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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Life is for the living - not the living dead.

When it was brought to my attention - by my good friend Regina - a Black grandmother - that her grand daughter - 20 months old - had moved to the other side -fallen prey to cancer. This shocked me - and other cases have - all infants who should have lived - but did not.

Cancer of the liver - attacked the infant Journey Freemen - the infant, managed to get a liver transplant. Recovered a bit - only to fall prey to death of the liver - her spleen burst and the rest was history.

The second time the cancer came around harder than ever - and God in His infinite mercy - beaconed the beautiful, innocent - " angel " to His fold.

Her father Rosean slept on the floor - never left his side - he called her - " my best friend " - such should be the love of other Black fathers - a lesson to others who fail to love their children.

Few may have met Journe Freemen - her father Rosean Freemen and her mother Lynee Freemen - Journey Freemen's death shall NOT be in vain.

Many a time - those who pay a price on the Earth -  move on to a better place - aid us mortals - in better ways - I know what I speak of.

2 Navy Road in the Bayview Hunters Point in San Francisco and the adjacent property  has been handed over to Lennar Urban - is over grown with weeds, it was on this property that depleted Uranium was tested.

The land cannot be abated, mitigated, is it contaminated by high levels of radioactive elements - registered at high levels - to this day.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and Tiffany Bohee would not know about this. Time for Steve Kawa, the City Administrator Naomi Kelly, Tony Winniker, the Controller, others in the know - to do the right thing.

If not all of you and more have BLOOD on your hands.

Hundreds of innocent people have come down with Mesothelioma, Cancers of all sorts, Respiratory diseases, other chronic diseases all well documented.

If you have not read the report - shame on you - do you want me to come and teach you idiots - a thing or two?

Barbara Gracia and her lackeys - have data - others call it statistics - I call the data - empirical data - Barbara Gracia the head of the SF Health Department  uses the data -  to write and get grants in the millions.

Most of the money is never used at ground zero - Bayview Hunters Point.

For the longest time ever past Mayors including Gavin Newsom; the metrosexual mayor - the current lack luster, spineless, immoral Mayor Edwin M. Lee - rubber stamp - anything that will bring in the "green".

You many have all you want on this Earth - cheating, stealing, hoodwinking - it matter not - the most important - is your "soul" - leaving a legacy - that Mayor Edwin M. Lee - will never leave. Despicable to say the least.

These vermin sell their soul to the highest bidder - and few have the guts to speak to the - " TRUTH" - shed light where there is abject - darkness.

Journey Freemen - an infant - did not live to see much - in the short time she was on this Earth - she charmed many - as many young children who suffer do.

The paradox is I feel her close to me - and I have never met her.

Never, cast my cast on her - but her " spirit " - will spur us - the few left - to shed light - where there is utter darkness. Too many naked devils - running around at City Hall - more in Room 200.

Tiffany Bohee the Director of the Office of Community Investment Infrastructure - is one of them - it is time to send her to jail - under the RICO ACT.

She lied in writing to Bishop Ernest Jackson - that even though, Tiffany Bohee - heads this sordid entity OCCI - that it no longer existed. Go figure!

Tiffany Bohee is a half- Black woman - her other half Filipino - or so they say - Tiffany will look you in the eye and lie - and now she knows that she has met her match.

In fact I have met likes of Tiffany Bohee - dime and dozen - Tiffany Bohee has BLOOD on her hands - and she knows it. What she does not know - is what is in store for her.

The entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a Superfund Site.Tiffany Bohee - like many other uneducated City employees - have no clue what a Superfund Site is.

Only the worst of the worst contaminated sites - mostly Department of Defense sites - are placed on the Superfund Site.

As I said adjacent to Navy Road - the site was used to test - depleted Uranium. Not far South - underground is a rail line - where many nefarious tests - all linked to the Atomic Bomb were conducted - underground.

A bomb assembled at Hunters Point left during the World War II - was loaded on the USS Missouri and then loaded on to a plane - that dropped on Japan - killing millions.

The ignorant do not know these facts - because as I said - they are ignorant - always preferring to live in the dark.

We have the empirical data - volumes of it - and journalists who have seen it - wonder - why the Mayors of San Francisco - from Diane Feinstein to Mayor Edwin M. Lee - are so nonchalant.

The answer is simple - when you sell your soul to the devil - greed, avarice, and failing to listen to your conscience - comes with the territory.

Such folks are called and named - the Living Dead.

Once these folks who could do something for those that needed help - they failed to do so - they pay a price - and many a time - their families - generations to come - pay a price - too.

Sordid people like Tiffany Bohee - others, her like - who aide and abet Lennar Urban, the John Stewart Company, Forest City, others one worse than the other - have to pay a price. 

For sure such - " Sordid People " - do not leave a legacy.

Here is a poem for Journey Freemen - help us from where you are - more folks like me - that have to deal - with the many devils - the likes of Tiffany Bohee:

Journey Freemen

No infant that lives on this Earth
Should fall prey to human misdeeds
High levels of radioactive elements
Abound in and around Navy Road
The City leaders are fast asleep

When Journey Freemen - beloved
Lived on Navy Road - she had no clue
nor did her parents - about contamination
Truth be told - no one should be living on 
Navy Road - Depleted Uranium - abounds in plenty

Tiffany Bohee others like her 
who wheel and deal and abet 
crooked Property Managers
Apartment Management Investment Company
that collect rent - enormous amounts
and feed the coffers of the OCII - some

The Board of the Successor Agency
to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency
have BLOOD not heir hands
they listen and rubber stamp 
vague, false ROPS and other documents
You all will be called upon - the RICO ACT

Journey Freemen who has awakened
those that were busy doing the devil's work
It takes but one - to shed light
where they is abject darkness
You did not meet me - but you touched me!

San Francisco could be ashamed of itself
Still birth babies born -  hundreds others
all innocent dying of contamination
more - radioactive elements 
at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard 
 the surrounding area - Navy Road - Cleo Rand - more

Lynne and Rosean Freemen
you do not really know me
may, have met me for a brief second
the culprits who committed this crime
the likes of Tiffany Bohee
will be brought to book

God is His ultimate mercy and compassion
will reveal here on Earth the truth
It is left to us - those that care 
to united, in humility - share
educate ourselves - and do what is right.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy

December 1, 2015