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Monday, February 29, 2016


San Francisco lacks "leadership" -  some of our San Francisco Board of Supervisors - the like of London Breed, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell, and Katy Tang - living in fantasy land.

Again and again our Mayor has targeted the poor - the decent, hard working San Franciscan - in the last 5 years - over 40, 000 constituents - have left San Francisco - never to return to San Francisco.

The homeless situation is getting out of hand - and the Blacks in the Bayview and the Fillmore - increasing daily - and here you have some House Negroes the likes of Al Williams - trying to celebrate - Black History - without mentioning and addressing - the  real issues.

District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen.

District 5 Supervisor - London Breed

Joined by two other House Negroes in the making - their photographs above - chronic to core - Malia Cohen and London Breed.

In the Fillmore - an institution known the world over - has  been targeted - The African Orthodox Church of St. John Coltrane - is facing immediate eviction - those operating the West Bay Conference Center - are playing games.

The West Bay Conference Center - an organization with a 501 (c) 3 has not published its minutes - that can be accessed publicly - nor the annual audited tax returns - rents have been collected - and not reported.

Any Certified Public Accountant - reviewing the documents of the West Bay Conference Center Building - that once had the word - " Community " - in its title - will be shocked, confounded, bewildered - and astounded.

Devious agents working for theWest Bay Conference Center - have pocketed the rent money - and here we have the same entities - trying to hoodwink the public at large - and The African Orthodox Church of St. John Coltrane - in particular.

Why is the West Bay Conference Center - targeting Archbishop Franzo King? When are you "devils" trying to evict the  Archbishop to give the space to the Sun Reporter - which has yet to prove - that that sinking paper - comes anyway - closer to being a decent newspaper - it is not worth the salt.

An impending protest standing for The African Orthodox Church of Saint John Coltrane - will settle that score - and send chills - through the entire Western Addition - let us see how Amos Brown stands  his ground - and how London Breed - comes to the rescue to her favorite bo bo.

Call Floyd Trammel at : (415) 749- 6470 - and tell him to back off - or face an audit from the State Attorney General and a notice from the Board of Equalization, the California State Secretary, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Call Amos Brown the sell out - and tell him to step down. 

No shepherd should be involved in sordid deeds - harming those that most - need help and succor. He can be reached at: 
415. 559. 2978.

Leona Bridges is on the sordid Board and can be reached at : 415. 717. 9213.

Gordon Green Wood - who talks a good talk - but has failed to walk the walk - he can be reached at: (510) 465. 7728 - what is he doing - in the Fillmore.

In the Southeast Sector - Malia Cohen - is flirting around - always trying to say something - and shoving her foot in her dirty mouth.

There is only so much of " pussyfooting" anyone can take - and this woman - sly, devious, lying, a chronic political whore - must fade away.

 Wheeling and dealing - as some investigation in the offing will  prove - to all those that want to see the facts. We have the empirical data - and want to celebrate Black History - for those that have joined the " Wanted List ".

It is amazing how some " house negroes " celebrate so called - Black History Month - while - literally thousands of Blacks are suffering. Black families - that is father, mother, children - sleeping on the roads of San Francisco.

The Black population is now - down to 2% - and over 20% of this population has been incarcerated in our jails.

Now many more Black need to be seen living and irking out a living on the Streets of San Francisco -more on Sixth Street - in the Tenderloin - facing the - inclement weather - El Nino.

The Black History festivities funded by Platinum Consultants, Lennar Urban, other entities - that prey on the poor - facilitate developers to build - poorly built homes - on land that is contaminated - more prone to liquefaction and flooding.

We all know what Dr. Espanola Jackson would have said to the sell outs. How she would point to the right - and encourage those to do right. The crooks are wheeling and dealing - more the Black sell outs - the likes of Amos Brown - who no one - worth the salt -respects.

We all know how Dr. Espanola Jackson - kept it real - and how she always spoke her mind.

It is a shame that these sell out - more during Black History Month -  condoning the many atrocities - against Blacks - the need help most.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
poor leadership
he talks the talk - but fails to walk the walk.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has failed to address Quality of Life issue -  in San Francisco - time will tell.