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Friday, February 5, 2016


Dr. Espanola fought a good fight -
in life as in death - she will be remembered -
she has left a legacy - and now that work
has to be attended and finished by those 
that walk the walk.

San Franciscans are astute - we have a higher percentage of constituents that have a higher education - and more experience in fields of knowledge - we are innovative - and we demand the best - we have Nationwide -  what most other cities lack.

In our City and County of San Francisco - more. the politicians - in recent times - lack the finesse that comes with learning - more, when it comes to good governance.

Good governance is  tied to sound, spirituality - and I see it again and again - more our Black representatives - pandering their responsibilities - and making a fool of themselves.

It is the people that we the hard working, decent - San Franciscans - pay the very high salaries to our so called San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

 The many  - department heads - the Mayor - the City Administrator - the Controller - the many so called advisors - who have failed this - great City. San Francisco should not be satisfied with the status quo - some drab standards - we must and should aim for the best.

When those in charge - those that are suppose to represent - are blinded by petty stuff - trivial and mundane things - again and again - we see lost opportunities. With lost opportunities - we have adverse impacts.

Our poor on the streets facing the inclement weather - is something heart breaking. The thousands of our children - who do not go to school - the increase in truancy - impacted the feelings and thoughts of Dr. Espanola Jackson and I.

The many seniors, the mentally and physically challenged - who are not afforded opportunities and less looked down upon - is a shame that this City bears - tattooed on its forehead. Shame on those that could do better.

Our infants, children, youth, young adults, those with compromised health - our growing population of seniors - all depend on advocates - such as Dr. Espanola Jackson and many other that share our committed - blue print that has been vetted.

We lost a great citizen of San Francisco - with the passing of and transition of - Dr. Espanola Jackson - as was evidenced by the two memorial events - one held at Grace Tabernacle Community Church - on February 4, 2016 and the other at the Providence Baptist Church - on February 5, 2016.

Here are some photographs of the event held February 4, 2016 - at the Grace Tabernacle Community Church - Ingalls and Oakdale - attended by some stalwart advocates - others who truly admired Dr. Espanola Jackson:

The citizens of San Francisco - recognizing the life of Dr. Espanola Jackson - a voice in the wilderness - much like that of John the Baptist - fighting for the people.

Those many - that needed help - the down trodden - and always putting herself last - and those that she loved - with unconditional love - first.

Our City and County has chosen to name the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building at 1800 Oakdale after Dr. Espanola Jackson. This is a step in the right - direction. The Mayor, Edwin M. Lee agreed to this decision - so there is light - at the end of the tunnel.

We need more reaching out - we need our representatives to speak and act from the heart - those superficial statements - the empty talk and no walk - will not be tolerated - as we are witnessing from the many - protests on our streets - and important events.

It has become  common to shame the politicians - and those that are playing the constituents - be on the look out - we are monitoring you carefully - Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell, and Katy Tang.

We are watching you all - and your time will come - soon.

Our City failed to lower its flag to half-mast - at City Hall - to honor a citizen who has receive numerous accolades, commendations, served on so many boards, committees, commissions, grand juries - more than anyone can imagine - and contributed her life to the mission of serving -others.

True, the Mayor's office issued a press release - and true that the entire San Francisco Board of Supervisors - adjourned in Dr. Espanola Jackson's name.

This  nation - under one flag - that constitution that we all have read and honor - must respect and more acknowledge - in life as in death - Dr. Espanola Jackson's legacy which is unparalleled - here in San Francisco and may I mention - in the entire Bay Area and beyond. 

Some of the political scum bags were present at the service - as usual talking and giggling - and not paying attention to the service - held at the Providence Baptist  Church. I sat behind them - and observed - the same individuals - who are not worth the salt.

Dr. Espanola Jackson and Francisco Da Costa.
May you rest in peace - Dr Espanola Jackson.
We fought a good fight - and there is more to do.
Thank you  for your sacrifice and love.
There can be NO love - without sacrifice.

The Mayor was rightly - NOT recognized - he sat for some time - and left.  His cronies feeling left out - and more his advisors -who have failed - San Franciscans in toto.

There was heavy law enforcement presence - the Providence Baptist Church situated in the Bayview - 1601 McKinnon Street - was packed to capacity.

I was a little late - having spent the day earlier February 4, 2016 - helping Bishop Ernest Jackson at this Church - some during the service that brought our Judge Quintin Kopp and Joe O'Donnague - two well know independent warriors - and many more citizens of San Francisco - who shared their memories - and spread the good word and tidings  - to the entire Universe.

They were all there to honor Dr. Espanola for all her sacrifice and love - they were there to personally say - " thank you ".

