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Thursday, February 18, 2016


The brain behind today's 
blatant corruption of the highest
order - the bevy of 
Black sell outs that do his bidding.

San Francisco has always been a racist city - and we can go back to 1776 but just to keep it real - we will spell out the outline - for those sell outs who think - we know NOT - but we DO - how the plan was conceived to keep innocent, hard working, tax paying constituents - down.

In the year 2016 - in this digital world - you would think - the fools that bark up the wrong tree - would know - but again and again we have our people - NOT educated on issues - making a fool of themselves.

For 13,000 years this land we call San Francisco and the surrounding areas - belonged to the Muwekma Ohlone. 

I represent them - here in San Francisco - to keep the " torch alive " - and not sell out to those that use money, power, avarice, greed and all that is evil - to steal, rape, lie, and do what is EVIL.

This fight is real - we need warriors who are educated on issues - have their heart in the right place - and for sure - human beings - who are NOT - sell outs.

We just need to study the history of  the Bay Area Council - the Bank of America.

American Trust, Standard Oil, and Pacific Gas and Electric.

United States Steel, the Bechtel Corporation.

Southern Pacific, the Central Bank of Oakland.

McKesson and the many entities that we will name who today have grown like poisonous fungi - spreading all over and doing harm to millions.

They took and take control of land - they keep innocent people down - leech on the blood of those that cannot defend themselves - while all the time - preying on ignorance - of which an abundance is found - when those who do not know - keep barking - spewing - diatribe.

The above entities and more had the money - and they had City Hall and the Supervisors in San Francisco - in other counties City Councils and their City Halls - all bought - lock, stock and barrel.

The KKK was alive and kicking - right at San Francisco City Hall - here is a photograph - for all of you to see and believe:

San Francisco City Hall -
the Rotunda - the Nazi Flag and more.

All the land we see today in San Francisco and in the Bay Area - was stolen - from the Native Americans.

18 treaties signed between the United States government and the Native American tribes - were NOT ratified for decades. Then when some one found the treaty - the crooks and the corrupt - decided to pay some little money - but never, ever  fulfilled the treaties - in all 18 treaties.

The Hover Institute, the corrupt and sordid - San Francisco Redevelopment Agency ( now half-dead), George Christopher other devious entities - we have records on all these " crooks " - participated in sordid and blatant discrimination - today we call it  " gentrification ".

Social programs received funding from Washington D.C. to keep the sell outs funded - many of them Black - who took the crumbs and continue to this day - to sell out the community.

Even in those days we had the Poverty Pimp Pastors - not in large numbers as we have today - but they were there - to do the bidding of the Slave masters.

The so called liberal minded - non-profits - all situated in our neighborhoods - all headed by the " pale faces " - do the same today as they did before - pretend to help those in need - with band-aid so called social - programs. 

This master plan that truly started in the year 1944 - escalated in the year 1958 - and pushed over to the top in the year 1969.

In a series of articles - I will point out some - so that the sell outs and others who are blinded - can do their own research - and find out who really is behind - the stealing of the land - keeping innocent human beings down - bringing about  the slow "death" of so many in San Francisco.

The raping of our women and the brain washing of our children - mostly people of color.

The role of the sell outs - as I have touched - a little here - a little there - and as the series of articles - get deeper - we will name the sell outs - so that history records their name in stone.

Not so much on a wall - but on the floor - so as we step on their names - their sordid names - we know who all - sold us all - let them know - how we feel about them.

In the next series of articles - we will get into education and how that system was engineered.

How Brown vs Education - the Civil Rights and Affirmative Action - played some role - and tried to shed light - where there was abject darkness.

How today the sell outs - continued to turn their back on our leaders that died - fighting for those Rights that brought about short lived - change.

We will delve into drugs - the down fall of many neighborhood in San Francisco.

One can do the research - find out for themselves - interview your elders - some of them in their late 80s, 90s, and a few nearing their 100s.

We must do our own research - Blacks built Washington D.C. - the Buffalo Soldiers and others built roads, engineered tracts of land - there were always Blacks and other people of color - who contributed so much to Society and to the United States of America.

San Francisco is about neighborhoods - not those ugly skyscrapers, San Francisco are about decent human beings - not those " pale faces " with their heads buried in their iPhone and iPads and what have you - insensitive to what is going on in life.

In my many conversations - it is amazing to learn how ignorant our people are - they know some - half baked ideas - more gossip. Fail to read their own history and more be proud of it.

Today, again and again I hear and see Blacks leaders - barking up the wrong tree - while others much like the recent old days - selling our the community.

The sell outs attend the meetings - record the meetings - and then run to tell their " pale face masters " - what is happening - nothing much has changed from the days - of the slave plantations of yore.

This land - all of it - is Muwekma Ohlone land - tomorrow there is more to come - if it is not tomorrow - may be  - the day after tomorrow - stay tuned.

We all are in for the long run - the Native Americans, the Latinos, the Pacific Islanders, the Asians, the Blacks - who are on the same page  - the others those who have their heart in the right place.

I have been there - met them - seen it all - and there is more - tomorrow!