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Sunday, February 21, 2016


Washington D.C. - Capitol Hill -
the wheeling and dealing must stop -
in the White House we need a good person -
stop the lying - the cheating - the hoodwinking.

Most Americans failed to understand - why a popular vote - is not used to vote the President of the United States - every four years.

Our institutions of learning fail to analyze the facts - and keep our constituents ignorant - people vote - but they have NO clue why they vote - and for whom they vote - and if their vote - really does this Nation any good?

The Founding Fathers - decided to create the Electoral College - a convoluted system as a compromise between having the President elected by Congress and having the President of the United States elected by the popular vote of qualified citizens.

Each State is deemed to elect - Electors - in all 538 Electors .

270 votes are required to be elected - right now this system favors a sordid individual like Hillary Clinton - but not if Bernie Sanders - works hard and pushes for his excellent and meaningful message " of the people " - let it be known to those who have their heart - in the right place - to vote for someone who cares for the people - the citizens of this great Nation - once called " Turtle Island " - now named the United States of America.

The Electoral College is based on Congressional Representation - States with a larger population get more Electoral votes.

It is possible for a candidate to receive not a single vote - not one - in 39 States - or the District of Columbia - yet be elected President on the United States - by winning the popular vote in just 11 of the 12 States - mentioned below:

California, New York, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia.

In the year 2000 - there were a total of 538 electoral votes available with 270 needed to win.

George W. Bush a Republican with 50, 456, 002 popular votes won 271 electoral votes.

His Democratic opponent won the popular vote with 50, 999, 897 votes - but won only 266 electoral votes.

George W. Bush was elected President of the United States.

The matter went before the Supreme Court - doubts cast about thousands of votes - in Florida - the votes were counted again - the Supreme Court - decided in favor of President George W. Bush.

 The Republicans won - Al Gore lost - and the rest is history.

The people United will never, ever be defeated.

Today, we hear about that we should not have gone to Iraq - there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction found.

When President George W. Bush was President - the 9/11 incidents took place.

Our Nation united in toto - against the those who dared to take us on.

Even though the majority of the culprits - were found to be Saudis - our Nation chose to attack Saddam Hussein - the Nation of Iraq.

The repercussion of this one action - took our Nation into deep debt - we owe trillions to China.

 We have treated our Seniors in the United States, our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, those inflicted with compromised health - our mentally challenged and our physically challenged with - disdain. Why?

The rich less than one percent of the United States population - which is about 314, 000, 000 - living in an area of 3, 717, 812.8 miles - control ninety eight percent of the total - wealth.

This mind boggling fact has affect us all. Those of us that comprehend well - the distribution of wealth - principle that govern how human beings ought to treated - laid out in detail by the United States, the World Court, other world renowned institution - begging the question.

Is it possible for all students in the United States to go to college - after completing high school - paying NO tuition?

Is it possible that our housing - be made available to those making under $40, 000 - under $80, 000 - under 120, 000 nationwide -  using a formula - based on the number of people in the family and the income - generated?

Billions of dollars go to the Social Security Fund - from folks that pay into the system - but, do not have legal Social Security Numbers. 

Few know about this fact - but it a fact glaring at those who steal from this fund - at the same time treating those that contribute into this fund - " undocumented immigrants " with disdain and utter discrimination of the highest - order.

Social Security is the only source of income for many Seniors - yet today - by the 5th of the month - many Seniors have nothing remaining of the their Social Security - an average of less than $900?

As much as anyone says we have some health care in the United States - it is one sided  - Insurance Companies control most everything within a State - and it it totally impossible to have competition and opt for insurance plans and  offers - outside one's State - that one lives in?

Who are these lobbyists that fill the campaign coffers of the Congresspersons and Senators - that those that receive the tainted money - keep it - do you think they have BLOOD on their hands?

Our media truly does not believe in - Investigative Reporting.

Most of the stuff we hear - is " garbage " - sensational reporting - and the media reporters - have no say what so ever - the Editor - those behind the scene control everything.

I could mention a hundred other issues - all pertinent and critical to our future living - in the United States of America.

