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Sunday, February 14, 2016


Incarceration has been used much like the folks used " slaves " - in the plantations - in years gone by. When those without any compassion - steep in racism - hard core haters - ran plantation - and used human beings - as rags.

Today's plantations - are our jails - they say -  " we will rehabilitated you " - but far from that - those who have been jailed - are left with "scars " - they will tell you - each and every scar is different.

Those deep scars take years to heal - those that heal themselves - most of them are not given an opportunity to heal - they go into the world - trying to bluff themselves - that they are healed - only exacerbating - the situation at hand.

When I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco - I had many opportunities - to offer our youth and young adults - jobs.

Many of these jobs led to career jobs - and today - when I meet so many of those - I helped get jobs - they understand much as I comprehend - what that means to their families - who would have not enjoyed much - had it not been - for those career jobs.

Good jobs - in a good environment - and we took care of the folks - as best we could - it was not a prefect world - but it was a world - where you could take a stand - and attain much.

In our Public Housing - with intent - people who live there - have been kept - in deplorable conditions - with intent.

Deferred maintenance - crime and all sorts of criminal activity - our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors - left to fork out a living - with little at hand - surrounded by hurdles and tribulations  - survival of the fittest.

Those that were able minded - in the " hood " - take care of their own. The "enemy" was the deplorable conditions to exists - simply because that have no compassion.

Less understanding - steep in racism and hatred - simply do not care - if the conditions and the situation -  does not affect them - personally.

Typical - if it is not in my backyard - I do not care - you deal with your problems - and this has been going on - for decades. Time to take charge of the situation - and to bring about change - with the people in charge - the people at the table - making the critical decision. The decision bases on Empirical Data.

Survival in the hood is a matter of purpose - what does the "enemy" and those weak in the knees - that have no compassion - think - when all they think and endorse- it that if in the hood - people kill and maim each other - it is fine.

In a way - these youth who gather - in the hood -   some has to lead them - they know what they have to deal with - they have to live - and the living is not easy.

Do they make mistakes - for sure they do. People from all walks make mistakes - big mistakes - the point is - once you make a mistake - take control of the situation and move forward.

Jackasses love to delve and point the mistakes of others - until some drastic mistake is made and comes home to roost - well, we know better - those of us - who have led a full life.

In many way - these youth - so called " gangs " - I call them "sets" - protect one another.

It got hot in the kitchen - when outsiders - brought in guns and drugs - and what have you - to destroy the little that was held together and was good.

There was a time for reunion - track meets - other sports - and the good times rolled and were fun.

Systematically - all those reunions were destroyed - incarceration - drugs - killings and shootings - people who once lived " as middle class " - their standard of living - spiraled - down, down, down - into some cesspool  - that created ever more - problems.

These "sets" - in the hood - in their own way - understood - GENTRIFICATION.

When you understand - how some play the game - remove your and your family - throw you to the elements to survive - that  much needed " survival instinct " - will move in and force you do what you have to do - " to survive".

Law enforcement started using a tool that they used in places like Southern California - places like Compton - where real gangs rule with weapons that are far superior to the those used by the local Police Department.

These gangs are comparable to the "gangs" - in Chicago - but nothing compared to the sets - we have in the Southeast Sector - in San Francisco.

I will not name the " sets " -  much has been written - documentaries made - but nothing comparable to the "gangs" that are real gangs in places like Chicago and Compton.

Developers met with Dennis Herrera -  the current City Attorney of San Francisco - the same person who now it using the Court system - to defend Law Enforcement - against Mario Woods.

I am not going to beat the horse - revive it - then lay some more blows on the half-dead horse -  revive it again and again. 

I know one thing for sure - the City Attorney - Dennis Herrera can go to Court - but nothing much will come out - from his sordid - exploits and shenanigans.

Suffice it to say - Dennis Herrera took that ugly road - when he initiated - " gang injunctions ".

Even, some pastors were put on the " gang injunction list " -  others were mentioned on other lists - and intimidation was used - to terrorize the community at large.

The City Attorney had ample proof and has ample to this day - where Lennar Urban has poisoned the "environment" - bombarding the "environment " with Asbestos structures.

