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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


The Muwekma Ohlone
where here in the San Francisco area -
for over 13, 000 years - all Carbon Dated -
human remains that can be tested again and again -
10, 000 Ohlone remains kept by the 
University of California - Berkeley. 

It is a crying shame that in the year 2016 - sixty percent of the California Native American Tribes are not on the Federal Register and as such - are considered second class citizens in the United States of America - well know before as Turtle Island.

Nationwide more tribes- hundreds of them - who lived on Turtle Island now called the United States - took care of this Nation - for thousands of years.

Here is San Francisco for over 10, 000 years - some Ohlone remains carbon dated to 13, 000 years.

It is a paradox that at University of California -Berkeley - Ohlone remains in boxes lie in some gym - kept there for God alone knows why. Why are such atrocities committed by the institution of learning - why?

Hillary Clinton has no idea 
about injustices suffered by the Native American 
Tribes of Turtle Island - now called the United States.

Our Presidential candidates keep talking from both sides of their mouth - Hillary Clinton the worst among them all.

Now, in the year 2016 - it is NOT to late to put - those tribes that have bent backwards to prove their continuous existence - on the Federal Register.

As if this - herculean task was  easily possible - even by using the latest technology - DNA testing.

Only for those who asked proof - to be baffle and put more hurdles in our way - and expect such behavior again and again to the detrimental of the Muwekma and other Native American Tribes - the antics of the  Department  of Interior and other judicial - entities - that could do right - but continue to do - wrong.

When handed over the proof on a platter - at great expense - other hurdles have been put on the way - of those Native American Tribes - who desire to be put on the Federal Register - to exercise their right - as Sovereign Nations.

Never mind the Department of Interior and other Federal Agencies have stolen billions of dollars - from Native American Trust Funds.

No, Federal agency or department - has made any move to find out - why so much money - from the Native American Tribes Trust Funds are  missing.

Why are the culprits -  not found - and adjudicated - if found guilty - sentenced to long terms in - jail.

The present primary Presidential Election process of the antiquated Electoral System is rigged to help those candidates who are well connected to get Electoral votes.

 Just knowing the Representatives  that matter - and having connections with States the 12 larger States.

The States - who by default of their population - have greater Electoral Votes - that make  up 538 in too - a candidate needs 270 of these votes - to be declared - winner.

In the interim - since the " pale faces " first stepped on Turtle Island - those tribes that defend themselves - from the invaders - have been punished. They have been defeated by those that had superior weapons.

In course of time other demeaning tactics have been used - to kill the Native Americans - from Turtle Island - contaminating thousands blankets with " small pox ".

Such crimes have not been adjudicated - against the United States government - nor the atrocities committed later on - as is evidenced - in other cases - too many to mention - against the Native Americans.

Now and then - some Native American will stand up and demand the rights that belong to each and every - Native American. No Native American at this late date - should linger on Reservations - far away from their home land.

No Native American - should be deprived of Quality of Life issues - a good home, health care, transportation, education, health food, and the list goes on and on.

Our Nation the United States of America - has chosen with intent - not to prioritize what is important linked to the welfare of the Native Americans.

The Elders,  our infants and children that need care - the above issues I have mentioned - and more issues that we can add to the list - and we take this journey - and attain VICTORY.

On another note - we had NO reason to go to Iraq - and George W. Bush must be held accountable.

 We have as a Nation -  failed to do so - even though millions have stated - the facts of the case - against going to Iraq and warring with that Nation that did not attack our Nation.

 The trillions we owe in debt today - the trillion spent warring - could have be spent addressing the above issues and more.

We are watching you with dignity.
We are watching you because we must.
We are watching you - because time is on our side.
If may think you have it good - but not for long -
thieves, those that do wrong -
will be adjudicated - and their time is coming - soon.

This land belongs to the Native Americans - the least - we can do as a Nation - is recognize all the tribes that have proof of being in existence as a tribe for thousands of years.

Let us not add - all sorts of shenanigans, ploys, and machinations - to make this process - a long, tedious, and convoluted - process.

The Department  of Interior and those agencies and departments that have kept the Native American Tribes at bay - are doing the devil's work.

In proportion that the Native American tribes needs are kept at bay - justice delayed, no adjudication on the horizon - these delays caused with intent - those that participate in these crimes - have BLOOD on their hands.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

Closer to home the Muwekma Ohlone - that I represent - have had their case sent to the Supreme Court.

The Department of Interior - and those that Represent San Francisco - have used their evil clout - to murky the waters - put hurdles in the way - to make the adjudication of the Federal Process - linked to the Muwekma Ohlone - difficult. 

The Muwekma Ohlone were on the Federal Register until 1927 and then illegally removed by a Bureau of Indian Affairs agent - L.A. Torrington. 

 This sordid agent - simple declared - that the members of the Muwekma Tribe - no more existed. 

The Muwekma Tribe - has exhausted every means necessary to prove their case - the briefs can be read - and are available on the Muwekma Ohlone website:

The Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin M. Lee - is aware of the above case - and has no guts to do the right thing.

The San Francisco Planning Department - and John Rahaim is aware of the facts - and has  chosen - to side-step the issue.

All this land we called San Francisco and more was stolen from the Muwekma Ohlone. I challenge the authorities in San Francisco to prove - otherwise.

The Senator - Dianne Feinstein - is aware of this case and has done everything possible - to put hurdles in the way of the Muwekma  Ohlone - and their rightful process - to be put on the Federal Register - why?

It is the same with Congressperson Nancy Pelosi - she knows more - and has chosen to stand shoulder to shoulder with dubious entities - to keep the Muwekma Ohlone at Bay.

That is not to say other Congresspersons have not aided the Muwekma Ohlone - they have and we thank them for their support.

Our President Barack Hussein Obama - also is aware of this issue - and has chosen to let time pass by - he could use his Executive Order - to bring this case to light and more.

After all the Muwekma Ohlone have proof to once being put on the Federal Register - that gave them Sovereign Status - only to be removed in the year 1927.

The fight goes on - if Federal Recognition is granted - the Muwekma Ohlone - will have a say on all matters of importance - pertaining to Quality of Life issues - on those lands and areas - the Muwekma have exercised their Right of First Refusal - added their Sovereign Status.

San Francisco - Alameda - Yerba Buena - and more - this one fact has sent shivers to the thieves who have stolen the land - and felt as thieves no one could touch them - but their own laws - state otherwise.

The Muwekma Ohlone if put on the Federal Register - will do right - as has been pointed out again and again - in my many articles.

 We will work with other tribes - children, women and men of good faith - and those that seek justice and fair play.

Right  now we need your moral support - millions of dollars have been expanded in the courts to no avail.

The Representatives that I have mentioned - other entities who have stolen the land - are afraid of severe consequences - they may be afraid - for one reason only - they have done wrong.

If you have done wrong - then you must pay the consequences.

That is your law and fortunately since the Muwekma Ohlone follows what is right - and have our own - just law.

More  as the Great Spirit has laid out - our decision too - will be just and holistic. Aho.