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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Under this dome - at City Hall -
more in Room 200 - lots of wheeling
and dealing - corruption of the highest order.

San Francisco is known the world over - as a first class city - but in recent years -  that  glitter is fading - our roads are congested - our air is polluted - and our health services - lagging.

The victims of the above adverse impacts - our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors - more those mentally and physically challenged - and of course those who compromised - health.

People talk about Obama Care - but, trying getting services - standard services - and it would be better to fly to Thailand, India, Dubai - many third world countries - and for less - you get more.

People have been on line - wait to fill an application -waiting, waiting -for for Godot!

Even if you have regular health services - having worked for the Federal government, myself - with all the high premiums one pays - the services are mediocre.

 One can go  to a hospital - get the operation - to really find out - what I am talking about. In the old days - they hospitals - had a holistic approach - now it is more like McDonalds - in and out.

Imagine you have not yet recovered - you want some added care - you feel vulnerable - the hospitals want you in and out - more, the sooner they kick you out - the better the hospitals feel - they have served you.

If only you know - how some entity like the Sutter Hospitals are involved in other type of shenanigans - who offer medicals service and procedures - too convoluted. The entire health system at ground zero - is controlled by - " insurance companies " that want to fleece everyone - and they show no mercy and of course no compassion.

Now, if you are poor - an indigent - they pretend to give you some help - HealthySF -or  whatever they call it.

You are poor - you are in pain - intolerable pain - you need an operation - you are asked more questions than you can answer.
They know you are poor an indigent - so they look at you - like a dirty rag - they tell you - to your face - " there are many like you " you will have to wait ".

You think a few weeks -hopefully a month - no will be months before your turn arrives - some have been waiting for year - on an average - at least for six months.

You need to go out into the world - venture and talk to people - at the hospitals - there is nothing else doing some investigative - reporting.

You out how the doctors are quick to prescribe - pain killers. Any minor pain - "pain killers" they feel is the ultimate cure - no wonder so many are - "  pain killer addicts ".

If you are a victim - you must write about it - or at the least go before the San Francisco Health Commission - and give testimony. Barbara Garcia and the Commissioners - push paper - rubber stamp the many issues - and it it time we rock the boat - and tell these weird folks - what the hell is truly happening - to our health system - in San Francisco.

And the pain killers are more popular with the rich - they pop the pain killer pills - like they would candy or some pop corn - and I am not kidding you.

More rich people love to commit suicide - many of them - pop as many pain killers - mixed with other dangerous pills - and bid adieu to this Earth. Yes, the filthy rich - you lack - spirituality and not have the guts - to face their inner demons.

There use to be a time - when doctors - would prescribe less medication - and focus on nutrition - much before - nutrition became  - fashionable.

As the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy - I deal with contamination and pollution - and few know - that one ton of Methane Gas - equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide. 

I met the Mayor some time ago - I am talking the Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin M. Lee.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee was surprised as I was telling him - that San Francisco is 46.9 square miles - that we have 18, 200 people living per square foot - and that we have  a population of about 820, 000.

I spoke about this intention to build 30, 000 on land prone to liquefaction and flooding- he seem nonchalant - and all the time Arturo Carrillo who was with me and Paul Henderson - was listening.

It is amazing how far removed the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee is from ground zero. The Archbishop King - of the Coltrane Church in the Fillmore has been asking the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee for a one to one - and he is still waiting his turn.

We recently saw Dr. Espanola Jackson transition - after working so hard for the community. The Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - released a press release - praising Dr. Espanola Jackson. The SF Board of Supervisors adjourned their meeting- in memory of Dr. Espanola Jackson. 

Dr. Espanola Jackson requested  a simple meeting with Mayor, Edwin M Lee - and was never, ever granted one. Why? Because the he is so full of himself!

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco - on matters - linked to Land Use, San Francisco Planning, Infrastructure, Transportation, Health, Safety.

As an environmentalist  I am interested in the increased congestion on our streets of San Francisco,  air pollution - the increase in respiratory diseases and more.

We  once had Saint Luke's  hospital - where the Bayview was served well.

Saint Luke's had a whole floor - for the mentally challenged.

Now we have the 7th Floor at SF General Hospital - but no one likes the SF General Hospital.

Most everybody who spent some time at Saint Luke's - likes the way the hospital treated the patients.

Saint Luke has been taken by the group know as Sutter Hospitals - and everything has changed.

They keep you for a brief minute -  at Saint Luke's - and then then off you go - to California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) - their sister hospital.

San Francisco has an increase is asthma cases - people experiencing heart problems - many exercise - many San Franciscans eat right  - have NO obesity problems - but they suffer from heart attacks. Why?

Another area where we have seen increases - are chronic tumors - tumors of all sorts.

Closer the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - where many tests - were conducted - to create weapons of mass destruction -  " depleted uranium " - was tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Few know about this - but the fact remains - that in the Bayview our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults - are all suffering - and slowly dying.

Barbara Garcia  the Director of Health - has all the empirical data - she controls a budget of $2 Billion.

The health care service provided today at SF General Hospital - are pathetic - she knows it -  others know it - and the situation is growing from bad to worse.

Facebook has contribute about $80 million - a donation one of the largest in our nation - to help compete the new wing of the San Francisco General Hospital.

This new wing has  some sophisticated medical equipment - and all this is good.

 We need to have the empirical data - how many - poor people - more poor infants and children - get access to this equipment. 

Poor people are sleeping on our streets - only one in six poor people - can afford to get some bed - in our shelters. 

The Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - should spend a day - in the open - in one of those tents.

 Some brave people have raised funds to buy these small tents - and the man thinks - the Super Bowl - needs the money - but not the poor - who are God's children.

Tomorrow - I will connect the dots - wait until you hear about the Safety Issues - decent, tax payers, others who are innocent - face on our streets.

Open your eyes - do your own investigation - find out the facts - do not believe in gossip - and take for granted what the Main Media says - sensational stuff.

Cheap talk and hot air - cannot bring about change - express yourselves - you are intelligent enough to do so.

 Speak to the " Truth " - for God sake we have no time to waste - we all need to take people to a better - place.  Aho.