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Wednesday, March 2, 2016


San Francisco showed its best colors - that diversity - true diversity - with compassion and genuine  -love for each other - will bring about the required changes - in this great City and County of San Francisco - named after Saint Francis Assisi.


Sisters united in a fight for right.

The Mario Woods Coalition was in the House.

We do right in the hood.

The death of Alex Nieto hit me hard - more - because I knew him and what good he was capable of.

Alex Nieto should not have been killed and murdered - and few can speak to the Truth - and the Truth is - he was killed and murdered - by those who could have prevented this - murder.

Life is for the living - more - for those who try hard to contribute to Society.

Unlike those we pay - we the tax payers - who must remember they must " do right by the constituents of San Francisco" - and again and again they fail. And again and again we tolerate the nonsense - no more.

Hundreds gathered - more to hear the positive - to share love and ponder about the meaning of - " true life ".

Alex Nieto was a practicing Buddhist - for those that know something about Buddhism - it is all about - " non-violence". So stop saying - Alex was aggressive - we say NO.

Of course - we who are at the mercy of those that have power - are given opportunities to - " adjudicate " - after abusing our rights.

The  prevailing  " justice system  " - is convoluted - you need thousands of dollars - just to make your case - retainer fees and what have you - play by the " sordid rules " - of the so called justice system. Time will tell.

Protestors in front of San Francisco's
City Hall - calling on City Hall for justice
for Alex Nieto.

Hundreds more in front of the Federal Building
450 Golden Gate Avenue
in solidarity - and sending a deeper signal 
to those that think they can get away
with murder - in broad daylight.

We advocates have yet to hear from Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who has NO clue what it is means to be a good Mayor - an educated Mayor - more a Mayor who cares for the people.

From what we have seen so far - at this late date - the press conferences - the playing to the vested interest - not standing for the people at large - the performance of Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has been pathetic - to say the least.

What do we expect next - from this " clown " - who has to be removed from office. The scum of the earth - who has shown - very poor leadership. Failed decent, honest, hard working San Franciscans. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee 
the ultimate " clown "
his performance so far - " pathetic ".

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco and the neighboring areas.

The Muwekma Ohlone stand for what is right and will speak up for what is right. The Muwekma Ohlone  - love the " indigenous people ".

The true people - the indigenous people - who love Mother Earth -  who are not greedy - and for sure - do not appreciate those cowards - who shoot people in the back.

The time has come to change the way we do business.

Here is the clarion call - if you are here to protect and serve the people who pay you - do right by the people.

Again, those that must protect us - those that we pay to do their work fairly must practice  comprehension, have compassion and abide with fairness - so far the rogue police officers - have let down - San Francisco and more decent San Franciscans. 

It does not help that our San Francisco Police Commission, the other regulatory agencies - have failed the people.

 The recent  dysfunctional  - " Review Board " - linked to the Department of Justice - that has taken the Mario Woods case - and wants us to wait for - years - to come out with an adjudication that matters. We cannot wait and demand justice sooner.

We witnessed this with the Alex Nieto case - the Jury will now determine - and if the Jury adjudicates " right " - history will be made.

The Police " Bill of Rights " - protects those that go over bound - and commit atrocities - that harm innocent people - and those evil and corrupt - rogue officers - have this is done - they take cover - under the - Police Bill of Rights.

Hundreds gathered in front of the San Francisco
Federal Building - 450 Golden Gate Avenue
in solidarity with the Alex Nieto family.

Those hundreds gathered - in front of the Federal Building - in San Francisco - reminiscent of a time - when those whose hearts were in the right place.

Thousands of people - ordinary people - facing danger - putting their lives on the line - rights fought of the just - as time went on - eroded by those who sat on the laurels of those that went before them.

Our Nation - the United States of America - once better known - for thousands of year as Turtle Island. 

Now is the time for all indigenous people - whose culture speaks to the love of Mother Earth - take less and use even less - stay away from materialism - educated yourself on issues - learn to discern.

Good leaders show the way, know the way and of course go the way.

Our youth justly came united - to the protest - a good sign and a strong sign.

Where there is an awakening - we must shed  bright light - and expose - corruption of the highest order -  where there is abject - darkness.

Our youth and young adults - have suffered too much - and where there is " pain " - there is planted the seeds of the much needed : "  revolution "  - a revolution that demands - justice and fair play for all.

Francisco Herrera singing and rallying
those in the audience
to seek peace, spread love,  have a heart -
 find a solution - and win one for 
Alex Nieto - let this one death - be not in vain.

Our San Francisco Board of Supervisors more London Breed, Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell, Katy Tang, and Scott Wiener - have defied the " people united " - the people united will not be defeated.