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Wednesday, October 5, 2016



The Blue Panel Hearing held - October 4, 2016 - was a great victory for the people. The people united - will never, ever be defeated. 

As usual when someone like Malia Cohen who is the District 10 Supervisor handles any matter - she makes a mess of it. Malia Cohen - thinks that her handling of this hearing - wins her some "browny points " - it does not. She is evil - and we know it.

Malia Cohen is not an intelligent person - less educated on issues.

Malia Cohen likes to prop herself - as someone that knows something - as a matter of fact - she is inept, spineless - and every time she opens she mouth - she shoves her dirty foot in.

Kudos to the three judges - Cruz Reynoso, Dickran Roth, and LaDoris Cordell - to Raymond Marshall, Nicolas Fram, and Robert Tarun and others. 

We the people thank the many who volunteered - on the Blue Ribbon Panel - who headed the various groups - Stops, Searches and Arrests, Personnel and Internal Discipline.

Use of Force and Officer-Involved Shootings, External Oversight and Counsel to the Panel.

Brady Policies and Practices, Culture and Crime Data.

The above mentioned groups and their leaders - the details are available on line -

The corrupt and evil Malia Cohen -
District 10 Supervisors - who is known 
to pussyfoot around.

For staters this report - the Blue Ribbon Panel document - was released two months ago. 

All this time the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - has been asleep at the cockpit.

If Malia Cohen was to earn some " browny points " - she has failed - what she has exposed -  her arrogance and more ignorance - when it comes to prevailing murders, killings, and shootings on the streets of San Francisco - more in her District 10.

Mario Woods and Jessica Williams were murdered in District 10 - with minimal involvement from Malia Cohen. She did contribute some money - from the thousands of BLOOD money - she continue to rake in - to fill her campaign - coffers.

For over 35 years - I have been on the front lines - monitoring murders, killings, maiming, assaults on the streets on San Francisco.

San Francisco has a sordid history when it comes to our San Francisco Police Department - again and again - too many times - the SF Police Department has been charged linked to serious crimes.

San Francisco leads the Nations - when it comes to charges brought against the SF Police Department - and the long periods it has been put under the jurisdiction of Courts - to monitor - every aspect - at every level - despicable acts, discrimination, murders, killings, racism of the highest order -  complete pandemonium - prevails with the Police Officers Association - playing a key role.

The longest  ruling and active " consent degree " where the entire City and County had a " dark cloud " hanging over the head of the SF Police Department.

There is an " institutional dysfunctional DNA embedded in the SF Police Department" - starting from  its very inception - the well known Vigilantes  - who roamed the streets of San Francisco - murdered, lynched, and committed horrific crimes - from the early 1800's to the mid-1900s.

This photograph and others that I have -
taken circa 1938 - at SF City Hall -
under the famous rotunda - check it out -
and all the details - it reveals.

The KKK held its ceremonies - right at City Hall - complete with regalia - pomp and sordid splendor - for all the world to see. Take a good picture at the photograph above.

The entire SF Board of Supervisors - listened intently - we have six on the side of the people - David Campos, Aaron Peskin, John Avalos, Norman Yee, Jane Kim, and Eric Mar.

We the people will not trust London Breed, Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell, Katy Tang, and of course Scott Wiener.

Months ago John Avalos asked for a hearing on the Blue Ribbon Panel and its 85 recommendations.

John Avalos' request  was put on the back burner.

Malia Cohen and London Breed - are " prayer partners " - the two of them met an FBI informer - who wanted to trap them into getting involved in a " development " - all linked to the "  Shrimp Boy " scandal - that the FBI and other Law Enforcement - are actively - monitoring these two scandalous - good for nothing - so called - politicians.

We the people want J U S T I C E

We the people want justice - and both London Breed and Malia Cohen - two political whores - must understand - that we are monitoring you two - and those that associate with you - in the wheeling and dealing.

The SF Police Commission was missing in action - the so called policy makers - linked to the SF Police Department. The SF Police Commission - more Suzy Loftus - takes her marching orders - from the SF Police Officers Association.

Minister Christopher Muhammed -
supporting Mama Cristina - who put her life 
when she chose to join " the hunger strike ".

We the people - we kept guessing - until the last moment - to get the " green signal " - if Minister Christopher Muhammad could represent the community.

We had to plead with our allies - and exert pressure behind the scenes - to give Minister Christopher Muhammad - half an hour - to speak at the Blue Panel Hearing - held October 4, 2016 at the Board of Supervisors Chambers, Room 250.

At first we were told by the office of Malia Cohen and her aide who must be out of his mind - that the Minister could get a measly 2 minutes - then 5 minutes - if ever.

We put pressure - we the people - and got what we wanted.

We got Minister Christopher Muhammad the half an hour plus - and he was the most acknowledged, most articulate, and the most compassionate speaker - to address the people and those thousands that listen to SFGOV TV.

May God bless Minister Christopher Muhammad, his tireless work - his tenacity more fortitude - the compassion second to none - I know him and he knows me - and the people united - will never - ever - be defeated.

The Justice for Mario Woods coalition is about justice - so far the leadership led by Minister Christopher Muhammad is at the fore front - and with God's blessing doing - more than well.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
a disgrace to the human race

When Mayor Edwin M. Lee was asked to invest some money - to fund the Blue Panel Panel - the Mayor refused to invest a penny.

Millions have been spent - our tax payers' money on other forums - and the Mayor Edwin M. Lee should be ashamed of himself.

The Mayor personally is responsible for the mayhem and pandemonium that reigns today - on the Streets of San Francisco.

The Mayor is full of it - talks from both sides of his mouth.

The Blue Ribbon Panel has 85 recommendations.

The body that can push for reform is the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

 But, most of them - do not have their act together  - many of them are not educated on issues - less have their act together and  " heart in the right place ".

 For sure not Scott Wiener,  less Malia Cohen, even less London Breed, Katy Tang, and Mark Farrell.

San Francisco State Attorney 
George Gascon - he is kicking the can down the street.

We meet October 7, 2016 at 12 noon - at 850 Bryant -  to protest -the District Attorney George Gascon.

George Gascon for his charm and lying - and failed to charge one single - " rogue SF Police Officer " - in all the murders committed on the streets of San Francisco.

Please rally and bring your friends.

Some of us have spent thousands of person hours - please make a small sacrifice and be there - Brown and Black - sisters and brother - others - our beloved allies - who support us - with your heart in the right place.

God is with us - and God will see us to victory. Aho.