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Saturday, February 20, 2016


Enough of these tall buildings -
other buildings that cause 
contamination, congestion, and 
affect Quality of Life issues.

The previous articles - gave you the reader some flavor - no one will hand to you - on a platter - all of the information - going on in this City and County of San Francisco.

The many " crooks" who are wheeling and dealing - the many ploys and machinations - linked to " pay to play " - projects - those evil to the core - making money at the expense of decent San Franciscans.

We will expose them all - the reader must do the homework - the reader must stand up and speak - the reader must deliver and win.

It does not work like that anymore - handing over in toto - most everything on a platter. 

Either you learn to connect the dots - or live a life of ignorance - always taking the hand me down stuff - always begging for crumbs.

Again, no investigative reporter - will ever hand over to the reader - the ace cards or  cards.

It is left to the reader - in this digital world to - find the truth - and test the values each individual - each decent family - stands for - bring them together for the good for all - the community.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -
the kept our area we call the Bay Area
pristine for over 13, 000 years.
All documented - carbon dated and more.

This land we called San Francisco is Ohlone land - to be precise Muwekma Ohlone - land.

I have challenged the authorities to be - int his City and County of San Francisco - to show me - one single legal document - where the land was handed over - legally.

More - to those that contaminated and polluted the land, an even today - relentlessly - want to develop - each and every square inch - selfish to the core, greedy and not worth the salt.

The devil's work that the Bay Area Council, the Bank of America, the American Trust and, Standard Oil.

The U.S. Steel, the Bechtel Company, Southern Pacific, the Central Bank of Oakland, the pharmaceutical group McKesson - all started - a long time ago - still continues.

SPUR,  Local Union 261, Local Union 22, the enterprise entities that generate their own money - the SF Port Authority, the SF Public Utilities Commission, the SF Airport - other smaller enterprise City and County entities - are all playing a role - keeping San Franciscans' down.

We do not have any leaders today - that can represent - the community at large - our unique neighborhoods that are being destroyed. 

The reason all the destruction is happening - rapidly - is because we have not been awake, asleep at the cockpit and the time in now to put and end to the nonsense.

These crooks have no reason to cares - the have no compassion - less understanding and  the foremost  reason - for their destructive behavior -  their " hearts" are not in the right - place.

You have sell outs the likes of Dwayne Jones, Amos Brown, Linda Richardson, Christine Johnson, Toye Moses, Al Williams,  Veronica Hunnicutt, Aurelius Walker, Juliet Ellis, Willie L. Brown leading the pack - all very evil people - the Tabernacle Group and others - we must monitor them - and put an end to the divisiveness.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is not a smart person - the recent incidents have proved to all - the the man man - cannot discern - and he cannot discern because he cannot make up his mind - and has no leadership qualities - worth the salt - to lead.

The people reaction to his inauguration - the protest at the Dr. Martin Luther Day event,  further at several meetings - the one in the Fillmore particularly - spell out the disdain - the people have for Mayor Edwin M. Lee - inept, spineless, lacking leadership - and a total sell out.

His advisors are fed up with him - some of them speak to me - and so it is not as if - I am in the dark.

I met this - " good for nothing person " - in his own office - and took him on - from the onset of our conversation. The man is clueless and has no understanding of our neighborhood, lacks " cultural competency ". Has no leadership qualities - loves to play one against the other - the people are fed up - and when that happens - anything can happen - and has happened.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been using a " sell out " - Amos Brown that no one respects - to divide the Black community - the Black community is not a force to reckon with today, anyway.

The numbers are dwindling - and even though there is some hope to - rally to some causes - the Black community in reality lacks numbers - and numbers and votes count - in today's - political world.

Former Black Mayor Willie L. Brown -
the " pay to play " master of the game -
he is being watched 
by the Federal Bureau of Investigation
and other entities that matter.

Willie L. Brown has been using his pawns folks like Dwayne Jones who came here from some where - on a Greyhound bus - was sheltered in the East Bay - he is not home grown and has been playing the community - one against the other.

He has abused our hospitality - buying favors - and all that more will be exposed - shortly.

It is the same with Linda Richardson and Toye Moses - playing the community at large.

Sitting on Commissions that rubber stamp - trying to make changes to the Southeast " Community " Facility Commission Building - in this case Toye Moses facilitating - the nefarious activities. We are watching you - like a HAWK.

Veronica Hunnicutt - making decisions for the Bayview Hunters Point community - when she is not from the Bayview and has disgraced herself - again and again. She and the corrupt Citizens Advisory Committee to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Not a single scientist, any reputed engineer, on that Committee - rubber stamping and selling out the community at large. The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is Superfund Site - for goodness sake - the old "hags" sitting on the Citizens Advisory Committee - are clueless - and all this and more - must STOP - now.

It is the same with Malia Cohen and London Breed - who have failed in their representation.

Have no idea - how the process works - including taking the drab positions - in the recent Mario Woods case. These two sell outs - will soon be exposed - as part of a wider investigation - by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Attorney General and of course led by our local District Attorney.