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya - today in the United States - in one of the richest cities San Francisco - I represent - the Muwekma Ohlone.

A Mewekma Ohlone Warrior

The Muwekma Ohlone are not on the Federal Register - they were -  illegally removed in the year 1927 - some 89 years ago - a agent who worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) -  arbitrarily - declaring the Muwekma Tribe - nonexistent.

Tribes that are on the Federal Register - have right - and more right over their land - sovereign rights.

Rights that have been deprived by those  -  that have stolen the land,  raped the Native American women, messed with  the minds of the children of Native Americans - who think - there is no justice.

The Great Spirit sees it all and the time has come - for utter repentance and restitution - those thieve, corrupt to the core - must be brought to justice. We have them in San Francisco too.

We need a President of the United States to comprehend the many diabolical happenings - kept in place by folks like Hillary Clinton and her lackeys.

Hillary Clinton - who is a liar - and who stands for those dubious, devious, and convoluted issues - backed by corporate crooks and savory folks - that keep the constituents - of the United States of America at bay - and prey on them all.

We cannot for a second still continue to keep our Native Americans on Reservations.

Not make available the Native Americans - Billions of dollars - that belonged to the Native Americans Trust Funds - stolen by the United States government.

Bernie Sanders who must and can 
serve and represent decent Americans -
given the sordid conditions prevailing - today -
here in the United States of America.

Bernie Sanders will stand for what I want corrected - he is amiable to apologize for all the wrong doing - adjudicate and bring to justice those that have harmed so many. 

The lying Hillary Clinton -
the scum of this Earth -
those who vote for her -
vote for the destruction of our Nation -
the United States of America.

Not so Hillary Clinton - a liar who thinks and believes - she can perpetuate a " dynasty of political pimps and whores " - more in the White House.

We all remember well - the scene with Monica Lewenski - the "cigar" inserted in her proclivity - and the Nation aghast - when the man himself denied - looking us all at the camera - and in the eye : " I did not have sex with this woman Monica Lewenski ". Wow!

Our Nation and our Founding Fathers - learned much - and were influenced much - from the Six Nation and more the Iroquois Tribe - the Long Cabin - who practiced  " true democracy " for thousands of years.

As you may have gathered - from the facts presented at the beginning of this article - our election system - goes to the times -when feudalistic norms were accepted.

Landlords more slave masters - had a say - and plantations that made money on the backs of slaves - who brought elections and contributed to wars and projects - small and big - were rewarded for their - contributions.

Never in our history - did we have such a wide gap - the filthy, stinky rich - and the poor.

The paradox trillions of dollars - are in off shores banks - illegal profits made by large corporations who do not pay a single -penny to the United States government.

Yet we tolerate such nonsense. 

Our Supreme Court has declared - Corporation to be people too - and justified further erosion of our Society - the filthy rich - prey on the poor and those that need help most.

We need Bernie Sanders to address the nonsense going on with the many sordid transactions on Wall Street. We need to find out - more about Hillary Clinton and her sordid - lies.

We need a decent man - who can speak to the people - speak to the youth - speak to that segment of the population that is hurting - there is only one man that can do that - Bernie Sanders. Aho.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone in San Francisco - if we are put on the Federal Register - and we have every right to be there - all hell will break loose in San Francisco.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
who favors scum bags like -
Dianne Feinstein and Hillary Clinton.
Time will tell.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee will be at his wits end - Senator Dianne Feinstein will flee and so will Congressperson Nancy Pelosi. Thousands will be exposed who today prey on the poor.

The Electoral College as it stands today - will be tested in this election.

We who back Bernie Sanders stand a chance - a good chance to being about change. Open the windows - clean the cobwebs - open the doors - and welcome children, women, men of good will - come on America - we can do it - stand shoulder to shoulder of the people - the people united - will never ever be defeated.

Those of us who are Independents - have an important role to play.

We can discern - the facts are out there - and choose the best person to lead our great Nation  - once called Turtle Island - today the United States of America.

We cannot be united - stand united until - we first address the plight of the Native Americans - may no bones about that fact. Aho.