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Friday, February 19, 2016


Congressperson Nancy Pelosi -
she represents those that fill her 
campaign coffers - not San Franciscans.

We all must be educated on issues -
to make the best demands -
given to us as citizens -
never mind the 3/5 controversy 
that still haunts Blacks and more those that 
did so much for this Nation - blood and sweat.

Our journey through the 70s and 80s will touch some salient and pertinent issues that matter - and further reveal how with intent - some very devious entities - with intent - furthered the cause of - sordid - gentrification.

In 1972 the words " Affirmative Action " made headlines - and the City and County of San Francisco, other very corrupt Human Relations entities - used the term as front to commit all sorts of atrocities.

"Upward Mobility " was another - empty words - that failed to help those - get " career jobs " - keep them - and further their cause to contribute as good citizens of this nation - the United States of America.

The many Universities we have in and around San Francisco - recruited outside San Francisco - many sell out Blacks.

These Blacks had the degrees - their heart was not in the right place - and for sure these sordid Blacks - were not connected to the Blacks of San Francisco - and other people of color in San Francisco.

Blacks dividing Blacks - we still have them - hovering around - and we do not need them - when we see a sell out now - we must shout, scream, and have them take flight - they are not wanted - not at this juncture - when "gentrification" - is moving full speed ahead.

We still find these - sell out Blacks - on the SF Planning Commission - the Municipal Transportation Agency - the Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - other committees and Task Forces of sorts.

Crooks like Juliet Ellis they are not home grown - some weed transplanted here - in this case the SF Public Utilities Commission - to commit illegal actions. 

The transferring of $200, 000 to Green For All - a no n-profit in the East Bay - from our Community Benefit Fund fought for by the Sewer System Improvement Project - Task Force - created in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

Meetings held at the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - 1800 Oakdale - in the Bayview.

This money was returned - but here you have a case - where an outsider is put in charge and the first thing and action this Black woman does is do something - illegal.

This inept, spineless, unethical woman - whose title is Assistant General Manager of External Affairs - is External alright - and far removed from the values of decent, hardworking - San Franciscans.

Juliet Ellis with intent - shafted the community -  continues to shaft the community.

With help from the General Manager Harlan Kelly - Juliet Ellis keeps hurting community in the Bayview that fought for the community benefits.

 These sordid Black outsiders - are the scourge of our times - devious, evil and should be dealt with by the law - that purports to take its time -  the RICO ACT is a must in this case.

In the 70s and 80s all sorts of Educational Opportunities were given to Asians - the Blacks had to suffer the consequences - worst than those in any Third World country.

Court orders further kept those that need help most - outside - brought about hurdles - and destroyed many a family.

An entire generation suffered from poor scores - we had fewer Black students going to college and university - and the result is what we have today - thousands uneducated on issues.

Incarceration of Blacks increased - until today we have - people serving 15years, 20 years, 25 years - and most of us - have no clue - about the suffering of entire generations of Blacks.

Few of us take the time to visit our incarcerated Sisters and Brothers - the Black community is divided. 

The Black - Poverty Pimp Pastors - have failed the community - and for sure - the thousands that are incarcerated - in our many local, State and Federal - jails.

A disproportionate of Blacks are incarcerated - our President - Barrack Hussein Obama - talks the talk - but has done little - to review and more to drastically - change things - in our State and Federal jails.

Whites control these institutions - our modern - Slave Plantations - where those jailed - work long hours - and paid a dime for an hour - of blood and sweat.

Our Supreme Court had failed to come to the assistance of those incarcerated - who are serving time - for petty crimes and false accusations. Given fake representation - forced to plead guilty - and the innocent suffer - while the Correction Officers prey on those that should not be there - in the first place.

Time and time again - cases have been revealed - the injustice committed -  no one seems to realize the chronic situation at hand - that we must first study, analyze, formulate - address and more DO something - about.

Earlier generations took advantage of our high schools, our colleges, our universities - some - but there was still the very wide gap - you could see the disparity - but few Black leaders took the time - to do something about it.

We had the " Unfinished Agenda " - that spelled out the details of the woes - Blacks and before that called Negroes had to suffer in San Francisco. 

The Human Rights Commission that was first a Human Right Committee - founded in the Bayview - paid for the document - and conveniently - placed it on its shelves - to collect dust - for the last 35 years plus.

In the 80s -  the devil's drug showed its ugly face - " crack cocaine". This one drug - killed the very SOUL of the Black Community.

From the days of "slavery" the Black strong woman - held the family together.

You have to sit down with grandmothers - to know what I know - to feel the soul - and the many happenings - of many other generations - information and treasures passed from generation to generations - that kept the " fire " - alive.

In the 80s the Black woman - more than anyone- was targeted.

With this one long stroke - from those that are very devious - thousands of Black women - fell prey to " crack cocaine ".

Stealing, petty crimes to sustain their drug habits - prostitution - other habits that take you down - and fail to keep you standing tall - strong.

Black churches had no clue - how to address the situation at hand - the short cut - was to incarcerate those that fallen prey - and many died a slow - death.

On another front - the Educational Front - further harm was being done - we all have read the reports - but today - few remember the details - and more the unending damage that was - created.

Again we all remember Bakke vs UC Davis - the Supreme Court invalidated goals and quotas for Affirmative Action. As usual the Blacks lost out and the Asians students won big time.

The and other computer firms - attracted all sorts of talent - in the 80s - Blacks who were caught in the fray.

Many who had  fallen prey to " crack cocaine " lost out on opportunities.

To this day - that divide continues to haunt the Black  Society - but no one is really - connecting the dots.

The digital world is here to stay.

 We all have to cope with the many tools we have at our hand - to create, to make known, to publish in written form, using the  video formats.

Photographs, editing - doing what it takes to expose the crooks that think - we are not watching them.

Our journey through the 70s and 80s touches on some salient yet pertinent issues - the tip of the iceberg. 

We must learn to further delve, find out, and reveal to the world - what in fact happened in other areas - other facets - and shed light where there is abject - darkness.

I worked for the Department of Defense - then the Department of the Interior and finally the United States Park Police - before I retired. 

I learned well the makings and the doings - the "brain storming " - the nepotism - the many rules and regulations - and how they are used by the "crooks " - supposedly those in power  - to favor those that do not rock the boat.

Those that rock the boat - are targeted - and for good measure - if you survive - you rule - and you can send waves and waves - create a " tsunami" - and take control of the situation at hand.

We  may have the constitution, we may have all sorts of rules and regulations - other norms - that supposedly bring about normalcy and keep order.

We must have our own Standard Operating Procedures - I use to write them - and those in charge loved the way - I had the " pale faces "  - follow norms that they liked - from someone - had found a way - into their way of thinking and more their way of action - hopefully - right.

Next we will take a tour of the 90s and hopefully a peep of the 20s.