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Thursday, February 25, 2016


This City and County of San Fransisco - with a $9 Billion Budget - now, has decided to play hard ball with the " homeless " - those that have fallen on bad times. Many families now living on the streets of San Francisco.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee has lost his mind - he has with intent - more when he was the City Administrator - before opting to become the Mayor of San Francisco - and now more for years - as a " failed " Mayor" - going - going - down the drain.

For over 15 years - with intent - with many heads of the our City - the San Francisco Planning Department - the current City Administrator - the Controller - the City Attorney - treating the poor, the indigent, those that have fallen on bad times - now families with children - sleeping on our streets - facing inclement weather.

The last four Housing Elements - a document created every five years - has faulty information.

The documents have not been vetted - all these documents have landed in Court - and that says a lot - for those that should be planning for sound " affordable housing " - for those making under $40, 000 with urgency.

Those making under $80, 000 and those making under $120, 000 - with subsidies in all of the above cases - our Mayor famous for spewing diatribe - talking from both sides of his mouth - has failed - more because the man has no balls - and lack leadership - qualities.

A good leader show the way, knows the way and goes the way.

Armed with folks - who have no compassion - the poor are harassed - their tents and belongings - confiscated - and trashed. All this while the Mayor himself - is looking on - and making shallow statements - to the press that has not done a good job - with no investigative reporting - worth the salt.

The temporary shelter at Pier 80 - surround by barbed wire - with Law Enforcement monitoring the poor - is not a place the poor feel comfortable. 

We are now putting the poor - is temporary shelters - reminiscent of the " concentration camps " - bringing memories - of a time when Hitler and other such monsters - treated human being with disdain.

In the interim the Mayor has been cozying with the owners of the Academy of Art University - who have purchased many rent controlled buildings in San Francisco - and converted them to dormitories.

Foreign students pay huge amount - to live like cattle - and no one is paying attention to this atrocities. Not the SF Planning Department - not the Department of Building Inspection.

Hundreds of rent control units - gone, gone, gone for ever.

It is not uncommon for the Mayor to accompany the owners of the Academy of Art University - on a Lear Jet to New York - for some sordid fashion show.

 The Mayor has no idea what he is doing - the only reason he follows the jet - is to fill his campaign - coffers.

We have public housing in San Francisco - that should be upgraded and rented our to San Franciscans.

All Public Housing be it at Potrero Hill - Huntersview and the surround area, Oakdale, Sunnyvale - other Public Housing all over the City and County - should not be controlled by entities like Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers, the John Stewart Company.

Most of this housing was build by the Department of Defense - paid by tax payers - a hundred times over - only for Mayor Gavin Newsom and the sordid Mayor Edwin Lee - to make deals with corrupt developers, property managers - who want it all.

Affordable housing should be upped to 50% right now - this will stop - the crooked developers - in their tracks.

They will leave San Francisco - jackasses like the Lennar Urban, Forest City, others that are huge and crooked - and prey on the very - poor.

All development and permits given - should now - retroactively follow new mandates - 50% affordable housing.

A change will be seen - within a few months - the rents will come tumbling down - those developers part of HOPESF will willing allow - smaller developers to build affordable housing.

The developers can build up to 25% of affordable housing.

The other 25% can be subsidized - capping at 50%  -  there are many other formats that can be used by those who want to do business in San Francisco - make some money - and help those that made San Francisco - great.

San Francisco is about neighborhoods - our neighborhoods are unique.

There is nothing to be noted - in area where there are these skyscrapers - those chilling in these areas - look like zombies - their heads in their lap tops - other looking with a gaze - that is astounding to say the least - cold and unfriendly - these strangers - that spread coldness - we want sunshine and happiness.

Let our District Attorney George Gason - study the role of the " Bay Area Council, the Bank of America, American Trust, Standard Oil, Pacific Gas and Electric, the Bechtel Corporation, Southern Pacific later Catullus, McKesson Pharmaceuticals, the Central Bank of Oakland - in recent times Lennar Urban, Forest City, SPUR, Webcor, Nibbi, Cahill, Obiyashi, and the list goes on.

In the past the Bay Area Council, Hoover Institute, the erstwhile San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, George Christopher, SPUR - have created this mess.

Now, these crooks aided by our City and County of San Francisco - and aiding and abetting Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers, the John Stewart Company - taking control of Public Housing.

Who gave Mayor Gavin Newsom and the present sordid Mayor Edwin Lee - to control the housing that should help those that need help - the poor, the indigent, those that have compromised health - those that earn below $30, 000.

Who is fooling whom?

The Civil Rights led and fought by Dr. Martin Luther King - have now been put on the back burner - by sell outs more Black like London Breed and Malia Cohen.

London Breed

Malia Cohen

Others that have no compassion Scott Wiener who wants to run for California State Senate.

Scott Wiener

Mark Farrell who makes money money on the side - as a financial consultant.

Mark Farrell

Katy Tang who conveniently shredded important documents - that she should have archived.

Katy Tang

We do not have one single representative -  at San Francisco's City Hall - who with " heart " - with compassion - with passion - stand for those that need help. More the poor - sleeping on our streets of San Francisco.

Come election time - you hear all sorts of promises - and more and more those vying for the position of Supervisor at City Hall - who have a " hidden agenda " - we will not cast our vote - for those that are - scum bags.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - all stolen - every square inch.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone. Aho.