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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


It is time our United States remember - this land - all of it -
 is Turtle Island stolen land - and we are watching you thieves 
like a HAWK - it is not for you to contaminate -
Mother Earth - you are here temporary - not to take more
than you deserve - and if you do - you will perish and suffer.

The Dakota Access Pipeline - is a project that favors those that are greedy.

Oil is not what we need now - not when the imminent implosion of the " BUBBLE " is at our door.

The price of a oil barrel will hit single digit - and all over the world there will be the spiraling of the economy - a thousand times worse than 2008.

Already China, Brazil, India, Russia, the Middle East and other countries are gearing up for the " BUBBLE " - and our November Elections - are at our door - and we are pussyfooting around. Time will tell.

It does not help that Obama Care - is going up by 25% and that more and more people in the United States are so poor - that they have no HOPE.

It surely does not help to have two buffoons Hillary Clinton a chronic liar - and Donald Trump a chronic cheat - none can be trusted.

This land all of it - once called Turtle Island - belongs to the Native Americans.

Imagine a pirate landing on Turtle Island - naming this land - America.

Then proceeding to populate Turtle Island - with scum bags - the many that we have today - whose ancestors came with NO documents - dirty filthy and in most cases ignorant.

 They have contribute nothing positive to this great land - Turtle Island - stolen the land  - abused the resources - and any decent audit on the state of affairs - will reveal more - about their action - uncouth and foul.

Young Native Americans - indigenous people -
are fed up of lies - and being treated - worse
than second class citizens here on Turtle Island.
Here in the Bay Area we support you all - 
more people of color - who continue to suffer with our Native American - Sisters and Brothers.

It does NOT help - we have a House Negro - who happens to be the President of the United States of America - Barack Hussein Obama.

His U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch - another House Negro - none have committed - themselves to understanding - thee real and true  " situation at hand. None have lifted a finger - to help our dear Native American Sisters and Brothers. Watch out - we are united now - and you will all be running for your lives - your tail between your legs - sweating all over the place - and fall down flat of your dirty - face. Scum bags that we have tolerated for too, too - long.

Mother Earth must be protected - 
our water is very precious -
the oil situation today is clear -
we have too much of oil - and more from fracking -
adversely impacting areas - with artificial earthquakes.

Thousands of Native Americans - from all over Turtle Island have gathered three miles west of State Highway 1806 right along the pipeline right of way - to protest and have camped for a long, long time.

Sacred Sites much like the Sacred Shell Mounds we have here in the Bay Area - have been desecrated.

Again and again those that are " greedy " - are focused on the money - and not on values that better humankind. These greedy scum bags - pollute and contaminate - and think nothin of it.

Some time ago - trained killer dogs were set on decent protestors -  who were simply -exerting their First Amendment Rights.

Nothing in the United States seems to work - when it comes to our Rights - only the crooks and the corrupt are favored by those that are armed - who are suppose to protect our Rights as laid down in the Constitution - but it simply does not.

Not our First Amendment Rights - not our Supreme Court that favor huge developers and Corporations.  The locals Courts are corrupt and bought - lock , stock and barrel.

" Corporations are people too " - declares the Supreme Court.
Half the Supreme Court Judges - senile - they must serve not more than 3 terms of four years.

Much like the Congresspersons and Senators - the same - here are home we have two hags - Congressperson Nancy Pelosi and the other Senator Diane Feinstein - both senile and a shame to decency and standards that matter.

Thousands of Native American Tribes - all over Turtle Island are treated with disdain.

It does not help - that those that immigrated here have no clue - that democracy was practiced here on Turtle Island for thousands of years. 

In less than 200 years - most that was pristine - has been polluted - and the culprits have no conscience - less etiquette - even less standards that matter.

One has only to read and learn more from the Six Nations - the operations of the " Long Cabin"  delve deeper and more and learn with intent - from the Iroquois Tribe - that inter-acted with our Founding Fathers.

The Founding Fathers incorporated much of what they learned from the Six Nations - into our Constitution.

You would not know that - talking to most Americans who are not educated on issues. When you mention our dear Sisters and Brothers - who are Native Americans - exhibited their sordid -
 " implicit bias " - and think no end of themselves.

