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Saturday, October 15, 2016


Five Point Holdings, LLC now poised to complete
the damage done by Lennar Urban - who wants
to live on homes prone to liquefaction and flooding?

It is always the same Blacks ignorant and always begging for money - backing the latest " rogue developer " - Five Point Holdings LLC.

 The proxy developer Five Point Holdings LLC connected - to the hip - of Lennar Urban.

Lennar Urban - that poisoned our children, our families - spreading Asbestos Dust - and still has concrete plans to do more - damage.

The Real Estate gurus have predicted there is an impending  "bubble" - when it comes to " commercial office space " in the immediate and near future.

There is also a on going real   "bubble " - when it comes to rental units.

 More  "market rate" - many Property Managers - handing incentives - a couple of months rent free - to help fill the " glut " - of market rate rental units.

These rental units go for $3800 for a one room rent unit - $5000 for a two room rental units - in areas closer to the Financial District downtown.

All over the Southeast Sector - greed bastard developers
grabbing whatever they can - to build housing units
on contaminated ground - most contaminated by U.S. Navy 
operations during - World War II.

On Parcel A - where Lennar Urban has already build homes - people are already complaining that they are not feeling well.

The San Francisco Health Department has tons of empirical data - linked to cancers, still birth experienced by many women.

 Tumors one of kind, rampant respiratory diseases -  so what is it - that the House Negros - want to know - more?

Over the years - not far away on Cleo Rand Street - bordering the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - others have developed all sorts of tumors - cancers - and before that for years - all well documented - many developed - severe " chronic respiratory diseases ".

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
a  J O K E R 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been raking in millions from developers - most of the money hoarded - abroad - off shore accounts. 

Working with corrupt Chinese - from Mainland China - selling B-1 visas - and involved in are nefarious activities - he is a joke - as I said - and must step down - immediately - if he has any decency left in him.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation - is on his heels - notice the weight he has lost - and the troubled look he displays - no more cracking stupid jokes - the man is a JOKE.

Malia Cohen - the District 10 Supervisor - as does
Sophie Maxwell, Shaman Walton, Veronica Hunnicutt -
all BLACK and all sell outs - are backing 
Proposition " O ".

We already have Proposition " M " that speaks to limiting height limits - and Office Space to 5 million square feet - and also has calculated hight limits - as per the San Francisco - Planning Code.

We do not need more office space in the Bayview - more on contaminated  land. 

Bringing in congestion - when for the last 30 years our roads are full of pot holes - more in the area - in and around at Executive Park - bordering Candlestick Point.

Proposition " O " wants an exception made - by some outside Zionists from Miami - Florida.

Outsiders who have NO connection with the people - more decent San Franciscans - with links to Lennar Urban - detested by most - in the Mission, in the Bayview  all over San Francisco.

Outsides tell us San Franciscans - what to do - try to  mandate the City and County of  San Francisco - to create just for itself - its private fiefdom -  5 million office space - linked to the area around Candlestick Point and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - both areas some 1800 acres - prone to liquefaction and flooding.

Who are these outsiders to order us San Franciscans around?

The land is contaminated - better know as a " Superfund Site ".

What is it that this House Negroes do not comprehend?

Sophie Maxwell, Linda Richardson, Shaman Walton, Dwayne Jones, Derf Butler, Veronica Hunnicutt, Aurelious Walker, Angelo King, Calvin Jones, Oscar James, Toye Moses, Al Williams, Dr. Churchwell, Amos Brown - and there are more - all Black and all chronic sell outs and what is more - ignorant and arrogant.

One idiot calls Serpertine Rock - Clementine Rock - it such nonsense that they speak on Television that is outright disgusting - ignorant, arrogant, stupid Blacks - who are dwindling in numbers - soon to be less than 2 % of the entire population in San Francisco - because such actions - have brought about their down fall.

Here is one more sign that I have on the
sites I am talking about - high levels of
radioactive elements cesium, uranium.
platinum - high levels of lead, mercury and more.

When will the Blacks learn that their days are over - kaput.

I know good folks like Herm Lewis, Kevin Williams, Minister Christopher Muhammad, Big Willis, Mark Muhammad, Sister Lerverne, Sister Coleen, Archbishop Franzo King, Maurice Tatum,  Joseph Kalauve, Shirley Jones,  Bishop Ernest Jackson, Dr. Ahimsa Sumchai, Mary and Willie Ratcliff, Minister Keith Muhammad, Roberto Hernandez, Gaynor Siataga, Jennifer Siataga, hundreds of business who do good business - and are not sell outs.

 Do the sell outs - want to take us on?

You are so pathetic - so foolish - so ignorant - the scum bags of this Earth.

This is Ohlone Land - more Muwekma Ohlone land -
you sell outs are warned - we are watching you all. 
I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and your 
lackey Mayor and other City Officials have an 
official letter sent to them - stating so.  I have
had patience with you sell outs - you all have BLOOD on your hands. Shameless and pathetic to say the least.

Why have these Blacks chosen to sell out the community?  They must think of the days of slavery - the Emancipation that brought blessings and freedom - but have chosen to worship the White men and his evil ways - worse the Zionists.

Go see the movie - " Birth of the Nation " - the sell outs in that move - behave like you all - that I have named.

I  have been watching to you all.

Repent - for when you suffer - you all will wish you were never born.

 You all are committing evil deeds - harming your own people - selling them out for money and other mundane things - shame of you scum bags.

This nonsense has been going on - for a long time - your punishment will come from God and no one else.

It is will here on Earth - and it will NOT be pretty - and many decent people will bear witness to your end and know that what has come to you all - is of your own doing. Karma!

Those of you that are fornicators - will suffer more.

You know who you are - cheating and stealing - some of you are Black listed - some of you are under investigation - right now by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Proposition " O " is a big bluff. Nothing will come of it.

Right now Lennar Urban has failed to pay its dues - the many commitments made - Community Benefits - none of the Community Benefits - being paid since 2013?

What is it that you fools do not comprehend ?

 Why are you not grateful that you are free and should work for your living ?

 Always trying to make money - begging, lowering your dignity - scums bags of the first order - and to top that all - all BLACKS.

You folks go to Church and some of you do no - ask yourselves you House Negroes - what is it that makes you worship the devil?

The demographics have changed - the Asians live in our homes now - some of you sold your homes cheap - for crack cocaine which says some - and tells more - where you all are going - those of you who decide to get high - all the time - all day long.

Asian are in the majority - the Whites are coming too with their poodles - you see them all over - some collect the pooh of the dogs and many do not.

The Blacks sitting from morning to late night - by Mendel Plaza right there by Palou Street.

 The concrete jungle!

You all know - that I have fought this fight - for over 35 years - and you scum bags - are working for the devil. Think about that?