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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Nate Parker - the Producer, Director, 
Main Actor and more - of the movie -
" The Birth of a Nation "

Nate Parker - a Black Actor - was interviewed on 60 minutes - by Anderson Cooper - a closeted homosexual who recently came out in the open.

One - of the key reporters - given all sorts of assignments - by CNN - a Television Station - known for its biased - reporting - and cooked up interviews - in recent years.

Ted Turner created CNN in 1980 in Atlanta, Georgia. When Ted Turner was in charge - fairness reigned - supreme. 

Why the connection with Nate Parker - who acted as Nat Turner who on August 11,  1831 - gathered some slaves - and started a revolution. Ted Turner - would have done better - he would have back the situation at hand - with a better, more humane perspective.

Ted Turner a fair and just minded person - who some from the inner circle - ganged up against - stole his Television Station and forced him out - giving him minimal power - today. 

Ted Turner had to lease some place - near by - some high rise building - from which he cast he glance - at his former office that he had no access today. Wow!

 More to ponder why those Ted Turner trusted - would do such a horrific deed - to the great Ted Turner who at one time married Jane Fonda - another American Legacy - that dared to go to Viet-Nam and speak to the Truth.

Why do we have less people - who take a stand for what is right - who have the ability to discern - who have their heart in the right place. Who are spiritual - and are not steep in " implicit bias"?

You would think - that a closeted homosexual would know something about blatant discrimination - abuse - and other horrific actions.

Known to take place - in many circles - where people are NOT accepted as normal - by Society in General - in the United States of  America.

That Anderson Cooper - who has moderated many shows - including the recent nefarious Presidential debates - would be a little kind in his questioning ?

Nate Parker a Black man and Jean Celistin were roommates at Penn State way back in 1999.

Jean Celistin a white woman accused Nate Parker of raping her - the case went before a judge - a trial followed and Nate Parker was acquitted.

Jean Celestin appealed - and the case was thrown out.

Nate Parker a Black man admitted he had sex with Jean Celistin - that the sex was consensual - and that he did nothing - wrong.

Anderson Cooper's interview could have given Nate Parker a break - but that did not happen. Anderson pressed hard on the  so called " rape situation " - trying to force Nate Parker - the main Actor in the " Birth of the Nation " - to apologize for an action committed way back in 1999. 

Nate Parker a strong Black man - Produced, Directed, and performed very well as the key Actor in the movie " The Birth of a Nation ".

Astonishingly - few have been viewing this one of a kind movie - " The Birth of a Nation ". A telling legacy about a legendary  Black Pastor -  Nate Parker - a revolutionary figure - and more a legend - for all Blacks in America.

The movie is for adults - has it has scenes that depicted how Black slaves were abused -  portrays the horrific actions of Slave catchers who actions were despicable - depicts many Slave Plantations - where slaves were treated worse than animals.

Pastor Nat Turner - who Nate Parker
plays in the movie - and does a good job -
depicting those time. The other Blacks actors
do well - and surprisingly well the White Actors -
one of kind - movie that should have had better attendance.

In America we can have a President of America - look the camera in the eye and say I did not have sex with that woman. When truth be told he lied - had sex with that woman and many more.

The Nation will hear it and forgive the man - just because he is White - forgive his wife - for all her lies - just because she is White - Hillary Clinton.

Paradoxically in the movie itself - as with other incidents - in those times - if any White woman - lied and said that some Black laid his eyes on her.

The Whites - took the testimony as truth - and  lynched many Black men - most of them innocent.

The Lynchings were celebrated by the Whites - Post Cards made - and sent to friends and others - Blacks were treated and looked upon worse - then  animals.

Whites do not want to be reminded about those barbaric days - much like they do not want to be reminded - when they lived in caves and slept with animals.

People of color were far more civilized than Whites - an empirical fact that must not be discarded - but truth be told - if one is NOT educated on issues - than such matters - fall by the way side.

Most diseases like small pox - sexually transmitted diseases - originated in places where Whites lived - and lived without taking a  bath for years - as many as five and ten years.

In  many documentaries - what I have stated above - has been portrayed and stated - categorically.

Today we tend to  look at the facts - and evaluate the situation at hand - " implicit bias  " - plays in -  those of us who are trained and more " educated on issues " - know what to think - and more when to say - what.

America has a population of about 320 million.

About 38 million Blacks make up the population of America today.

About 197 million Whites - about 16 million Asians - about 3 million Native American and Alaska Native - you can google any well known current Census - and see the empirical data for yourself.

People of color Brown and Black must learn to stand united.

This is a case in point - every day in many Universities, Colleges, in many Cities - White women make advances - and Blacks and the men of color - agree as adults - to have intercourse - with White women.

White women have a panacea for Black and those of color men - Phallus.

Again and again - we find cases - where some disgruntled White women go to Court - and in many cases the cases are thrown out.

For sure we know this was the case - linked to the Main Actor, Producer, Director of  a Black man - Nate Parker - " The Birth of a Nation ".

Come on  Black people can we help this brother - and go check out this movie - perhaps take our children - and others too.

Give the children and those that truly care - a history lesson - of those times - that should open their eyes -  and broaden their mind.

I recall Mel Gibson - defied the norms - went on to produce and direct - so many films - and has done well for himself - he is White - perhaps it helps that was educated in Australia - and has a huge fan base there -  cannot be bullied in the United States of America.

Blacks in America - in fact people of color  - must learn to take a stand - and support a good cause.

Blacks see nothing voting for a President who has no morals - or listening to Whites who look at Blacks and lie to them.

Blacks love those movies - where Blacks are portrayed as buffoons, we even have a famous male Black actor - acting as some old woman - and raking in the millions - Medea - Tyler Perry.

On another note there a vast audience in Southeast Asia, Latin America - Europe - Africa - the world is shrinking - and someone has to have the guts - to distribute such films that are powerful and meaningful - " The Birth of a Nation " - and other such movies - where " implicit bias " reigns - and sell out Black - act more like House Negroes - and cannot stand up for what is - right.

Black so called Movie Stars - Will Smith, Denzel Washington,  Tracy Morgan, Danny Glover, Eddie Murphy,  Samuel L. Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Halle Berry, Beyonce Knowles - others have kept quiet - why?

It is the same with Sports Stars - they all keep quiet - it is as if they owe nothing to their past history - the story of slavery,  the horrific abuse by Slave Owners - seeing the movie - is a must - for those that have a heart.

We must must know our past - in all of its essence - to be mindful of our present - to take us to a better place in the future - our heart in the right place.