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Saturday, February 27, 2016


Black mothers from all over the Nation -
gathered at the First African Methodist Episcopal Church
to speak about their sons -
all killed by police officers -
in most cases - unjustified killings -  murders.

It is not too often - you meet Black mothers - who are  fired up to tell their personal stories - their sons killed by police - all over the Nation. Deep feelings - only know to a mother who has lost her son - only a mother can express those feelings - and each mother did that - for us.

Never, ever mess with a Mother or Father - whose daughter or son - has been taken away from them.

More,  in a manner that is now common - Nationwide - killings, shootings, maiming of youth and young adults - for reasons that beg the question.

Those who attended the meeting held at First African Methodist Episcopal on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley - were blessed -  to be at this unique and very special - meeting - one of kind and very informing - more  history making.

The First African Methodist Episcopal Church
in Berkeley - on Telegraph Avenue
hosted the mothers who sons were murdered
by police officers - all over the United States.

Mother after mother - came to the podium and told the audience in no uncertain terms - how the Mothers and Fathers - family members - once traumatized - fighting against odds - now,  feeling empowered to speak to the TRUTH.

To bring people from all walks united - to bring justice - and more peace and prosperity to Blacks - all over the United States.

Here is San Francisco we are on the front line to make changes - linked to Violence Prevention and Intervention - but more to cater to the victims - and that includes the mothers and fathers.

The details of the shootings, the killings, the maiming - revealed, were mind boggling.

 The facts most proven in the Court - thrown out because of the Officers Bill of Rights - judges who discriminated - just because the victims were - Black.

Mothers from all over the United States
all Black and all hurting -
gave their voice - to blatant discriminatory
actions in our Courts and police stations 
in our neighborhoods the many happenings - leading to maiming, killing, shootings - all by rogue police officers.

Hearing the personal stories - brought tears to most in the audience.

This Nation that mandates - fairness,  justice for all - should have compassion - those  stole the land from the First People - deem the thieves to be the owners of the land - Turtle Island.

Turtle Island belongs and will always belong to the Native Americans - the "thieves" - whatever they say - first and foremost - are deemed - "thieves".

The stealing of the land - cries to heaven for justice.

Slavery in all its forms -  even today - cries to heaven for justice.

The police initially were formed to catch slaves - and were sordid called " slave catchers ". To this day - the remnants of that brand name - are embedded in the many " police orders " - the Bill of Rights that the police - worship.

When we brag there is justice for all - for all that talk - again and again - and again - our Sisters and Brothers have been killed - without justification - in many cases - with - " intent". 

Oscar Grant's Mother Wanda -
and Francisco Da Costa

The refrain from the Mothers - their plea to us all - let us put aside our differences - join together - united as a force - and take on the forces - that since 1776 - having been playing havoc with Black families.

Nationwide there have been many movements - the Oscar Grant Movement was started in San Francisco and moved to Oakland and spread Nationwide and may I add worldwide.

We thank the Oscar Grant Foundation who have done so much and played a key role - in organizing this event at the First Methodist Episcopal Church - on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley.

We honor the Mothers for coming to Oakland - and we must promise them and more keep our promise - by uniting and working together - to address violence, violence prevention - and bring peace to our Black communities all over the United States.

Working hard to keep our children, youth, young adults in the schools and colleges - nurturing them - educating them on issues - and most importantly teaching the " spiritual values " - where our Mothers and now our " Grandmothers" - keep the families united.

After the Mothers met the Fathers met too.

The  Black Mothers stop outside the Church
for a couple of group photographs -
thanks for coming and gracing the occasion -
sharing the information - and now on to action.

Courtesy Kelly Johnson Photographs - some excellent photographs taken at the event - Black and White: