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Saturday, February 13, 2016


The doors of City Hall 
open to the crooks who wheel and deal
more in Room 200 - the Mayor's sordid - Office.

The City Attorney of San Francisco - has chosen with "intent" to file some high profile cases - to build a " personal profile" - to prop himself up - and ease him - to run for " Mayor " of San Francisco - or an even higher position.

Time will tell.

The Bayview had an earlier encounter with City Attorney - years ago -  when we collected over 33, 000 signatures - to try to STOP redevelopment - in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

That was much before Governor Jerry Brown - signed a Bill - to kill - Redevelopment - and bring it to its sordid - knees- and let it bleed slow - to death.

Dennis Herrera insisted that each time we collected a signature - we had to make available to the one signing our petition - some 4000 pages - speaking to every details - of the petition in hand.

We did do - due diligence - but the crooks - used a recent court case heard in the Alameda Court - and use their clout - to put us down. Much like the ' Slave Master " - on the Slave Plantation - expect this was in our time - same tactics - same mentality.

So why  did we all not agree with Redevelopment at that time - concerning the Bayview and Hunters Point Area?

Much before a large area - would be converted from a " survey area " - into a " project area " - the we now know as - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - there was NOT one meaningful - notice meeting - the Project Area Committee - at that time - faked documents and sided with City Hall - way back in 2002.

We trained young African Americans - at that time - and did our best and collected 33, 000 signatures - only for the City Attorney to declare our petitions - some 33, 000 signatures - null and void.

Since there was a precedence - a similar case - not completely as was in our case - similar is some areas - the Court agreed with SF City Attorney - Dennis Herrera.

Our intention and determination - to STOP - the devious and divisiveness that the former San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - and the present Office of the Succor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - has remained the same.

Today, we are witnessing the results of " gentrification ".

We are witnessing our many African Americans have lost their homes - and how this City and County of San Francisco and how more the Mayors from 1996 to today - 2016 - have with intent - moved thousands from San Francisco.

Decent, hard working, constituents - who paid their taxes - made our unique neighborhoods - we are baffled - but few paid attention - and even few are educated on issues - to connect the dots. Even today - sad - so very SAD.

Where as in the entire City - 60% rented - in the Bayview 60% owned homes - large homes - where you could place two king beds - and have room to spare.

Only for the devious developers - to come and build - smaller units - much like " match box "  - units and created animosity.

Señor housing and other housing - in and around 5800 Third Street - build on contaminated land. A hot spot for cancer - our City and County of San Francisco know about such housing - brand new - but contaminated.

African Americans have been targeted - and more by other African American - the likes of Amos Brown - who is a sell out .

Amos Brown- for money - the man will do anything - he worships - mammon.

This man and his ilk - others like the Tabernacle Group - a bunch of Black Pastors - roaming and deceiving so many - pretending to be contractors - acting as if they are developers - taking the talk but not walking the walk - and making a " fool " of themselves.

At one time the " Tabernacle Group " was with Lennar Urban - now they are attempting to sue Lennar Urban.

 Lennar Urban - has used the " Tabernacle Group " to divide the Bayview Community - and now will toss the Tabernacle Group - into the garbage bin - when they truly - belong.

Again and again for the last 30 years for sure - African American Black women and men - have been treated with disdain.

There is no one single program - even with the millions wasted - on so called Work Force - where African American women and men - are prepared for - " Career Jobs ".

Where is Rhonda Simmons does anyone know?

What is truly happening to Work Force today - does anyone know?

How to we permit Juliet Ellis - to still continue - doing outreach in the Bayview Community when she was fined by the Fair Action Political Committee and further by the SF Ethics Commission?

The people united will not be defeated.
Watch out for the sell outs - they talk a good talk -
they fail to walk the walk.
Watch out for those the rile the people and do not 
be fooled - study who they represent - study if they have
compassion - study if they help those that most need help - most.
Study if they are spiritual - and have vetted values that meet
the test of time - do not fall prey - waste your time - become dejected and be rejected - just because you can hold your ground.

You have highly placed African Americans - folks like Naomi Kelly the City Administrator - Harlan Kelly her husband - other crooked so called experts -  who work with the Mayor Office of Neighborhood Services - others purporting to know about Violence Prevention and Intervention - who are the source of - the current turbulence that this City and County will face - and  there is more to come.

Make no bones - you all are put on notice. We do not have to step into City Hall - you have seen some - and you will see a lot.

Hundreds of Black young man - young adults - have been killed - and if I attended over 258 funerals - you can imagine there are others - who have attended more.

I know the players - those that purport to know some about what is happening at ground zero with crime and other ploys and machinations.

They are not educated on issues - less the process that must be studied - less the ways of the " enemy ".

Have no idea - what so ever - your two or three opportunities - to speak randomly - spewing diatribe - will NOT carry weight.

You who spew diatribe at the meetings - I hear you - but you fail to make true sense  - you have no idea - what is happening at the highest  - levels - where policy making and corrupt decisions are made.

Plans are afoot to target us all - and here we are dividing our ranks. We have those that tell on us - report us to those that do not have our best intention. 

Mario Woods anyway you look at his situation - was a product of the dysfunctional systemic conditions - in his environment of sorts.

Many innocent children, youth, young adults - mostly of color - be they Latinos, African Americans, Asians, Whites - others - knowingly and unknowingly -  face - in our City and County of San Francisco - adverse impacts.

Our City Health Department has failed them all - more in areas where poor and indigent people make their abode.

Our Mayors - more from the year 1996 to today - have failed us - Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. the " thug" Black mayor, the Metrosexual Mayor Gavin Newsom - who now wants to run for Governor - let us see how that happens.

This present Mayor - who keeps fooling himself. He must step down - he has totally destroyed - what was good in our City and continues to play with fire - Caligula - Nero.

This is Muwekma Ohlone Land
All of San Francisco and I represent the Muwekma
I am monitoring all the nonsense going on
and those of you - who think you have it made -
are mistaken - so here is your clarion call.

Three in seven in our City and Count of San Francisco - youth who go to school - come from dysfunctional families - be it they have to live with less food, no proper housing, have single mothers - mostly.

In some cases a single fathers - no viable and sustainable means to enjoy Quality of Life issues - surrounded by crime - drug dealing - anger management issues - and other very harmful elements - that deterred - progress.

Have no means to access when it comes to sound health care - are fearful of the Immigration - fearful of the SF Police Department - live in fear - more when they see the happening as reported on the Television - shootings, killings, false arrest, conditions at their schools, face daily discrimination, and so on and so forth.

Here is a law enforcement in plain sight recording
the public meeting - and it happens all the time -
Big Brother have a field day - and those us -
who are NOT careful making a fool of ourselves.

What do most of our Black Leaders do - they are barking up the wrong tree.

Most of the Black leaders - are themselves marked - and it does not matter - if they are Supervisors - head some City Department - they are marked.

It does not help - we have a Mayor who is weak, inept, spineless - and has absolutely no leadership qualities.

" Good leaders show the way, know the way and go the way. "

The Mario Woods incident - was a prefect storm - all caught on video - you can analyze it any which way - replay the video - replay it a thousands times.

No one really does need - such excessive force to bring down - one single individual - never mind if the the tests run by the authorities - say he was medicated, took some illegal drugs,  or whatever.

Thousands of people do that - it is not to say that I condone such actions - but, they do it - and we do not shoot to kill.

Let us be clear on that - I have disarmed many - with undue force. 

Just using my voice - voice commands matter - so do not try to bluff us - by suggesting that what you say is right - and that we must belief - what some say - that is far from the truth and reality of life.

Our City Attorney is now trying to play smart ass - and Herrera will fail - why?

Because this time - the people united - will be in his face - and he could be forced to resign from office.

Do not jump from the frying pan into the fire. Take the high road - and listen to the people - the people united will never ever be defeated.