Lennar Urban and its associates recently were exposed - clear cutting tress on Yerba Buena Island - the Muwekma Ohlone has laid claim to this land - as part of its Right of First Refusal - way back in 1991.

We know a rogue developer - and have stated so for the longest time ever - Lennar in one - Lennar was invited to California in 1998 - by Willie L. Brown Jr. - when it established itself as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)  - changed its name several times - now all the names registered in Delaware - the headquarters of the devil - himself.

Lennar Urban clear cut over 400 trees on Parcel A - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in 2004 - so it is not as if - this evil entity from Miami, Florida - has not abused the law - and disrespected San Franciscans.

Clear cutting mature trees in the name that they will be replace by native plants - are you also going to replace the goats that once Yerba Buena was famous for - called " Goat Island"?

We do not need these outsiders - stealing the land - and developing grandiose buildings for the filthy rich - while the poor and those treated with disdain - are permitted to slow die - on contaminated - Treasure Island.

I have the empirical data on all the contamination on Treasure Island and parts of Yerba Buena Island - deeds committed by the United States Navy.

The Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA) is a JOKE - they are bought lock, stock, and barrel by the corrupt developers and leading the pack - Lennar Urban.

Over 2000 remains of the Ohlone have been
found on Yerba Buena Island -
information kept - hush, hush -
who is disrespecting the Oholone - more the
Muwekma Ohlone - that has exercised their right
of First Refusal  on Yerba Buena - since 1991.

The land - all the land - belongs to the Muwekma Ohone in this area we call San Francisco and the neighboring areas. 

The Muwekma Ohlone have the documents - and have laid out a plan of action - as long as those who do know - what is right and what is wrong - continue with intent to do wrong - the end result will be for them to face.

" If you do wrong - before long - you will fall flat on your face."

The Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA) - talks the talk but cannot and will not ever - walk the walk. Not with sell outs like Linda Richardson on TIDA - rubber stamping - and pretending to know something - when she knows nothing at all.

Vast areas like the over 1000 acres in and around Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - including Parcel F which is - the Bay - have been contaminated.

More, with radiological elements - housing has been planned for innocent people to live on this land - more prone to liquefaction and flooding. More, to die a slow death - all this in the year 2016.

We have thousands of photographs - tons of video tape - all empirical data - that no other entity has - and we will - succeed - let the dumb jackasses encounter the real problems - and fail.

" God watches it all - and with God on our side - we the community - the decent ones - that are steadfast - will prevail".

The former Candlestick Stadium -
now torn down and polluted -
with transferred dirt that is contaminated in toto.

It is the same at Candlestick Point - some 500 acres - plus the Bay that is contaminated - this area less than a mile away from Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - still undergoing abatement and mitigation.

The contamination is the worst ever - the area is a Super Fund Site - only the worst contaminated sites are put on the Super Fund Site.

Right now by Aurelious Walker Road - hundreds of brand new units - are being built - surrounded - by the most contaminated dirt - the air contaminated.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is aware of this fact - but continues to look the other way - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee know about the contaminations - but does not care.

So does Tiffany Bohee - who heads the Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - a transplant - who is corrupt to the core - that does not have her " heart" - in the right place. Time will tell.

This is the same at Treasure Island where plans are afoot for the poor and those that supposedly - can afford - the so called " affordable units ".

Affordable to whom is the question asked often - no one can give an answer that make sense -  to live on Treasure Island - which is man made - and sinking - two or three inches - every year.

Prone to liquefaction - sea level rise - Treasure Island - has a severe - and highly contamination issues.

Right now these concerns are not being addressed.

Right now we have innocent people - who are suffering from adverse impacts - having lived - on Treasure Island for less than 2 years.

Those living in and around Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - have long suffered from respiratory diseases.

Heart diseases, tumors, skin irritation, bloody eyes - and a host of chronic diseases - all documented and  well known - by the SF Health Department and one Barbara Garcia.

Again and again we find out the sellouts - mostly Blacks are doing the devil work on the ground - the Commission of Infrastructure and Economic Development - does not have a single representative from the Bayview - Black or otherwise.

It keeps rubber stamping serious issues - the former facilities built by the SF Redevelopment Agency - the Fillmore Community Center - now handed over to some Limited Liability Corporation - without any vetting - in the community at large.

Tiffany Bohee has been instrumental - in fostering this action - as she has been involved with other nefarious activities - linked to projects - grandfathered by the former SF Redevelopment Agency. 

Tiffany Bohee is an outsider - who is half Black and half Filipino - and has NO  heart - she is a total - sell out. Again and again she purports to know it all - but keeps making a fool of herself and those lackeys that support her.

In recent years - many astute employees have working with her - have left - mostly men who could not stand her nonsense and drab attitude.

We still have some one Black men - in the Fillmore - who have a " heart" and want to do the right thing.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - does not care about the Fillmore Community - less about the nefarious activities that have been going on - for years.

