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Thursday, October 6, 2016


Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has been wheeling and dealing 
with Lennar Urban - and has betrayed San Franciscans.

Lennar Urban is a " rogue developer " that ever since its - intrusion into our affairs - all over the Bay Area - promising us to do one thing - and always causing us - more harm.

Over 20 years ago - I predicted after reviewing all the empirical data - that the United States Navy was not doing due - diligence.
That no homes should be built on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Depleted Uranium was first tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in the early 1940s and 1950s.

The contractors that the U.S. Navy hired - three of them in all - one of them Tectra Tech - after spending over $600 million in toto - did not do a good job.

More  - when it came to the clean up - the mitigation - and abatement - of the over 1200 acres - in and around Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

There are many parcels on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - A, B, C, D, E and E2 ( the most contaminated ) - F which is the bay nearer to the docks and the  Naval Shipyard.

The 49ers moved from Candlestick Stadium -
now totally deconstructed - and built a brand new
stadium in Santa Clara.

Signs were posted on sites - where LENNAR -
with intent - bombarded the community with
Asbesto Dust - a rogue developer.

Then there are the Utility Corridors - UC1, UC2, UC 3 - G that was clean up minimally to building the Stadium - but that never materialized.

 The 49ers saw the hoodwinking by the City and County of San Francisco - and chose to go to Santa Clara.

Parcel A was conveyed to the City and County of San Francisco - pressure exerted by Congressperson Nancy Pelosi, the former " thug" Mayor of San Francisco - Willie L. Brown Jr.

Sophie Maxwell the then District 10 Supervisors of San Francisco - others mostly Black and sell outs - the likes of Linda Richardson - to convey Parcel A to the City and County of San Francisco.

That quickly conveyed Parcel A to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - now the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure. The head of this office - Tiffany Bohee.

Surrounded Parcel A - is the worst contaminated parcels - already homes have been build on Parcel A.

Already, those living in these homes - are experiencing health problems - headaches, all sorts of tumors, cancer - and the City and County is look the other way.

More the unites built are of poor quality - the roads and the infrastructure - including ADA amenities - all poorly constructed.
Change orders are made liberally - that City Inspectors - mandate that work be done to standards.

What is Mayor Edwin M. Lee doing about this situation - putting innocent people in harm way - why?

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has plans to build over 20, 000 homes on contaminated land - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point is going bust - Lennar Urban is pulling out!

So, what it the Mayor going to do - pick other " rogue developers " to build 20, 000 or 30, 000 homes on contaminated land.

Contaminated by high levels of radio active elements - this land is not for living -  putting thousands - of innocent people in harms way - is NOT right.

This is the same at Treasure Island - a man made island - the United States Navy contaminated this land - tons of empirical data - and here too - Lennar Urban is involved - in the development of Treasure Island.

Lennar  Urban known for its " Land Banking Tactics " - buys contaminated land - for little or nothing - promised to do some cleanup or abated.

Does  little abatement - at the most caps the contaminants - divides the land - and sells it for very high prices.

On Mare Island it promised Vallejo to built 10, 000 homes and walked away - forcing the City of Vallejo to declare - bankruptcy.

It has failed here on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - putting thousands in harms way.  More the workers - who were exposed to high levels of Asbestos and other contaminants.

I know Young Community Developers - sent young men and women who today are suffering. Why do we do this - because of people like Dwayne Jones, Veronica Hunnicutt, Sophie Maxwell and now joining their ranks - the District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen who is on Lennar's pay roll.

Read this article:

Lennar will fail on Treasure Island - for sure - a Tsunami linked to high sea level rise - or the Big One - will adverse impact the man made island - Treasure Island.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been a utter failure - watch out for more calamities - while this very corrupt person - is in office.

The people united - will never, ever be DEFEATED.

Lennar Urban has partnered with 5Point developers - none of them will succeeded at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point.