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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Native American Tribes now have the ability to stand tall and declare what is right - in their heart.

In this digital world - it is possible to spread the good word - and when those operations - do not work - we have the advantage to send smoke - signals - that we understand and more comprehend.

For too many decades - the Department of Interior - the Bureau of Land Management, the United States government - have lied to the Native Americans - and it does not matter that the Corps of Engineers - say one thing and do another - when it comes to building dams and laying plans to lay - sordid - pipelines.

America's fascination with cars and oil - has led us as a Nation down the wrong path. Mother Earth and all therein has been contaminated - and for the longest time - with intent - because of greed - we have allowed Mother Earth to suffer.

The dangerous particulates that have polluted our Earth - are in large measure - from vehicles and related products - that we have produced and encouraged - as part of  our marketing and capitalism - that stinks.

We have helped other Nations produce vehicles,  large generators -  tractors that are used for all agricultural purposes.

Installed very large power plants - and the list goes on and on - without once evaluating the adverse impacts - on the ozone level - and the harm done by fostering - sea-level rise - and drastic climate change.

We have in our greed - encouraged fracking - and caused artificial earthquakes - and lower Quality of Life issues - greed has compromised - humanity and that is a crying - shame.

We keep building skyscrapers -
and think nothing of building them -
these monsters and others - add to the existing pollution -
slow death of humanity - we are becoming divisive -
and think nothing of such evil ways of behaving.

This skyscraper named the Millennium Tower -
in the center of our Financial District -
in San Francisco has sunk over 30 inches -
and tilting over 4 inches to the Northwest -
talk about the Tower of Babel - and we still continue to 
build what we ought not to - and live in these building -
without knowing - who lives next door - for years on end.

Closer to Alaska - what once was pristine -
is now being polluted -
chunks of large pieces of ice - 
falling and floating towards the Ocean.

We who have reached a ripe old age - old enough to have been allowed by the Great Spirit to travel all over the world - have seen with our eyes - what " greed" can accomplish - what harm can be done.

In less than 400 years - some folks have destroyed Turtle Island - and it is the same where other indigenous people live - and do not like what has happened to their surroundings - and Mother Earth.

Our Sisters and Brothers in the deep jungles of the Amazon - are complaining and hurting and no one is paying attention.

It is the same with the Equatorial Forest and all that used to thrive in these old growth forest - and all life - therein.

Here is California our old growth forest - our redwood forest some that have been in existence for thousands of years - have been felled - by greed folks - for the wood.

It is the same with the forest in Indonesia and neighboring counties -  the forest felled - for the wood and the animals, flora and fauna - compromised. The indigenous people slaughter for no reason - what so ever. God sees it all.

The Continent of African - is not what is used to be - the Elephants killed for ivory - the exotic animals killed for their fur - and we know - who is encouraging this now - more, as they did before.

We have a population of 320 million on this land - we know better as Turtle Island.

It is an area of 3, 717, 812 . 8 square miles - we have natural resources unlike any other Nation - yet, the disparity exists - between those that steal the resources - and those that live on the land - exposed to uranium, mercury, lead, and other contaminants - and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other regulatory agencies - look the other way.

Power to the people

The dignity and the living -  of our Native American Sisters and Brothers - have been stellar, viable, and sustainable -  in all the doings on this Earth - Mother Earth - has been foremost on their mind and entire - being.

In my sojourn on this Earth - I have fought very hard for the Native Americans - and have had the pleasure to meet the Elders and listen to them intently. Seen so much and felt so much - that I can instantaneously go to back - and refill my cup. 

There have been some who have not fulfilled the obligations expected of them - and supposedly being Native American - are suspect.

These few renegades - have  failed to respect the host Native American Nations and more the Elders - that we all know must be honored and respected.

Sisters and Brothers - touched by the Great Spirit - understand that this - it is not becoming of those that honor and respect - the Great Spirit - to behave otherwise.

We know who speaks with a " forked tongue " - but for the chosen to do so - is not becoming - and time is running out.

These modes of protocol  - the spiritual manner to respect the host Nation and the Elders - respecting all Elders - has been handed down - from generation to generation - in good measure.

The Great Spirit sees it all - and is with us - now - in all our passing trial and tribulations. Aho.