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Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Bernie Sanders for President 
of the United States of America.

Bernie Sanders has proved to the Nation - that the ordinary American citizen counts.

Not so the corrupt politicians -  the time has come for those that take huge donations - from Political Action Committees - blood money washed - to fund Hillary Clinton and other sordid politicians - who can look you in the eye and lie.

Much as do Senator Dianne Feinstein and Congress person Nancy Pelosi - two hags - that have failed to represent the common person - and failed San Francisco and more the surrounding areas - that we call the Bay Area.

We need a voice right at the top - more in the White House - that truly represents the people. The commons. We need so called representatives - to represent - not to mock those that elect them - when they get into power.

Wall Street has failed the people too - and we saw this and more in the year 2008.

The many ploys and machinations - that sub-primes loans - dubious risk funds - hedge funds are used - to make millions - on nefarious transactions  - that have destroyed the lives of millions - of innocent lives.

We need to fix things at home - here in the United States - and stabilize our economy to make Americans feel comfortable -more with opportunities and upward mobility.

Our Society should do all in their power to care for those that work hard - have morals, ethics and standards.

As it stands today - the corrupt those that take short cuts - get ahead - and this nonsense cannot go on - without severe repercussions.

More our infants, children, youth, young adults, our seniors - others who have compromise health - especially our mentally challenged and physically challenged - need help - the younger generation - motivated to contribute to Society - in the right manner.

Our Veterans suffering from injuries - put in harms way and now left to suffer - causing adverse impacts - to family members and supporters.

If  we indeed live in a Nation that has compassion and cares for those that put their lives on the line - we  must step up and do right - stand by those that have won us all - our singular - freedom.

It is simply wrong that a measly percentage of ONE percent of our population - folks that are filthy rich - have no morals, less ethics, and absolutely have NO standards - will do anything and everything to amass great amount of money.

Thumbing their noses - and failing to represent as citizens - of America and worthy of our constitution and more.

Bernie Sanders may be called a Socialist - he may be called names - and some may accuse him of not knowing too much about our already failed International Policies - that past administrations have messed up.

Bernie Sanders - did not want us to go to war - and many other representatives  did - and brought about - immense  suffering- to millions of innocent children - through NO fault of theirs - in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya - and elsewhere.

Our exploits in Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria - and in other countries that we targeted - just because we can - does not bear well with those - in the millions - world over -  that treasure life - have morals -  have compassion - and value human values.

Hillary Clinton has failed miserably and still brags that she knows some - when she has been an abject - failure.

Her diatribe and spewing hot air - is well known and noted - she must fade away - and never, ever seek higher office - to continue the injustice done and more sow seeds on more sordid  - and evil actions.

The world is agains us - millions of people around the world - hate us and more do not trust us - because of the failed policies of Hillary Clinton and her husband.

We have astute Generals in our military active and retired - who can speak to the despicable policies coming from Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton - as Secretary of State in the President Barrack Obama - administration.

The General and their staff stand ready - to help any President who is in office -  a President that listen to them - not the politicians - of sure Bernie Sanders - will listen to the Generals and their staff that matter - and lead this Nation on to better - things.

We saw this in Rwanda with Bill Clinton - we saw this Iraq with Hillary Clinton - we saw this in Afghanistan - we see this provocation on the high seas - today.

We think that might will win - even as we went out of our way to Libya - to still the voice of that government - that was on the verge of establishing a - monetary system.

A monetary - that would challenge other monetary systems -  be it the Euro or our failed American Dollar - that is not worth the paper it is print on.

The mess we have created in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Syria, in Libya is ours to bear - and work out a solution.

We should have stayed at home - and not provoked those that we had no - business bullying.

Today - the repercussion are unending - and those who suffer - are Americans who truly had no fight - in wars - that were brought to visit them - by failed policies of politicians like President  George W.  Bush Jr. and others of his ilk.

We print money - and print more - and can brag about our  fake economy that folks like Hillary Clinton and others - wheel and deal with - who have stacked great wealth for themselves - at the cost of the lay person - those millions that work hard - and get little to live by.

Wheeling and dealing - with folks worldwide who amass wealth from trading with the dubious and nefarious entities - who are friends with those that we have not challenged to do right - such as the Saudis - the scum bags of today world.

Bill Clinton can talk the talk - but has failed to walk the walk.

Bill Clinton has failed when is comes to morality - just ask Monica - she revealed how low this man could stoop.

Even inserting some lighted cigar - is her proclivity - a shame that can never be erased - because this one act - tells us more about Hillary Clinton - Bill Clinton's  wife  - who is dreaming to be the next President of the United States.

This will not happen - and millions have spoken in recent months - they want a change for good - and that change will not come with Hillary Clinton - in the cockpit.

If Hillary Clinton uses her machine to fight Bernie Sanders  - more and more - Hillary Clinton will sink - in the cesspool of her own creation.

Bernie Sanders can easily find - great minds in our military to come to his aid and more to the aid of our great Nation - the United States of America.

Bernie Sanders can easily find - astute and stellar minds that can far surpass the inferior policies of Hillary Clinton - when she was Secretary of State - and that of her husband who today wheels and deals - and has amassed millions - linked to the Foundation that bears his sordid name.

America has failed before with pathetic leaders.

When it comes to leaders like Bernie Sanders who put the ordinary child, woman and man - as those he cares - the sordid leaders of the past - with their sordid ways - want to bring Bernie Sanders down - without justification.

For years the politicians those that do not care of  the commons - have used their wealth against the common person.

Now is our time - the time of the COMMONS t o rally - unite - and stand behind - the one true leader who can represent American and those that are decent - Bernie Sanders.

Contributing a few dollars - volunteering hours - sacrificing much - million have stood up - against those like Hillary Clinton who does not have our best interests - we have NOT seen such action that matters - in the long, long time.

Bernie Sanders has been in my prayers - and I have endorsed him - long before - it became fashionable to see the light at the end of the tunnel  - and feel comfortable with his way of conducting business - without much fanfare.

Bernie Sanders has brought a breath of fresh air - and more morals, ethics and sound standards.

Bernie Sanders for President - for all the people - more the commons. Aho.