Yoshi's owes over $4 million as much as $6 million some state - to the former SF Redevelopment Agency.

Other entities surrounding Yoshi that have now all gone - under - owe more.

All of them  owe millions - and no one in fully uncharge of the situation at hand.  The State of California - Department of Finance - must now be informed and get involved with the going shenanigans. A stop must be put to the on going - nonsense.

Again mostly Black sell outs - Amos Brown - another new entry to the fray - Johnson - purporting that they are helping - when they are making the situation - worse.

Recently Mayor Edwin M. Lee - had a supposedly Community Meeting - those attending this meeting - all had invitations - invitations that could not be transferred.

A slap on the face of the community - select invitation given to a select " community meeting " with posters carrying the City Logo - and keeping the real community out. Why? Who is behind such ploys?

Those in the community that care for the community were not invited - got wind of the sordid meeting - so chose to " bust the meeting ".

Catching the culprits with their pants down and their hands in the " cookie jar". 

Those at the head table - Amos Brown the key sell out - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who is not respected. A new comer Juan Torres - the head of Mayor's Office of Economic Development - who has not clue what is happening - all over San Francisco.

We respected his father Senator Art Torres - who paid his dues - but Juan Torres is threading on dangerous terrain - and cannot keep - selling out the community - creating turmoil and divineness of the highest order.

Attempts are being made to evict Archbishop Franzo King - and the Coltrane Orthodox Church - some new entities have been brought in - bragging they own the former Fillmore Complex that was built for the community.

They make have a fake lease - but for sure cannot purchase the facility that is meant for community - who is behind this charade?
We want to know. We are about to take this matter to court - so those who have created this mess - better own up - it will not be pretty if the crooks are - exposed.

Those who permitted the name of the Complex to be changed - the word - " Community " removed,

Those who created a Limited Liability Corporation - to divide the Fillmore community - are in deep trouble - the people united will never, ever be defeated.

The people united will never, ever be defeated.
The people of the Western Addition have detected
some nefarious activity - they have the proof of
an entity that had NOY been vetted by the community.
Once again Amos Brown is behind the shenanigans
must be exposed - and told to go his sordid way.

We the people want to know - who is behind this forced take over - and the mostly Black sell outs one of them being Amos Brown is put on notice.

You Amos Brown have crossed the line and for your own good - step down and fade away - you and your lackeys.

The garage that served Yoshi's and other entities - restaurant and bars - all who owe money to the former SF Redevelopment Agency.

Tiffany Bohee in charge - trying to cover up the misdeeds of those that have jumped ship and owe millions to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - leasing space from the Fillmore Center. Some estimate it to be over $10 million - plus. 

I could print the names of the entities - and will print them - if they do not pay their dues in 30 days - complete with access to the lease the have with the former SF Redevelopment Agency.

These sell outs used to try to speak to the concerns of the Fillmore and the people - but their heart was far away.

Once these entities saw - that they had no strong backing from the now deactivated -  SF Redevelopment Agency  - they played ball with Tiffany Bohee - when Tiffany Bohee - inept, shallow, and lack experience saw - that the entities owed millions as much as $10 million plus - all hell broke loose.

The State of California - Department of Finance - does not know the details - so now is the time to go to the California - State of Finance - and they could be contacted by telephone or email too - with the full details and expose - the role of past folks and those now - aiding and abetting the crooks.

Those having anything to do with the nefarious activities that the past SF Redevelopment Agency entertained and the now Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - condones  - choosing the entities it wants to sleep with - play ball - dividing the community and creating untold - divisiveness.

All the documents that I have read - point to lack of transparency - connected with the Fillmore Center and the neighboring facilities - be it the garage, the Fillmore Towers, the Safeway, the many other community facilities and spaces - none of them - have their books in order. The entities owe millions and this is wrong - the community hoodwinked - and mostly Black involved in the cover up - one of them Amos Brown.

To transfer the mess to the current fake Limited Liability Corporation - under the guise that they can help the community - but have kept the community out - wrong.

At a recent community meeting - those that purported to create this Limited Liability Corporation - could not stand their ground - and could not handle the " ire " - of the community.

Those responsible for the creating the current Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) to hoodwink the public at large - are put on notice.

Amos Brown is behind the scheme - but this time - his deeds have been exposed.

Amos Brown the clown - cannot defend his actions and those of his lackeys.

Amos Brown - good for nothing -  has crossed the line - but as my articles - have pointed out - these ploys, machinations, and shenanigans started a long time ago - 1944.

Today, mostly Black sell outs have been used - to do the " dirty deeds".

Lucky  for us we have some few Blacks and other good people who will hold the feet of the " crooks" and the " corrupt" to the fire.

Future articles - we reveal some more - corruption of the highest order - closer to home  - you do your research - and find out the full truth - the truth will set you free.  

This is Ohlone Land - more the Muwekma Ohlone - and I represent them as best I can. Aho.