Removing "batteries" from equipment that were placed by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - (BAAQMD).

Lennar Urban was fined $515, 000 and paid the fine. What did City Attorney do to Lennar Urban - nothing? Why?

That rogue developer - Lennar Urban has a role - and we must not tolerate - anything that Lennar Urban does - in our City and County of San Francisco.

 Building hundreds of home - on very contaminated ground - the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - most of it - landfill - most of it contaminated with high levels readings of radioactive elements.

The "gang injunction " - the bombardment of Asbestos structures - tiny fibers that enter the body - and stick on your lungs - scars grow - the fibers - piercing the insides of your lungs - each time you breathe.

Takes years - as long as twenty years - from the time the fibers enter your system - for one to suffer from Mesothelioma - google it - so that you really understand - what our people have endured working at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

It is the same with another developer - backed by Malia Cohen the District 10 Supervisor - who talks from both sides of her mouth and clap - Forest City is doing the same at Pier 70.

Our City and County of San Francisco - with an over $ 9 Billion Budget - has failed to address - Quality of Life issues - in those areas - where the poor and the indigent  are - adversely impacted. 

Thousands have slowly died - and more are slowly dying.

Hypertension, chronic stress, chronic respiratory diseases, women  giving birth to still babies.

Tumors one of a kind - skin diseases - brain tumors of a kind - heart problems - headaches of a kind - bloody noses - and a host of other diseases - all well documented.

Many of them having linked to the high level reading of radioactive elements - cesium and so on so forth.

We have the Precautionary Principle on our City books - which is law - the City Attorney - has NOT once applied the Precautionary Principle - with the same enthusiasm he has and goes after - clear cut cases - the Mario Woods case - in one of them.

There is a deep connection between diseases such as I have mentioned above and crime - but no one is paying attention to these facts.

The " SWAT TEAM " use to practice on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - very close to Parcel E2.

Many members of the SWAT team - other SF Police Officers - were adversely impacted. Many dies from cancer - they would not have - had they not worked - in such a toxic environment - as they did - when they worked close to Parcel E2 - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Those Senior members of the SF Police Department who heard me speak on above matter - know well - how the SF Police Department - was hoodwinked - into using toxic and contaminated  facilities - be it the old SF Police Department, Laboratory - other facilities - all of them highly - contaminated.

We tax payers pay over a million to train one Police Officer - the longer the Police Office - is in the ranks - the more money we shell out and pay.

It our tax payers - that allow them to have the high salaries - with good benefits - with an option to retire at the age of 55 years.

Again and again we witness - many racist police officers - from Navato - from Napa - from far off place - come to San Francisco - to work - and treat our constituents with contempt.

Not all of them - but more and more - the type - I have mentioned above - they share and text messages - that truly reveal how they feel - and the information - is detrimental to - trusting any SF Police Officer.

This nonsense must stop - we know of very few of these Police Officers - who have had the training that make them -  act and think in a more progressive manner - " culturally competent ".

They may know a few things about -  African Americans - but knowing few things - does not help - it is the same when training is given - superficial training - on racial issues.

During the last 30 years - I have got to know the Command Staff - and many of them know me - on a first name bases. 

Every one has a right to rant - and every one has a right - to speak to the truth -  rights given to us - in our Constitution. 

Sincerely speaking - the constituents - San Franciscans who are busy working - making a living.

Many lay persons are NOT educated on issues - and we have been fighting for - " Community Policing " - for a long, long time - and nothings seems to be happening.

Today the situation is getting worse - with San Franciscans - thousands of them - do not trust the Police - and when this happens - anyone can talk the talk - but who will truly walk the walk?

Some years ago - some of us took pains to attend the PERF forums - a report was conceived - some thousands of dollars - spent.

Only for a model - to be tried out in the Excelsior District -  as a test - under then Captain Lazar - and that was the end of the PERF - model.

Come on we can and should do better in San Francisco - and it is not too late - to pull up our sleeves and do the right thing.

Right now San Francisco and San Franciscans are hurting - the SF Police Commission - is wasting our time - we have Police Commissioner that are out of sync - they have NO idea was in happening in our neighborhoods.