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Friday, February 26, 2016


Mayor Ed Lee has lost it - the man is deranged - the poverty and the homelessness - is over bearing.

The very poor, the indigent, have now no where to go. San Francisco please have a heart -  this sordid Mayor - thinks that he can move human beings - like fire wood from place to place.

Left on the streets of San Francisco to face the inclement El Nino - heavy rains and more.

In recent weeks - hundreds have come to me - crying - please help us - our heads of Departments - all receive my " Blog " - so I am watching you all - and please do not say a "word" - when I write on your asses. 

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - the City Administrator Naomi Kelly, the Controller Ben Rosenfield, the Chief of Police - Gregory Suhr, the Director of Health - Barbara Gracia - you all have to come out - with a  - " compassionate plan ".

This is San Francisco - not some other City - we bear the responsibility to treat human beings - as human beings - and right now - that is not done - and some one with a " heart " must step up and do the right thing.

The United Nations was formed here in San Francisco. We have the United Nations Plaza - our City and County of San Francisco - once renowned - the world over - under this sordid Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who opens his mouth - and spews hot air - diatribe - who do you think you are fooling?

How can you possibly sleep at night - Ed Lee - the disparity in this City - the divide between those that have and those that have it not - has been compared to Rwanda. Do you know where Rwanda is - Ed Lee. Pathetic!

It is not shocking anymore to see tents - twenty - thirty - in some places as many as fifty - more at night. The surround area - filthy - and this situation - has grown from bad to worse.

Our City Administrator is taking orders from Ed Lee. Naomi Kelly must step up - and take personal responsibility - make no bones about it.

Barbara Gracia who is the head of the Department of Health - has failed San Francisco. The services needed to address the mentally and physically challenged - has been exacerbating - by leaps and bound - because the San Francisco Health Department - can even address -  the tip of the iceberg.

When it come to the hundreds - who are mentally challenged - our City with a over $9 Billion budget - the Health Department - with over $2 Billion plus - treats over 95% of the mentally challenged - in the field - in and around filth - and we pride that we have a - " health system ". We are a disgrace - and we must step up - and do better.

San Francisco and San Franciscans are very sensitive - the Mayor and his lackeys are put on notice - those that advice the Mayor have failed - failed in acknowledging that Amos Brown can play a role - Amos Brown is a sell out - of the highest order.
This " house negro " - is NOT respected - and his works behind the scene - is being monitored.

Some of us have a nonchalant attitude - life goes at usual it seems -  it should - but - where has all the compassion gone to?

Where has all the kindness gone to. Our physically challenged - our seniors - in their - " golden age " - need some assistance - and more and more - this City and County of San Francisco - has shown - disdain

It is sad to see so many - failing to find a place to lay one's head - in places that are dangerous - and for sure not safe. Out City's leadership and more Congressperson Nancy Pelosi and Senator Dianne Feinstein - must go.

They should be ashamed of themselves - they have NOT said a word about our homeless and the situation at hand.

Why should these pathetic folks care? We keep shooing them in - giving these scum of the Earth - our precious votes. We should be booting them off.

We keep getting email and mail in our boxes - urging us to vote for these scum bags who do not deliver - less represent.

Nancy Pelosi who spend most of her time in the Napa and valley has a number of homes - and Dianne Feinstein who have amassed a lot of wealth - both these evil hags - are far removed - from reality - and less from those that have fallen on bad times - our homeless. The poor slowly dying on the streets of San Francisco.

Anyone - can fall on " bad times " - and we see this more and more - at the time goes on in San Francisco. 

It is heart wrenching to find someone that you know - who has lost their home - their job - and find themselves on the streets of San Francisco - without anything. Reduced to abject poverty.

We do not have " decent shelters "  the so called " navigation centers" are a JOKE - they cater to some - but there is no dignity - as one has when they have their own apartment - their own home.

Pandering to one's pets and keeping the pets at arm's length - keeping their belonging - in garbage  bags - stored where all can see - what type of living is this?

Sociologists, psychologists, those that care - should study the " affects " on the human psyche. Kicking the can down the road.

How can people move from say Division near Costco - all the way to Pier 80 - without transportation.

Rubber foam laid on the floor - hundreds already in place - the site can cater to 150 - and already 110 spaces are filled - what type of arrangement is this. 

The Pier 80 site - is not a " navigation center " - but the Mayor and others are calling it one.

The scum bags must spend a night - at these so called fake and sordid  " Navigation Centers"  - the Mayor included - spend a couple of hours at night - and reveal to us - your experience - Ed Lee - you have no guts and less - balls.

San Francisco must do better - I am calling upon the City heads of departments - that I personally know - to go to a better place -
do your best - and please have - compassion.

To the head of the Controller's Office , the head of Public Works, the head of City Administration, the head of SF the Health Department.

The head of City Attorney's Office, the head of our SF Police Department, the head of SF Planning Department.

The head of of Municipal Transportation Agency, the head of the Public Defender's office, the head of the District Attorney's office the many judges that I know.

The many doctors I engage with, the many teachers and professors,  the engineers,  the contractors, advocates - please step up and let us take our City and County of San Francisco - to a better - place.

Decent clergy ( not Amos Brown he is a sell out ) advocates, journalists, heads of institutions - more colleges and universities that I know and have partnered with all these many years.

Children, youth, young adults, adults, seniors - all those that can stand up - speak up - your time in now. God bless you all. 

Our City and County of San Francisco must do better.

This is Ohlone land - more Muwekma Ohlone land  - and I represent the Muwekma Ohlone.