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Thursday, February 4, 2016


Mayor Edwin M. Lee
his failed policies 
have failed decent San Franciscans.

Safety cannot be address in a vacuum - and when it comes to killings and shootings - there has been an inherent problem - with important factors - systemic in nature -  not given any consideration.

In the last 20 years for sure in San Francisco - again and again documents have been created to expose the inherent systemic problems in the San Francisco Police Department - one document that stands out - the PERF - report.

This document where more than $40, 000 was spent is now sitting on the shelves - gathering dust.

Attempts were made to use the model in the Excelsior - only for the Chain of Command within that District -  trying the model - and then bring it to an abrupt halt.

Corruption and other vital elements within the leadership - saw the demise of that model initiated by the PERF report.

Again and again San Francisco has made many attempts - I have personally known the last 6 Police Chiefs - and have a good grasp as to how processes are conducted.

Our present SF Police Commission is a JOKE.

Just study Joe Marshall - he thinks he is something - one of the premier - Black sell outs - who should be outed.

Our Office of Citizens' Complaints (OCC) - lacking the proper staff - to complete simple complaints - now, you can imagine - if you dare tackle - the more important convoluted - cases - how impotent the OCC is - talk to Mrs Hicks who heads the OCC.

When others were fast asleep at home - watching me and some others for years - go before the San Francisco Police Commission - few remember - when the Police Commission was held at 850 Bryant - much before the SF Police Commission - was moved to City Hall and held in Room 400.

To this day - the San Francisco Police Force - lacks training in sound - " cultural competency " - we have a majority of SF Police Officers - who are NOT sensitive to people of color.

Live in far off place - Napa County, Novato, we know the mentality that  prevails among those that live so far. They come here to earn their money - look down upon people of color in San Francisco - and think - we ill tolerate their nonsense.

The situation has reached  - " saturation point " - so all sides - all parties - study the situation - if you do not want to fallow the law - abide by decency - do not come to San Francisco - to act like a para- military group.

You want to try that - to to Syria or some other place - where you can try your stances - and get your ass whipped - faster than you blink your eye. I know that for  a fact - may be you that are fast to drawn your weapons - fail to understand what true - " community policing" is - and what is stands for - in a decent - society.

The past three Mayors for sure have taken San Francisco and San Franciscans - down the drain and into the cesspool of their own creation.

We had Mayor Willie L. Brown a " thug Mayor" - who could have helped all - but those to amass great wealth. To this day - he controls things behind the scene. 

Has a bridge named after him - a school named after him - we need to name some toilets after him. Protest outside this suite - he live on 3rd and Mission - at the Saint Regis in San Francisco.

He was the Speaker of the House in Sacramento - and still conducts himself as if he is the Mayor of San Francisco.

Then came Mayor Gavin Newsom - no one knows this metrosexual Mayor - better than I - we tracked this clown who wanted to run for Governor of California - and busted his dreams.

We went to San Diego - stayed at the Coronado - showed up at Mayor Gavin Newsom's meetings - vying for the position of Governor of California - where we exposed him - his blatant lies - and his - then - failed Mayoral policies.

We did that too with Lennar Urban - a " rogue developer " - we took down Lennar Urban - and it is all documented - for those that did not join the movement.

Lennar Urban with the help of Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. and Mayor Gavin Newsom - slowly killed our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, or seniors - those with compromised health - others who need desperate help - but get shafted.

They have BLOOD on their hands. We gave them a pass - we should hold them accountable.

Now, we have the worst of them all - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - he lacks sound leadership - has no back bone - lacks morals, less ethics, and has no standards - worth the salt.

I have served three General - Moore, Harrison and Mallory - at the Presidio of San Francisco - I know how to plan and more how to execute.

The Mayor and I at my office
a couple of months after
his first term in office.

You have to know the enemy - everything about the enemy - you have to totally commit to win.

The public at large - only wakes up - when some one is shot and killed .

Some drastic event happens - some sensational event that draws folks together often in disorder - they scream, shout, and march - and then the momentum fades - the movement - dies.

Willie came in 1996 - served two four terms - then came Gavin he served two terms - and then Gavin brought in Edwin - the worst of them all.

The Democrats Senator Diane Feinstein and Congressperson Nancy Pelosi - bear - great responsibility.

These two hags - have been aiding and abetting - all the nonsense - going on - in San Francisco.

Why do we not visit their home - and make them feel - comfortable with our presence - let us see - if they invite us in - or if they flee - like most cowards to.

No ribbon cutting - where the clowns I have mentioned above are present.

They - should NOT be tolerated - without disruption - we have done it some  - but we need to do it more.

It is not sufficient to make demands - that cannot be met.

The demands made - should be studied deeply - and more the process - that should be used - to attain any goals with - victory within a short - period of time.

Lazer beam focus on demands that are vetted - legally we should have many avenues to use and to win - it is not sufficient to talk - and beat round the bush.

Recently a demand was made to investigate - in fact a general plea was made investigate the killing and shooting of Mario Woods - by Federal entities.

The end result a dog and pony show - the Federal Agency - that looks at the lay person - as second class - will circumvent the issues - they have done it all over this Nation.

London Breed a novice and a sell out - who happens to be the President of the SF Board of Supervisors who cannot be trusted and another Supervisors Malia Cohen -  who puts up a fake show - words that mean - nothing - complete with a resolution - that is not binding.

Ordinances are binding - more sound character must evident - Malia is a sell out pandering to Foster City and the Pier 70 development. 

With Lennar Urban - Malia Cohen  continues to poison our infants, our children, our youth, our seniors - our community.

A Congressional Hearing is what that was needed - so that the Mothers and other victims - could speak up - and paint the true picture - what is happening in Racists - San Francisco.

