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Monday, February 8, 2016


Stellar leaders who can stand their ground
speak to the "truth" - it takes time
but those that have God on their side - win.

Our SF Planning Commission meets, the Land Use Committee meets, the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA), the SF Ethics Commission - the SF Board of Supervisors - have drab meetings.

Wheeling and dealing - you pay to play - convoluted deliberations - we need astute - educated on issues - constituents - San Franciscan to attend these sordid meetings - and speak up - make know to these "bums" - who is in charge.

We pay these "bums" large salaries - and for the longest period - these "bums" have been taking advantage of our generosity and kindness.

Time to repay them with what we can best describe as - " tough love ". We need to put them on notice - and if need be - remove some of them from - office.

The SF Planning Commission and the SF Planning Department has bent backwards - to aid and abet developers -such as Lennar Urban and Forest City - two " rogue developers" - outsiders from Miami - Florida - that we should NOT be doing business - with.

Be it at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Pier 70, 5th and Mission with the 5M Project - none of these projects deal with - Cumulative Pollution and Contamination.

None of these projects have had one single meaningful dialog with the constituents. The sell outs who are with these developers - aid and abetting - are put on notice.

More, at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - which  is a Superfund Site.

Pier 70 that has over a million tons of coal tar - two large sites with known Ammonia spills - and a host of other toxic contaminants - from the many operations - building ships and submarines - during World War II.

We have the Precautionary Principle on our books - it is law.

The many departments that belong to the City and County of San Francisco - will NOT apply this principle - because many of City heads of departments - are ignorant - and others - will not execute and do right - they are more concerned about their - pay check.

Our City Administrator, our heads of the Department of Environment, Barbara Garcia of the SF Health Department,  others too many to name - lack morals, less ethics, and of sure no standards.

It is becoming business as usual to build homes on land that is contaminated - prone to liquefaction - prone to severe flooding.

 How can we in good conscience - place and make innocent people live under such conditions - in San Francisco - and NOT feel for a second - that all is well?

Already in the Southeast Sector - we have hundreds of innocent people each year - coming down with cancer of all sorts.

A very high percentage of respiratory diseases - over 40% of the constituents in this area from Potrero Hill - to Hunters View, to Little Hollywood, to Visitation Valley and the surrounding area - suffer from severe, chronic respiratory - diseases.

Still born babies - in the Southeast Sector - and our representative think nothing of such cases. Leading the pack - and ignorant to the core - Supervisor Malia Cohen - who talks from both side of her sordid - mouth.

Barbara Garcia from the SF Health Department , our City Administrator Naomi Kelly, our Controller Ben Rosenfield, our District Attorney George Gascon, our City Attorney Dennis Herrera - others should be challenged to do right - but for some reason - they are not focused on the above issues - that matter.

Issues that are linked to Quality of Life issues - put on the back burner - because the heads of departments - are afraid to make waves. 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation - has a division that deals with "  environmental issues " - the FBI must investigate why the Environmental Protection Agency is not doing their job.

Why certain City Departments are not doing their job - they must be put on notice. The RICO ACT if endorsed - could bring in some stellar - results.

Send some scum bags to jail - for a long, long, long, time.

Much like the City of Flint - where no one was listening - and then when thousands came down with all sorts of ailments - the pertinent agencies - took some action - that action was taken too late - thousands of innocent people - adversely impacted.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee does not get any respect these days - for the longest time - his ribbon cutting - his toxic diatribe - his promises made and never kept - were tolerated - not any more.

From his inauguration, to the Dr. Martin Luther King events, to the incident at Third Baptist Church with Amos Brown present - the Mayor has been treated with disdain and rightly - so.

His lackeys Steve Kawa, Paul Henderson, others better find a better way - of hoodwinking the people at large - protests at City Hall will increase - without stepping a foot into City Hall.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - attended an event held at the Providence Church- recently - sitting with Mark Leno, Malia Cohen and London Breed.

At Providence Church  too - he was put on notice - before any untoward thing happened - the Mayor  took off -  he felt the heat in the kitchen and fled - for good measure.

We need astute San Franciscans to come to City Hall and watch the drab happenings - at the SF Planning Commission, the Land Use, the MTA meetings, the SF Ethic Commission.

Other, commission meetings, committee meetings, and hearings - these bums who pretend to represent.

Jackasses  - that we pay - large sums of money - their feet must be held to the fire.

These vermin must be held accountable - the worst among these charlatans - London Breed, Malia Cohen Scott Wiener, Katy Tang and Mark Farrell.

Make no bones - this is another era - and the old ways of tolerating your nonsense - is over.

Sell outs like Amos Brown - have no place among decent people - Amos Brown is an anathema and must be put on notice - this old man - who has failed - his life has been an abject - failure.

Amos Brown has failed  the community at large - Amos Brown must fade and go to some institution to soothe his trouble mind and body.

Where, left to himself - Amos Brown the clown  - can ponder - on his numerous  misdeeds - fake representations - a snitch of the highest order - with intent he has harmed too many people - too many to enumerate. 

We must be educated on issues - so that we can comprehend the issues at hand - and take on the corrupt - the SF Board of Supervisors - that think they can pull wool over our eyes.

The many SF City Department heads - who make huge salaries - some of them as much as $300, 000 inept, spineless, worthless - they must step out and get out  of the way.

Make room for decent human beings to represent - we must make known to the worthless that they time has expired.

We must deal with the issues at hand - with time lines and a viable and sustainable plan - complete with empirical data.

The misdeeds that have adversely impacted so many infants, children, youth, youth adults, seniors - those with compromised health. We must find out who is truly responsible - for all this - mayhem and pandemonium.

Watch this video on Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a total sell out - a disgrace to the human race:

Others,  that have just fallen on bad times -  ignored with disdain by our current Mayor Edwin M. Lee. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee like I predicted a long time ago - who has ignored the pleas of others that know - failed to listen to them - will fall flat on his face.

This is Ohlone Land and I represent the Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone who have exercised their Right of First Refusal over San Francisco, Yerba Buena, Hunters Point, and other areas.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a disgrace to the human race. Aho.