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Sunday, February 7, 2016


Stop building skyscrapers in San Francisco.
This is Muwekma Ohlone land - 
don't you jackasses forget that - for a second.
That includes - Mayor Edwin. M. Lee the lead - jackass.

Never once has this City and County of San Francisco - had a meaningful dialog - on " shared prosperity ".

More, when it comes to housing, health, education, transportation, childcare, Safety, sound Recreational Facilities - in short the Quality of Life issues - that the filthy rich enjoy - at the expense of the poor.

It does not take a " rocket scientist " to understand that if One Percent of the population - the filthy rich in the United States - control over 97% of the entire wealth of the United States - something must be truly wrong with this picture.

Watch this video on Ed Lee:

What is important to know, learn, and educate ourselves - are the " filthy rich " who live in San Francisco - who will spend $5, 000 and $10, 000 on a meal for four - while thousands of poor - go to bed hungry.

One in seven innocent people do not have a bed to sleep - many cannot enjoy a decent meal - and with the adding health problems - the mentally challenged and the physically challenged - on our streets of San Francisco - are growing - exponentially - and no one really - cares.

More mentally challenged get help in our jails - with proper medication delivered to them and given to them - and three meals and more a day. If this fact does not move anyone with a heart - I do not know what does.

HOPESF is a joke - where thousands of units - with large bedrooms - known as Public Housing - mostly built by the Department of Defense - all paid for - many times over.

Thousands of units handed over  - only for our City and County to take the housing from Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - and create a mess. 

Break all the laws - deprive the tenants from owning the units - even when HUD had provisions.

The City - created a corrupt organization called San Francisco Housing Authority - with folks like Amos Brown - condoning, pushing, and encouraging - " deferred maintenance " .

For years people lived in run down public housing - with raw sewage flooding  peoples homes - the old infrastructure left to adversely harm the people - the tenants.

With intent creating in San Francisco a situation - which is nightmare - that has truly not been - revealed to the world.

Added to this situation - the old public housing units - though built with large rooms - where each room - could accommodate - two king beds - have problems like Asbestos and Lead - in the homes.

Plans are afoot to change the footprint of the homes - and bring in tenants - who have " good credit "  and get rid of the poor and those who live from pay check to pay check.

In fact the " gentrification " has been going on - since 1996 when Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. a Black " thug " mayor was in office.

Mayor Gavin Newsom and now Mayor Edwin M. Lee the worst of them all - is carrying on " gentrification "  - much like Hitler health with the Jews in Germany and elsewhere - the Holocaust.

Only this time it is happening in the year 2016 - nice things said on your face - and you get stabbed in the back.

Protest after protest held at City Hall.

City Hall of San Francisco.

We have areas all over San Francisco - more in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - where people live in despicable -conditions. 

People in some third world countries live better - and the representative of District 10 - Malia Cohen is pussyfooting - where most of the poor live - and where daily - " gentrification " is exercised - methodically

Many a time "fungi " - samples are sent to the laboratories - only to baffle the scientists - who came out - and had all sorts of explanations.

One included the presence of - radioactive elements - that could produce -  " a culture of fungi " - and other far fetched explanations. The lay person is baffled - the politicians could not care - the people that live in such a environment - are slowly - dying.

The San Francisco Health Department - as early as 1986 - had detail reports - about the unhealthy conditions people were living in.

 The emphasis was put on those living in the homes - going so far - to say that their conditions - were unhealthy - because the people were dirty and did not not keep themselves - clean.

I visited the homes and by far - most of them - clean themselves - but when I saw - " raw sewage " - and other despicable conditions - I said to my self - " we need to take some tests - have some empirical data ".

We did and the results were shocking - near Kiska Road, near Cleo Rand - at Mariners' Village - near the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - we found high levels of - cesium and radium, ionizing radiation,

The Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory (NRDL) - four stories underground - the famous yet today unknown to many - that should be known - the " 2 million volt - Van de Graaf accelerator produced tremendous amounts of ionizing radiation."

The 46 acres - better know as E2 - underground fire played havoc to the near by residents on Kiska Road and the adjoining areas - a landfill containing benzene, radium dials, as well as methane and more. 

We have documented proof that nuclear waste was dumped in this area - by the NRDL -  the City and County looked the other way - in August of 2000 - there was a fire that raged for months on end.

Again those that should have done something - did nothing   - the corrupt and inept - local, state, and federal regulatory - agencies.

Today Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who has been hounded like a dog with fleas - rejected, despised, disrespected - once bragged to build 20, 000 units on the over 960 acres of land - that is called Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - a Superfund Site.

He is a crazy mayor that has no clue what is is talking about?
This land is worse than Chernobyl - and the man talks of the land - as if it is sound - water front - property.

The " green signal " has been given to Lennar Urban to built - sordid homes - and those who live there and work there - will die a slow death.

It is amazing how the politicians say one thing and do another.

It is the same at Pier 70 - where the entire area has to be mitigated.

Two large ammonia spills - have yet to be abated - and the entire - watershed has been compromised.

Over one million tons of liquid tar - still leeches into the Bay - and no one in this City and County of San Francisco - is paying attention to - this very serious problem.

Again and again - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - keep bragging about some " shared equity " - what is this crazy man talking about?

Gimmicks of the highest order coming from Room 200 - the San Francisco Planning Department - bending backwards - to build Market Rate units - with so called affordable homes - built on land prone to liquefaction and flooding - one project now being built - by Aurelius Walker Road.

What is happening to our City and County of San Francisco?

Our decent, hard working citizens - are leaving San Francisco in droves. The citizens who built this City and County of San Francisco - our unique - neighborhoods.

This is the second large wave of decent San Franciscans - who contributed so much to our City - the first one was during the era.

We lost some of our most talented artists - then - talk about shared prosperity and other cliches that are spewed by very corrupt politicians - like Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a good for nothing - jackass.

It does not help that we have some very corrupt San Francisco Supervisors - Malia Cohen , London Breed, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell, and the worse of them all - Scott Wiener. These scum bags are not respected - and again and again - vote for the rich and fail to respect those that need - help most.

This entire Bay Area and more San Francisco - belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone - and I represent them.

We lost a leader and advocate in Dr. Espanola Jackson - who worked with me for many years.

Together we tried our best - and the future in bright - because you never know - what help one can get - from that side of the universe - where the just transition - and may be see - better.

Our poor and those that need help most are suffering - many sleeping on the streets of San Francisco - facing " El Nino " and the heavy rains and cold wind - and our Mayor and those that advise him - think this is a joke. This is not.

We do not need to invite people to San Francisco - more when we have reached saturation point.  Our population about 853, 000 - living in our 46.9 square mile area - some 18, 190 people per square mile.

Right now the congestion, the contamination, the pollution - has reached the peak - and the regulatory agencies - are doing nothing at all.

The Environmental Protection Agency, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the Regional Water Board, the Department of Toxic and Substances Control - other local regulatory agencies - all bought by the developers - who are cutting corners - and have been all these years.

Our poor and those that need help most - treated with disdain. Millions spent not he poor - the City brags how many millions it spends - most of the money - does some good - but a lot of it is wasted - some non-profits raking in millions.

Time will tell.