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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


We need affordable housing for those that really
built our unique neighborhoods -  not
the skyscrapers - with $5 million condominiums
for the filthy rich - that have not contributed much
to this great City and County of San Francisco.

They say - " follow the money " - and this could not be further from the truth - with the Mayor's Office of Housing.

The man was has been involved with all aspects - running - wheeling an dealing IS Mr. Olson Lee - who as I said - is in charge - and head the Mayor's Office of Housing.

Recently - a person who purports to know " the workings of the mind of Mr. Olson Lee" - this is what - Mr. Olson Lee told the San Francisco - Ethics Commission - APPEARED before the SF Ethics Commission - for a waiver.

This White man who works for a law firm and specializes in working with non-profits - who provides so called - affordable housing models - complete with line item - fiscal funding - put in place - to make the building of affordable housing - a breeze.

We need to involve the District Attorney and the Federal Agency that can adjudicate this matter - using the RICO Act. Make no bones - about such scumbags - we need to deal with them - using the law - to the fullest extent.

" This White man need a " waiver " - to work both for his law firm and also with the Mayor's Office of Housing ".

When it the last time you heard such " crap " - and Mr. Olson Lee says we need this crook - because he saved the City and County a lot of money - but he also tells the world - we do not believe in laws that govern such sordid - behavior.

This White man was called an expert - and over 20 folks - who are part of the wheeling and dealing - mostly White - were there to give testimony - to support this White man - who must NOT be give a waiver.

Perpetuate an illegal waiver - and see a precedence - when Grand Jury after Grand Jury - has pointed to our City and County of San Francisco - such practices are detrimental - to the good of our constituents.

 The tax payer who pay their taxes - and get little if nothing - in terms of Quality of Life needs - in return.
In this case affordable housing to those that make mostly below $80, 000.

Since this meeting was held in the evening - all these employees  - who came to testify - in Room 416 - who worked for the City and County of San Francisco - were there on their own time.

It was interesting - to see how the Mayor's Office of Housing - and non-profits that rake in millions - such as Mercy Housing - other Property Management companies - such as John Stewart Company - were on the same track - to provide to this scum bag.

The crooks all pleaded with the San Francisco - Ethics Commission - to grant this " waiver " - which should not be granted at all - as I said - but we must get to the bottom of this ruckus.

I have been monitoring this nonsense for years.

The Mayor's Office of Housing - has been issuing Request for Proposals - that " tailor suit " - nefarious non-profits.

Non-profits -  who portend to be non-profit who want to help the poor and those that need affordable housing - but,  far from it - rake in millions.

Have their own Project Managers - the own construction companies - in short - they operate for all practical purposes - like a construction company - do all the in house building, furnishing, and what have you.

The Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC) and its Executive Director - need to be visited - call him and ask him some questions you have:

Call hime at : 415. 776. 2151. The Executive Director's name is Donald Falk.

How is TNDC helping people own their own units - what are they doing to help the mentally challenged?

What are they doing for seniors and those that are physically challenged?

All sorts of money from the Federal government, the State government, local San Francisco bond money - other monies from private entities - are used to create - models - unique only to San Francisco.

These models -  are unique to San Francisco - with State and Federal representatives - working behind close doors to make nefarious activities - happen.

Once the so called affordable housing is in place - supposedly to cater to folks - who need sound housing -  the " lottery " and other such " machinations and ploys " - come into play - to fool and hoodwink those that desperately need - affordable housing.

We need more housing for those who are poor - make under $80, 000 a year.

Forget it if you make - under $40, 000 a year - in San Francisco - these "crooks" treat you with disdain.

So - do we not go and protest in front of the John Stewart Company properties?

We could start at Hunterview and adjoining properties?  The sooner the better.

These rogue developers are milking the poor and thrive where our poor and indigent live. Mostly people of color.  The Property Managers - the ones that operate the units for the poor and those that are defenseless - most White - most of them - do not live in San Francisco.

We the people need to be at the table - to see what type of deliberations are made - and who is aiding and abetting these - nefarious activities?

All of Public Housing was built by the Federal Government- and has been paid 20 times over. 

The properties were turned over to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - with legal language - so that those renting - could own the units.

HUD turned the units to the City and County of San Francisco - that created the San Francisco Housing Authority - that used deferred maintenance - ran down the units - and adversely impacted - thousands.

There were case of people being shot and killed. A woman and her children - were burned to death - we know all this - but we pretend we do not - and have done nothing - to stand up of the victims.

At one time the Chair of the SF Housing Authority was Amos Brown - the same trouble maker -who is wheeling and dealing behind close doors. We need to bring him to justice - using the law - and exposing this " sell out " - once and for all.

Now we have " thugs " -  much like the masters - of former slave plantations - such as those who portend to know some - mostly Whites.

 So called experts - who lack cultural competency - are well versed in sordid finance and tainted process of financing.

Who prey upon the poor and those that truly need - much need sound - housing - people of color.

So watch out Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers and you all that we know who you are - we are watching you like a - hawk.

The John Stewart Company.

Others - like the Tenderloin Neighborhood Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC).

Developers - such Nibbi, Cahill, Obayashi, and a host of other - very corrupt builders - that have no morals, less ethics, and absolutely - NO standards.

Large developers now like Forest City - has embraced the TNDC - to harm minorities.

Forest City who is building the 5M Project that has been fast tracked - at 5th and Mission.

Adversely  impacting those that have been in the neighborhood of decades - and now will be evicted.

Forest City has pumped some millions -  enabling TNDC - to build some affordable housing - miles away from the 5M Project - to hoodwink the public at large.

Next time let us talk a bit about Health Services - and how the poor are shafted.

And after that we can talk about safety - the on going killings and shootings.

Why has it taken us so long to wake up - and find out who really is behind theses sordid actions. I have attended over 260 funerals - mostly all Black youth and young adults.

We will reveal names - talk about connections - that will soon be investigated - witness how Mayor Edwin M. Lee and some Supervisors will be put on the very -very - " hot seat ".

We can connect the dots - simply because - we have been monitoring these " thugs " for too long. We have the empirical data.

Your cover has been blown up - and you have no where to hide - scum bags - we know - who you are - and we will expose you for all the crimes you have committed.

Aways remember - follow the money - and you will find the cockroaches.

 They are here in San Francisco - in great numbers - we the people - need to wake up - and fight the right issues - with numbers.

Expose the crooks - the crooked representatives - such as Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang, Scott Wiener and Mark Farrell. We can do it - and it will be done - we have the empirical data - and that is ultimately what counts.

We need to be educated on issues - and always be humble and do right - no pomposity - that brings down those that spew diatribe - and there is nothing viable nor sustainable - in talk - actions - count. Aho.