The many ardent advocates - from all walks of life -  travelled from a long distance - they saw that shinning star - and decided to follow it - to Grace Tabernacle Community Church - the true advocates of San Francisco.

To all you that attended the service on February 4, 2016 at Grace Tabernacle Community Church - I say - " God bless you all ". We have more than ever - work to do - and we must stand united.

Francisco Da Costa
Director - Environmental Justice Advocacy

Dr. Espanola Jackson - and I shared thousands of person hours - fighting the good fight - and dealing with human issues in a humane manner.

Her loss to me is personal and very deep - and no one understands that than those that have fought in the trenches - and won. So many sweet victories and very few - defeats.

I owe so much to my wife Maria Da Costa - that has stood by my side - that Dr. Espanola Jackson would call - and say when is my " right hand man " -  "may I speak to him - baby".

The long hours - and many issues - the trials and tribulations - often mentioned to my wife in detail -  my wife has stood by me - and few know the personal sacrifice she had made - but, now those of you - that know very little - know so much.

The First People of our Bay Area - and San Francisco - gave Dr. Espanola Jackson - a singular privilege - she was  a " card carrying" Muwekma Ohlone member of the tribe.

I now carry the singular privilege to keep that torch burning - and represent the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone.

The Muwekma Ohlone Chair Rosemary Cambara - called Dr. Espanola Jackson - " baby " - an affectionate term - that Dr. Espanola Jackson called most everyone.

My wife Maria Da Costa - has a soft corner for the Muwekma Ohlone - in fact all - First People - as was witnessed by our presence at the 60th anniversary of the Intertribal Friendship House - with Carol Wahpepah - Executive Director and her ardent teams  - who work with - fortitude. My wife and I truly comprehend and understand - we all who live in American - must work and support - the First People of Turtle Island.

Dr. Espanola Jackson often drew  attention to those issues and causes - that most people did not care.

We did it together traveling to far off place and standing tall - shoulder to shoulder - at " ground zero"  -  in her quest to take people - people of all races, deposition, status,  faith, choices - to finish line and make this world - better. 

Our City and Count of San Francisco lacks protocol - and has once again tarnished its name - and brought out the ugly head of " racism and discrimination ".

The City without hesitation should have flown its flag at City Hall at half-mast.

 It is not too late - some one in charge of protocol  - who has been fast asleep in the cockpit of decision making - must wake up - and forever hold her of his - peace.

The many citizens who came to the service on February 4, 2016 at the service held from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm - kept it real. 

The profound sentiments expressed - forced seasoned advocates to shed a tear - others looked around - before wiping their tears - and all for good - measure.

The Church - more the Black Church played a key role in the life of Dr. Espanola Jackson.

She learned much from her Mother - she learned even more from the hard life - she saw and  knew - from the " cotton picking in the fields " in Texas - abject poverty - hardship - discrimination - blatant racism - early on in San Francisco - and more.

Her coming to the West in San Francisco - living in the Fillmore, China Town, the Bayview Hunters Point - and more working her way up - then to the very top - is profound and a singular achievement.

Daily without fail for the last 20 years I called her - to discuss, debate, analyze, adjudicate, strategize, reveal to her certain technical modes and modalities - that those who work for any organization with deep skills - practice - to achieve the best - in any given situation.

For the last 35 years past - our work - consisted in improving Land Use, Planning, Safety issues, Transportation, Housing, our failing Health system, Childcare, upward mobility, Career jobs, issues linked to Federal Recognition and the First People.

A host of other technical and political issues - that I helped her with. As I said she was a quick learner - and requested you to spell out everything and most aspects of the issues - we addressed with earnest.

The Black Church in San Francisco simply does not get it.

The " devil" is now entrenched in palaces of " worship " - where more and more - as you can see from the superficial shouting - and screaming - lack of compassion - more self-centered interest - pandering for - " bread crusts" thrown to the floor.

There is God and there is  " mammon " the latter  seems to have had a better hand. Leading that charge Amos Brown - who has sold out the San Francisco community.

As a Catholic - having spent my younger days in Rome and other places in Europe - studying and learning - I have rubbed shoulders with the best - I was there - at the right time - and all I had was to absorb from those - who were the best of the best.

My tryst with the military was a fluke - one that I took a chance to be motivated - more challenged.

I had the unique and singular distinction to serve well in the military - and learned much from Desert Shield and Desert Storm. I worked for three Generals - all great ones Moore, Harrison, and Mallory.

The many Standard Operating Procedures in the military - are vetted and tested and proven to work in any situation - where results - must be attained - with quick  dispatch and notice.

Not unlike the Jesuit training - if one delves into the works of Saint Ignatius - the genius who could motivate and change individuals to serve - serve for the greater glory of God.