We do not need the authorities tell us what is good for us - we pay their salaries - they must have our qualified input - we need astute and stellar advocates - not people talking in circles - and having NO clue about the  process - that should be used to gain - quick and sound results that benefit the public at large.

Guess who is aiding and abetting the nonsense going on in San Francisco - Amos Brown - guess who uses this useless piece of S*** - Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Guess who is advising the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - folks like Steve Kawa - he was there for Mayor Willie L. Brown, he was there for Mayor Gavin Newsom - and he is there now for Mayor Edwin M. Lee. 

You see the common denominator - you folks reading this - may understand some - but I doubt you comprehend the deeper - policies.

We have the corrupt - steeped in avarice and greed - they have NO compassion - all they want is want they want - and the will NOT  get it.

No one should trust London Breed, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell, and Katy Tang.

Why did the Federal agent - have a meeting with Malia Cohen and London Breed - why just this two and not any other two Supervisor. The Federal agent involved in the " Shrimp Boy " case?

Scott Wiener - you just have to watch him talk - he is a sell out to the developers that have targeted poor people - people of color - and has deep connections with the Zionists.

Every Zionists is a Jew - but not every Jew is a Zionists.

Mark Farrell for all his vain talk - gets his salary as a Supervisor and makes more on the side as a - financial broker. Did you know that? Did you know he rigged his Supervisorial Election - ask Mrs Janet Riley.

The SF Ethics Commission called Mark Farrell out - he refused to cooperate - even to this day!

Did you know - for the talk she spews - Katy Tang - pretending to know some - shredded documents - important  documents that should be archived.

 Then pretended - she knew nothing - she could have been the President of the Board of Supervisors - was briefly the interim- President of the SF BOS - but then came in the heifer - London Breed - and all hell has broken - loose.

London Breed did not help us when Lennar Urban was poisoning our infants and children.

She was on the SF Redevelopment Agency - and once tried to challenge me - not to remove her photograph - and I told her go back to her meeting - and that I had every right to take her photograph. I know the Brown Act - and the law - and will not be intimidated - by a heifer - that is not educated on issues.

People talk the talk - but when you have their photograph - when you document their sordid deeds - you can take these - " vermin to task " - to can adjudicate their cases - fairly and squarely - there is justice and there is justice.

There are organizations linked to Law Enforcement - at all levels - where there is "deep" - corruption. 

Cases have been revealed - where folks where suppose to protect - President Barack Hussein Obama - and they were masquerading - with prostitutes.

We have had " rogue officers " is San Francisco - steal, cheat, make fake reports - and all documented - but within the system - the corruption is grown to be a CANCER.

At every level in Law Enforcement - you have corruption - systemic corruption of the highest order. You have the good, the bad , and the very ugly.

I studied the ways of law enforcement - have written about it - extensively - know law enforcement at all levels - while maintaining my independence.

I come from the land of the Mau Mau - those that know that organization - should know what that means. 

I study the law - I know the law - I understand organizations - more military organizations - try messing with an organization that goes to the time of - sordid and despicable - " slavery".

Black on Black violence - should not be taking place - now that the Black population is but 2% in San Francisco.

That same energy - used - could be used to unify and deal with other economical, educational,  family consolidation and healing.

Help and nurturing our single mothers - many single  Black mothers have children thorough different fathers - families torn asunder. No one wants to study - the fundamental issues.

There is no inward mobility in our Public Housing - people live in conditions - that cannot be described - very sordid conditions.

Again and again we see Black mothers weep for their biological sons - where is the father?

What concrete support to they get from their immediate families?

Let us keep in real - and not beat around the bush.

Where is the Black Church in this equation? 

The poverty, pimp, pastors - they have caused more damage than good - pretending to shepherds they have deserted the flock!

There are other pressing and viable and sustainable processes that can be put in place - but the core elements that bring stability - is sound organization - stellar leadership - and sound maintenance.

April 14, 2016 we shut down City Hall - and then I wrote what would happen to San Francisco.

You are witnessing it all - and there is more to come - the leadership of our City and County has failed  - they think they have it covered - they are sadly - mistaken. 

San Francisco under Mayor Edwin M. Lee is going to the hogs.

We cannot permit the poor - in the thousands to sleep on our streets - and do nothing about it.

The City and County of San Francisco promised a shelter to be in place - Pier 80 - and it is still under construction. Promises - promises not kept.

Only one person out of 10 persons who are homeless in San Francisco - have sound shelter - whatever that means.

 Try going to a shelter and see the conditions - then try sleeping for a night and you will know better.

One Supervisor Jane Kim has done that - but I go incognito and do it - at various places - and I have the documentation to prove it.

Now, try sleep in the street - under the bushes, under the bridges - all while we have this inclement weather - " El Nino " - who is kidding - whom?

I met the Mayor Edwin M. Lee at very short notice - in his sordid office - Room 200 - the same room where I took a photograph - after his first inauguration - the man does not have a " heart " - he cannot be trusted - he thinks he knows it all.

He will fall flat on his face.

His advisors - and I have named them - are all fucked up. Straight up - let us have a debate - five, six of this sick individuals - and I will take them alone - and expose them - for what they are - pathetic.

On on streets - the crime have increased.

Home invasions on the increase. Petty crimes on the increase.

Assaults on the increase - our women harassed and we have few men to stand up - and take on the roving - " thugs ".

Let this City and County of San Francisco - spend money - with our $9 Billion plus budget - on Quality of Life issues.

No one -  not one single person should be sleeping on our streets.

Take over the Armory and have it as a back up to house the homeless - now it is used - to make porno movies - Mayor Gavin Newsom - the metrosexual freak - made that happened - and we know who are his good friends.