of innocent people - in Libya, in Iraq, in Syria, in Afghanistan - all over the world.

I played a role in Desert Shield / Storm - and know first hand about war - and the unfortunate things that happen to human beings - including our soldiers women and men who are suffering to this day.


We in the United States have put so much faith in our corrupt Government - that is acting more like the Mafia.

The United States is  much like a Corporation - you pay to play.

Can you imagine if Hillary Clinton get into the White House what will happen?

Can you imagine if Donald Trump - with his loud mouth - if this idiot gets into the White House - what will happen?

Can you imagine the confusion most young adults have when it comes to our politicians?

Can you imagine the trauma and suffering caused all over the Nation - among our Sisters and Bothers - our beloved - Native Americans - that I feel comfortable calling the - First People.

The Muwekma Ohlone
the First People of San Francisco.

In San Francisco the Muwekma Ohlone support our Sisters and Brothers - our Elders from all the Nations bordering the Dakota Access Pipeline - on Lakota Sioux land and beyond.

We stand together with you all - and have been in many ways - all these many months.

We must stand tall and represent -  more we must stand and fight for our rights.

Shame on you - President Barack Hussein Obama -
you talk the talk - have failed to walk the walk.

Loretta Lynch - the U.S. Attorney General -
immediately - you are mandated to send -
a team to investigate the Racial Discrimination -
meted-out to the " Tatanka Oyate "  people -
send a strong message to the para-military force -
to have failed abroad that they must not 
harm their own people - we  who pay the taxes -
cowards to intimate the innocent with attack dogs -
cowards who stand their ground armed with arms and ammunition - war weapons that will bring their down fall.

 The Great Spirit has sent a signal - and the sign is clear - when the Buffalo came out in the thousands - as a show of support.

 There can be no other greater, sign -  more spiritual,  clearer and more nourishing than drinking water,  most significant. 

Take away clean drinking water - the life of all nourishment - and most everything goes away. For the corrupt not to understand this one singular fact - point to how devious they are - in their thinking and more in their - sordid, actions.

I know what I speak off.  Aho.