All this and more will come to an end - believe you me.

This guy Christopher Columbus - they would like you to believe was some worthy person - when he was a murderer, thief, and when it comes to character - worthless to say the least.

All over the Nation - we all comprehend -
Native American Lives Matter most -
more when this is Native American land -
It does not bother us - that thousands of tribes -
are fighting for their rights - more to be put 
on the Federal Register - to receive benefit they must have.

Native Lives Matter

This is Muwekma Ohlone land -
and I represent the Muwekma Ohlone -
we have astute entities ready and willing to
back us up - take what is rightfully us -
the time is now - to unite and fight for our rights.

Here is San Francisco we have some " greedy " entities - and more the Zionist who think - that we are NOT watching them - we are watching them - like a - " hawk ".

We have many House Negroes in the Bay Area more in San Francisco - who continue to sell the community.

 Recently we had the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Black Panther Party and I was there - there is more to the celebration that must be done - restore the united and fight for the issues that stare us in the face today.

Too much talk and less actions - lacking concrete goals and time-lines that that tied to capacity building - on all level.

Our Black youth are not incorporated in our planning - and the times have changed - and taking order from those that lack - openness and more Smithsonian does not help.

 In this digital world - we can use tools to better us all - our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors, those mentally challenged and physically challenged - in short more those that need help most. God help us all.

Rightfully so the Native American Elders prayed - even though they did not acknowledge the Ohlone is precise terms - but they prayed and the Great Spirit sees it all.

We support the Lakota Sioux Tribes and the deep interest in saving Mother Earth from destruction and contamination - we support all Native American Tribes - and seek unity and commitment - with fortitude and our heart in the right place.

Our young women and men - have not had the support as they have been left to fend for themselves. Where support has been given - we have seen warriors that have stood up and proven that they can stand their ground.

Today all over the Turtle Island there is an awakening - and we can choose a day or many days - three, four, five days - and bring to a halt what the white men has taken for granted.

This land is not the " thieves " - and we continue to honor the  crooked " thief " - the person who speaks with a " forked tongue " - we must awake from our slumber - and listen and pray to the Great Spirit - these spineless, weak in the knee - so called leaders the liked of President Barack Hussein Obama - is just a shadow - controlled by the Zionists and other demonic individuals - that will come to an end.

Actions count - and we must NOT drop the ball - and worse still seek on our fortunes and not look after the common interest of all Native Americans and indigenous people.

The Dakota Access Pipeline and the sordid vision that it will carry 470,000 barrels of crude oil a day - is but a dream - a conceptual plan - that will NOT come to fruition.

Conceptual plans are just that " you wake up and it can be your worst nightmare ".

In recent years - all over the Nation the United States Government - having no real business - dared to interfere in affairs of sovereign nations - have expanded over 30 trillion dollars - tax payers money -  we are a Nation in debt.

Today, our Seniors and other others are homeless.

We see them on the streets of San Francisco - eating dog food - and living like animals.

Many die - and their bodes lie in the "morgue " for some one to come and pick their remains - many are incinerated and their ashes join others in some unknown, unmarked - graves.

Turtle Island has been converted to a land of thieves and rogues -  you can see it - with the current candidates running for President  of the United States.

One worse than the other - one a chronic LIAR - and another a cheat - who has NOTpaid his Federal taxes and talks from both sides of his filthy - mouth.

Turtle Island is has an area of 3, 717, 812. 8 square miles - also known as the United States of America.

We have a rough population of about 320 million.

This land all of it belongs to the Native Americans and was stolen - lock , stock, and barrel.

As I said - we have millions of people - all over the world - waiting for the BUBBLE to burst - it will in less than two months rom today - and all hell will break - loose.

The jerks we have in government today - our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - our crooked SF Supervisors Malia Cohen, London Breed, Mark Farrell, Katy Tang, and most of all the Zionsit Scott Wiener - will all be licking - their chops.

 Crooked, corrupt,  the scum of the Earth.

Power to the people -
the people united will never, ever be defeated -
if our hearts are in the right place -
we have nothing to fear - and with God on our side -
Victory is ours - God be with you all.