Of course Dr. Espanola Jackson had but  a seventh grade education - she had tons of common sense - so you can imagine as we set down - and I briefed her - how she took those first  grueling - lessons. She passed the test and more stood the test of time.

There were many questions - being head strong she pushed me hard - and I pushed her even harder.

The many victories we won - as a team - never once saying who won - we won - and we won on all levels. We won - serving the community - as best we can.

There were many days - we attended two, three,  four and even five meetings.

Today, that is challenging for me - but when Dr. Espanola Jackson was in her 60s - she had the stamina of one who was 30 years old.

Always punctual - we always planned - did our home work, well.

We, astounded those at the many committees - who wondered - why did we dedicate so much time - and what truly - spurred us on.

To deal with the mundane - any one has to be spiritually - very strong.

I arrived at the Providence Baptist Church on February 5, 2016 a bit late - the place was packed.

I was led to an area - meant for dignitaries  and there was one spot available - next to the former San Francisco - District 10 Supervisor, Sophina Maxwell.

Sophina Maxwell - the daughter of Enola Maxwell - my very good friend.

We shared many memories - and often times - people would mistake Dr. Espanola Jackson for Enola Maxwell - and Enola Maxwell for Dr. Espanola Jackson.

I had to have a sense of what was happening - and had to borrow the program from Sophina Maxwell - she not only permitted me to have her program - but insisted that I could keep it.

I got immediately - to studying the program - having created thousands of programs - for the last 55 years.

I love putting big and small  shows, events, debates, religious programs - you name it - sports events - anything that brings - people and especially the youth and young adults - together.

A good program says a lot about an organization - that is what I believe in - and even as I was reading the program - those that put it together - must have had a lot going - and tough decisions to make.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior 
of the San Francisco Bay Area

That program I saw was long - I had two opportunities to speak - early on in the program - representing the Chairperson of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribal Council - Rosemary Cambra - and later on in the program - in my own capacity under my own name.

I decided to take the early opportunity - representing the Muwekma Ohlone - as requested by Chairperson - Rosemary Cambra - and slid out - to go home - and rest myself.

The previous 5 days have been hectic - and I had to bring  myself to represent - this one time - for my good friend Dr. Espanola Jackson.

I do not see any stellar leadership coming from the Black Church in San Francisco - not with a clown like Amos Brown - others lacking leadership.

Failing - to be on the front line - the easy way out - sitting on the fence - acting as a fool - jumping on that side - they perceive the grass to be green.

I have studied Frederick Douglass and admire that Black man - who lived and debated President Abraham Lincoln. More stood for principles that today Black leaders - lack.

The Black Ministers by far do not impress me - especially here in San Francisco and by default their preaching and ways - interacting with their congregation and the public in general.

In their congregation you have the seniors holding to their well groomed beliefs - and no leadership.

The many  babies - accompanying their grandmothers - and those youth and young adults that are needed and should attend - church services - are missing.

This vacuum - lacking youth and young adults - will lead to abject failure - and there must be a viable and sustainable force - for stellar - continuity.  We cannot have it with sound spirituality - and more with proven - leadership.

The shepherd must serve, work and represent the flock - not mammon.

Shouting, screaming, barking up the wrong tree, saying one thing and doing another - is not my cup of tea.

I will not generalize - there are one of two - that are my friends -  good pastors - I will treasure that friendship.

My good friend Dr. Espanola Jackson often ventured into the field of Theology and I was glad to share my education in this field with this great lady.

She was  a quick learner - and a profound leader - " a good leader shows the way,  knows the way - and goes the way".

The Universe has lost a noble soul - in the transitioning of Dr. Espanola Jackson - it will take me a while to get over it - may be - never.

I witness too much corruption and nefarious activities - I will not sit down and moan and groan - there are ways to tackle the - "corrupt".

We have a chronic situation in Room 200 at City Hall - and some of us are hell bent to do the - right thing.

Bring it on.

Rest in peace Dr. Espanola Jackson.

 I am keeping it real - and fear no mortal woman or man - that includes the - sordid politicians of today.

This is Ohlone Land - and San Francisco has lost a lady with a big heart - " a card carrying Muwekma Ohlone Tribe member ".

This is Ohlone Land - and all the land was stolen - the many Shell Mounds - where the Sacred Remains are - carbon dated to 13, 000 years.

We will not be dictated by those that have come recently and polluted and contaminated - so much. The Great Spirit sees it all. Aho.

Photographs from the service held at Grace Tabernacle Community Church - on February 4, 2016 - to honor and respect - Dr. Espanola Jackson. Thank you all for coming: