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Sunday, January 31, 2016


Executive Director - Carol Wahpepah
and Francisco Da Costa

We are blessed that in the Bay Area - decent people stood up and created - " safe havens " - in years past - like the well known Intertribal Friendship House - located at 523 International Blvd, Oakland, California.

You may reach those that operate this one of a kind institution at : (510) 836 - 1955.

I thank the Great Spirit for blessing those - who give so much to keep the " fire alive ".

 Where so many come - to learn so much - for those that have so much to give - in abundance - and seek no monetary - compensation.

We are blessed to have Carol Wahpepah the Executive Director - who with kindness in her heart - compassion - and undaunted fortitude - has done so much for our Native American - Brothers and Sisters - our Elders that we revere - and others.

The hundreds - that come to her - and those many who volunteer to maintain and operate the institution.

Offering the best - abode - compassion - a ear to those that need to be heard - an embrace -  more understanding,  quality and assistance - second to none.

Carol Wahpepah is a living saint - and her actions speak loud and clear.

January 30, 2016  - Intertribal Friendship House - will celebrate its 60th Anniversary.

Keeping the " fire " burning -
generation after generation -
indigenous people of this Earth.

This journey that I am about to describe - has made my heart heavy - kept me strong to address what needs to be addressed.

 Strengthened my  determination - with fortitude - my love for the Native Americans - undaunted - my name is Francisco Da Costa.

Waves of Native Americans - were removed from the Reservations - a Brother sent to Oakland - a sister to Los Angeles - dividing so many Native American Tribes - from the East Coast and Mid - America. 

The United States Government did this - with the help of the Department of Interior - without second thoughts.

Some of these Native Americans - were uprooted and sent West in the early 1930's.

However - in the 1950's, 60's, and 70's - wave after wave arrived -  the Native Americans were given a one way ticket to the West.

Those part of this evil plan -  making sure to separate the family - with intent to destroy families - and those who perpetrated this crime - should be brought to justice. It is not too late.

Native Americans were here for thousands of years - remains of the First People - all carbon dated - verified - much before the Pale Faces - set their dirty foot on this land - named Turtle Island.

Never mind today - that many make a lot about " Thanksgiving Day and the modern imported Turkey ".

The first  Pale Faces that received  from the Wampanoag Tribe -  who shared their - yams, wild fowl, corn, squash, berries,  way back in 1621.

A decade later " Thanksgiving " was declared a national holiday in 1863 - by President Abraham Lincoln.

No one talks about - how the ungrateful - how they  turned their backs - and murdered those that offered them hospitality.

More - with bullets and mayhem - not long after - the  Pale Faces were - nourished - brought back alive from near starving - death.

The best way today to honor and respect all Native Americans - is for the United States government - to think afresh.

Apologize, for all the atrocities committed - and of course restitution - from the trillions of dollar stolen - funds set aside - for Native Americans - all recorded complete with lies - that the money simply vanished - went missing.

I respect the greatest Warrior of all time - Geronimo - from  the Chiricahua, Apache tribe.

 I respect Chief Joseph, from the Nez Perce - his love for his people and the trials and tribulation - his tribe  went through.

I respect Chief Sitting Bull, from the  Huhkpapa, Lakota tribe -  many other Great Chiefs too many to name - but who will always be remembered for generations to come.

The Six Nations who practiced democracy for thousands of years - the workings of the Long House - the many meetings the Founding Fathers had with the Six Nations - the Iroquois and   more.

Today's modern and contemporary Native American leaders - that I am in touch with - who will and must carry on the struggle - to the end.  They have little support - but their heart is big - and their willingness to do right - strong.

The compacts belong to many Tribes in name - while devious folks run the gambling houses - and no one knows - who really makes the money - but people gossip - talk from both sides of their mouth - much like those that betray those that are in the fight for dignity - some cannot be bought - and other will do anything for the White mens' money of sorts.

My heart is heavy - I know the workings of the corrupt - and can take them on - and do take take them on. 

We need more Warriors - educated on issues - and smart enough to expose the wheeling and the dealing.

Right here in the Bay Area and all over the United States - politicians - with fork tongues.

 The Great Spirit revealed to those like the HOPI and others - in their dreams and revelations - one of a kind. The harm that would come  to Turtle Island - it is at our door.

Billions of dollars - held in Trust Fund - belonging to the Native American Tribes - have gone missing - and Congress and the Senate - think nothing of these blatant - injustices - perpetuated on the Native American Tribes.

Never mind - the United States Government stole the land , raped the Native American women, removed the children and sent them to White boarding schools - committed so many atrocities all documented - but NOT taught in our schools - by the cowards.

The Pale Face is a disgrace to the human race.

The Quakers and some others - in the minority - saw something was wrong - and helped built the " Friendship Houses " both on the East coast and the west coast - and in other places - too.

We are grateful to those that the Great Spirit touches - and are thankful to those who support the on going - just cause for all indigenous people - the  the world over.

The prayers and the burning of sage, the cleansing and the good deeds, the singing and the paintings, the dancing and the building  - " the sacred dances " - the many other rituals kept alive must go on.

We are also fully aware and mindful - of those that killed  human beings - with superior weapons -  in a fight in which one side had superior weapons  - where the fight was not even. 

In battles where the odds were somewhat even - the Native American tribes - won.

Many of these battles - written about in some books - collecting dust on shelves - and many others - have not made the - HIS - tory - books.

The Intertribal Friendship House - has stood the test of time - as those who visit it call it: " Our Urban Rez since 1955 ".

Rez for "Reservation " - often times my friends from around at the world are at a lost - why would America - more the United States of America - keep the First People - in Reservations - and offer them little or no help?

Paintings, Jewelry, artifacts -
auctioned brought in a couple 
of thousands dollars to sustain
the Intertribal Friendship House

Why do we spend trillions fighting wars in foreign lands - and fail to offer help and true help - career jobs, sound transportation, quality housing, education, more take care of our Native American Elders ?

Why has this Nation - the United States of America - failed Native American Sisters and Brothers -  others that are poor and indigent?

Why do we not learn to respect our Elders - and take care of them in their Golden Age?

Why would anyone harm infants, children, youth, young adults, Elders - and those that cannot defend themselves? Why? Why? Why?

Few American Citizens have  cared to read the Constitution of the United States - less studied it - even less know that the Native Americans played a keen role - in influencing the Founding Fathers.

Others have no clue that many Native American Tribes - are not recognized as Tribes - and are not on the Federal Register.

The Federal Register  that offers them some help.

If a Native American Tribe is not on the Federal Register - they must fend for themselves and are treated like second class citizens - on this land that is their - Turtle Island - now called the United States of America.

We have the United Nations, we have the World Court, we have  numerous documents - legal documents - stating that human beings have rights and must be treated with - dignity.

It is embarrassing that in the year 2016 - the United States of America - even with a Black President - Barrack Hussein Obama - has failed to offer - " no apology for all the atrocities committed against the Native Americans ".

 This " apology is much need to begin the healing process - and the process must begin - now ".

Some years ago - the Intertribal Friendship House - had to deal with a fiscal crisis - I attended an event - and remember - raising some money for the Intertribal Friendship House.

I bought some painting - not prints - but real paintings.

One of them three feet tall and 3 feet and seven inches wide - it is about sunrise and sunset - a canoe with a dead person - it is about life and death - and the warrior who has fought a good fight - and now must rest for ever - he has fought a good fight.

I contribute what I can - to the Intertribal Friendship House - and they are kind to keep me informed.

 My heart is in this fight - and I have treasured this large painting - that I bought - years ago at an auction - not unlike the recent one - held at the Intertribal Friendship House.

I spoke to the Executive Director - I want  the Intertribal Friendship House to display this painting - it should not be sold.

 For many years - it has inspired me - to work hard for the Native American tribes.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone as their liaison on issues related to Land Use, Planning, Housing, Education, Health, Federal Recognition - in short - Quality of Life issues.

My plan is to attend the - Native Elders Gathering - and bring this large frame and offer it to them.

Again - it must not be sold - it must be kept - for this painting means a lot to me - and when I reveal what it has done to our common cause - those present will comprehend - the deeper meaning. It is a symbol of continuity and the on going - struggle.

The Elders Wounded Knee, Fred, others that I know - hopefully will be present - to speak to the Truth - and how we can stand our own ground.

There will be a prayer and more  and it will be - all good.

I want to thank the Executive Director and all the Elders - the many present - who worked as a team - at the 60th anniversary of the Intertribal Friendship House - held January 30, 2016.

The many gathered whose spirit was  strong - and felt by all.

May the Great Spirit who sees and bears witness to all  - bring light to those that must stand tall - and keep this light burning  strong.

 This one fight - for justice and all it entails - Aho.