Few know this - but let it be know - the District Attorney of Alameda was forced to resign - when we brought to his attention an that of those that had authority - the many misdeeds of that District Attorney - who was in place - when the Oscar Grant - case made headlines.

It is the same today - some rabid ass Federal Investigation was called for - that turns out to be a - " dog and pony show ".

Caveats that spell out - what can be investigated and what cannot.
So much for London Breed and Malia Cohen calling for some - rabid ass investigation - that does not do due justice. 

Chooses what can be investigated - and what is out of bounds. So now what do the two dumb ass Black Supervisors have to say? They have made a fool of themselves - and have failed miserably to understand the process.

This City and County must speak to the truth - not listen to those that know little and have no compassion, no experience,  and more lack transparency and accountability.

We now have hundreds - moving in our neighborhood - sleeping our our door ways - and in plain sight of all - in the wee hours of morning - shocking and confounding us -  all.

In the South of Market Area in broad day light we had - an individual - mentally challenged - stabbing a Law Enforcement officer.

In the Portola District I have seen an increase of mentally challenged - some with weapons. A month ago in broad day light - this one mentally challenged - hit an innocent -  person with  stick - and fled.

Such incidents scare the living hell - more when it happens near a bus stop - where so many gather - San Bruno Avenue and Bacon.

I bet you the Mayor has NOT read that incident report.

The Mayor does visit Tiffany by San Bruno Avenue and Felton -to have breakfast and make small talk - take photographs with stupid people - who have no clue - about his abject dishonest, lack of compassion - and alway trying to crack jokes that go flat - at the many stale - Press Releases.

Who is truly addressing Quality of Life issues - to serve the best interest of the constituents - the tax payers who pay their taxes - and get little if nothing in return?

Do you think that the increase in pollution and contamination is playing a role - is hypertension - other chronic diseases - and that includes so many people getting angry - and the many assaults and other petty crimes - that lead to bigger - crimes?

Stabbings are becoming common. 

So is Domestic Violence. So are folks - who lack " anger management " - and there are NO programs that address these situations - in a viable and sustainable manner.

So, now the City Attorney wants to take the case to court - the Mario Woods case.

Continue to - waste $20 million million of so - after five or ten years - of litigation - our Courts are clogged - but there are " crooked judges " that will take the case.

Only for the case to go to some - " appeal " - on some technical issue - that does not - jive.

Vote for Dennis Herrera - but before you vote - study his many crooked and unjustified dealings - to prop himself up - build his portfolio - playing one segment of the population against the other.

African Americans have made it difficult to bring votes - to the fore - they do not have the numbers - and yet many continue to follow - abject failures like Amos Brown - who cannot even comprehend what he is saying.

One thing I know for sure - Dr. Matin Luther King Jr. would have nothing to do with the diatribe and hot air - Amos Brown spews into the air.

This City and County of San Francisco is Racist - and we have African Americans -  more, House Negros - playing an important role in this divisiveness.

 Pretending to say something - initiating something - and making a fool of themselves - even folks like London Breed and Malia Cohen - one worse than the others.

We must be educated on issues - do not listen to some folks - who are barking up the wrong tree.

Find out - how stable are they themselves - what is their track record?

Where do these folks truly come from - do they represent San Franciscans - and have a continuous holistic track record - that is transparent?

If in the course of the advocacy these folks - have they helped people that need help -  stood by those - that need help most.

Have championed sound cause to better the lives of others -  do these so called leaders - love and nurture infants, children, the youth, the young adults, the seniors, the mentally challenged  - the physically challenged - those with compromise health?

Be it know to all - that thousands of African American women and men - in our jails - are reading about what is happening - outside the walls - and they are behind the walls  - and are totally confused.

Once a few would take the lead - and many good things happened. 

The reason was simple - they had their heart in the right place.

No more. Watch out for the wolves in sheep clothing.

 These wolves - say - what you want to hear - but have no knowledge of what has to be done.

We are living in EVIL time - and few know what I speak about. Aho.