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Saturday, October 1, 2016


They say timing is everything - and the sinking of the Millennium Tower - the 58 story tower - the decrease in tourism.

 The increased congestion of our streets - by leaps and bounds - the expansion of " tent cities " - all over San Francisco - is something - we tax payers tolerated - but now it is has reached a chronic stage. Despicable to say the least.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - are running for cover - much like cockroaches - much when you shine light on them in the dark.

The Moscone Center and that area downtown is a mess - everyone is grumbling and cursing.

City Hall - the City Administrator Naomi Kelly - and all those Department Heads - are no where to be found - when it comes to solutions - think outside the box.

Truancy is on the increase - and some journalist must do an in depth  - investigative reporting on our youth and young adults.

The prevailing - rampant truancy - and how over 10, 000 youth in San Francisco  - crash every night. Many in their cars - others in vacant building - anywhere where the can lay their head. Sorry state of affairs.

Queer youth affected the most - desperate to irk our a living - many living in tents - and carrying on activities linked to drug selling and prostitution - to survive.

The Transgender cannot get a roof under the head - and the shelters discriminate - more they are prone to assaults in the shelters - even on our streets.  The City must step up and help them - much as the MACHINE - helps themselves to the best things in our City and County of San Francisco.

Scott Wiener who purports to the " savior " of the Queer population - is known for speaking from both sides of his mouth.

He has NOT lifted a finger to aid the Queer youth - but he now wants to move up the ladder - to go to Sacramento. He never will.

Rents more rents linked to Market Rate Units are going down - many property managers - offering a couple of months free rent - as a perk to interest those that can afford a $3000 one bed room unit - more luxury units.

For some time now - tourists are avoiding San Francisco.

Who do you think is interested in the shootings, the killings, stealing, car break ins - the dirty streets and the homeless encampments - which are not pleasing to the eye.

Worse - the nagging and sometimes - assaults on tourists - by those that are mentally challenged.

Our politicians love to look you in the eye and lie.

Things are happening in the political arena - Supervisor Aaron Peskin - ceased the opportunity to grill the Department of Building Inspection.

He is preparing himself to be the next Mayor - and tweaking his questioning skills - showing off that he can be entertaining - make you feel comfortable - and out of the blues - throw you a curve ball. Home run!

We found out that the left hand did not know what the right hand was doing at the Department of Building Inspection.

The Department of Building Inspection Commission - is confounded with all the issues that came before them - that they simply - rubber stamped - in the past.

The plans to tweak and sync their data - with that of the San Francisco Planning is now a dream. No one worth the salt wants to touch the Department of Building Inspection.

There use to be one character on the Television joined by another character and this pet dog - talking things - seismic in San Francisco.

 These two clowns - joined by some buffoon - from time to time - loved talking about liquefaction, sever flooding, climate change, and sea level rise - just talking - bluffing - hoodwinking.

I would love for them to give a commentary on the Department of Building Inspection - and stop wasting time - on trivial and mundane issues - on  SFGOV TV.

These guys are jokers - and I have left their names out - they are well known to most who watch SFGOV TV - to give commentaries on the Big One - liquefaction and flooding - just commentaries - NO - solution that can stand the test of time.

When the Big One strikes - thousands of homes in the Sunset will fall down like matchsticks.

It may surprise one - that most of these homes built on ground that is sandy - have foundations that are not attached properly to the building itself.

Some money has been set aside - to brace the foundations to the many one and two story buildings - in the Sunset.

 The Big One can save some buildings - but most will come tumbling down - the area where Carmen Chu the Assessors lives - and one Katy Tang - known for shredding documents that she should have - archived - from District 4. 

Property Managers and those involved in new construction - are feeling the " Bubble " - it will burst and when that  day comes - in a year or two - things will not look pretty.

The Chinese sense the Big One and more the current issues and major problems - doing business in San Francisco - is tedious and disgusting.

The Chinese are used to doing things - speedily - they are avoiding investing in San Francisco - they can get more for their buck -  else where.

Many other cities have a better infrastructure - better incentives - the only good thing going for San Francisco is our weather.

However the streets are dirty and congested - the air becoming more and more foul.

Barbara Gracia the Director of Health - should give us real time data - empirical data - on asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases.

The number of " still children born " - cancers and tumors that are on the increase - we pay her over $300, 000 plus perks.

San Franciscans - the ones that build our unique neighborhoods are leaving. Never to come to San Francisco again - what are crying shame.

Once they are gone they are gone forever - in the last 5 years - over 30, 000 families - according to reliable sources.

We have all these skyscrapers being built - and in the grilling and tough questioning asked of the Department of Building Inspection - over 40 tall building - do not have the higher standards mandated.

As I predicted - they will come tumbling down.

The Department of Building Inspection - does not have the expertise nor the powerful computers and software - to rest assure themselves - that the foundation of our taller building - can withstand a 9. 0 for a prolonged period - two minutes.

The complex calculation - the algorithms - need experts - more stellar structural engineers - and San Francisco does not have them.

Remember the Mayor Edwin M. Lee talking about the many cranes in the air. Bragging about the tall buildings - notice - how this jerk - is so quiet on the tall buildings - now that he has been found with his pants down - and his hand in the cookie jar.

Well - soon Mayor Edwin M Lee - will be witnessing - the rich and famous - falling from the tall buildings - more downtown - San Francisco.

 As usual - he will blame other - of their misdeeds - and never mention - about the millions of dollars - he has pocketed. Go Figure!