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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Common sense is a " rare sense " - it had to take a special order by the Chief of Police - Gregory Suhr - to bring about a necessary change when Law Enforcement Officers - draw their gun - to make them think - and more report in detail - such arbitrary decisions - each and every time they unbutton that holster.

The SF Police Commission has NOT done a good job - you have to watch their deliberations - they go on and on - playing to the camera - and not really addressing the pressing issues of the day.

The SF Police Officers - now also can use shields - in any encounter where shields are deemed necessary - read the report at the end of this article.

I have written about them and also about the Office of Citizens Complaints entity - that takes the reports from the victims - allow the Complaints to seat unattended -  then conveniently tell the victims - time has run out.

Such shenanigans will not be tolerated - the Office of Citizens' Complaints must step up - be transparent and accountable.

If an independent audit is done - a can of worms - will be opened - and add to the stench that has saturated its office and that of the San Francisco Police Commission - too.

Not once has the San Francisco Police Commission addressed Quality of Life issues.

San Franciscans do not live in a vacuum - and hearing the SF Police Commissioners - I do not think - they know the amount of damage they have done.

The abuse they received at the last SF Police Commission - exposed each and every Commissioner - and they should seriously  think - if they want to serve - or STEP DOWN.

They have no clue about the lack the dire need for sound housing in San Francisco.

The lack and dire need for sound, transportation, schools and child care.

The dire need for good hospitals and clinics - the congestion on our streets and have no clue about the contamination, pollution and the adverse impacts - on Society and San Franciscans.

The lack of recreation facilities nor open space and, safety facilities in general - where the public is welcomed.

They lack the sense and the importance of - land use, planning - the blank look on their faces on such issues betrays their ignorance and more arrogance.

In San Francisco our public schools are failing - the immigrants in our Public schools are treated with disdain. The brand new Willie L. Brown Jr Middle school has serious - problems. The principal who was first brought on broad - jumped ship.

In San Francisco over 6000 youth do not do to school -  the on going truancy is on the rise and will it petty crime and that rest of the nonsense that comes with it. 

The SF Police Commission and the Youth Commission must have a joint hearing - and the constituents will see and watch for the first time - how Smithsonian the present SF Police Commission has become - stale, inept, spineless, and not worth the salt.

The SF Police Commission should go visit the Single Residency Occupancy (SROs) hotels and see things of themselves.

Witness how the Senior, the Mentally challenged, the Physically challenged are treated - the SF Police Commission - better step up - or resign - your stench fills the air - and you contribute seriously to the on going contamination - adversely impacting - Quality of Life issues in San Francisco.

Joe Marshall should step down - he will rubber stamp anything - and is using the platform as a Commissioner on the SF Police Commission - for ulterior motives.

The sooner he fades away into oblivion the better.

San Francisco has  a population of about 820,000 and a Police Force of about 2000.

 With many retirements taking place - and more in the pipe line - there is room to bring in more officers.

Those in charge - must discern, and bring on board - better qualified Law Enforcement Officers - more those who live in our City and County of San Francisco - who believe in diversity and who truly care to serve.

For sure we do not need Law Enforcement Officers - who live far off - come to the City just to work - have not real connection - with the constituents of San Francisco.

Have no idea about what a Police Officer stands for, truly - less Cultural Competency - we are a very diverse city - and we have people living in our City - from all over the world.

In the last 35 years I have seen it all - the many changes in our San Francisco Police Department - and have known the last six Police Chiefs - well enough to have direct contact with them - and carry their personal cell numbers and telephone numbers with me.

The present Chief - Chief Gregory Suhr is my very good friend.

I know him well - well enough - to vouch for him - more when I can sit down with him - and discuss matters of importance.

I did not like the way many behaved themselves - barking and shouting - more when they were NOT from San Francisco - at the last San Francisco Police Commission.

It is not worthy if you bark and shout at anyone - and do not have a viable and sustainable plan to present and execute.

Less, if you do not live in San Francisco - but purport to know some and make a fool of yourselves - acting like fools - at the SF Police Commission.

When Oscar Grant was killed - I wrote the first article and published it on IndyMedia.

We, a few of us spear headed the movement - and we were responsible when the District Attorney of Oakland - resigned - for lying and thinking that he was invincible.

Few know these facts - but the facts stand - for those who want to check the facts and more to keep in mind - that some of us are watching carefully the on going ploys and machinations.

It is the same with Mario Woods and the actions surrounding his untimely death.

Our condolences to his Mother and to those loved ones - with whom we hare our grief.

We have worked behind the scenes - to make things better and will work even harder to make things easier and more accommodating. 

For example with all the vain talk - no one is talking about the Street Violence Intervention Program - the many vans and the teams that could have been called to intercede. 

It may shock many to know - that I have interceded - many times and stopped some one from being killed - and more arrested and taken to jail. When it reality they should go to the hospital for care - Mental Care.

It is not a JOKE when hundreds of Mentally Challenged are roaming our streets, are on the MUNI buses,  assaulting innocent people - and our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - fast asleep in the cockpit.

Our infants, children, youth, young adults in the Bayview Hunters Point - live in an environment that is not conducive to a healthy living. 

Stress, lack of sound housing, transportation, health services, more mental wrap around services, counseling, case management that matters, and a host of innovative methods that could be used - that not used - we have folks that talk the talk and do not walk the walk.

Diane Aroche who purportedly must be at work - is out on maternity leave for six months - while our youth and dying on the streets - and there is little if NO Intervention - in the acronym SVIP - Street Violence Intervention Program.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out innovative ways - and even though I have sent an email mail to Mr. Paul Anderson and Charles Morimoto to meet me - not a sound.

 Nor from the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who will say something about the Violence situation - and that is all - his press statements are shallow and inept - they lack leadership - the diatribe will take this City and County no where.

Chief Gregory Suhr must now gather his forces and speak to the TRUTH.

The SF Police Association - must step up - this is San Francisco and we can prove to the Nation - that we have a through understanding - can bring about a solution that works.

Must admit that we made a mistake - many mistakes before this one - and be woman or man enough - to take our City and County of San Francisco to a better - place.

The SF Police Commission must be throughly revamped - no one should be sitting for more than four years on that Commission -  more an individual that is useless and using the SF Police Commission title - to further one's own personal - interests.

The same with the Office of Citizens Complaints (OCC) - it has no clout - they pander, take your statements.

Make you fill long forms - keep your paper work on some shelf - and then have the audacity to say - there is nothing the OCC can do at this time - and let one sweat it out - sometimes stressing individuals - who end up - getting a nervous break down.

We do not want anarchists coming from the East Bay - trying to set our City on FIRE - that will not happen.

The Black leaders of San Francisco - who seek photo opportunities but have failed the shrinking Black population - better wake up.

So far the fake Black Leadership and the two Black representative siting on the SF Board of Supervisors - Malia Cohen and London Breed - have failed miserably.

Amos Brown of the NAACP is a JOKE - let us keep it real.

Most importantly Black on Black Violence must STOP - this inherent hatred - to take another life - is STUPID - and those that have some qualified influence - must STEP UP - and do the right thing.

Black life Matters - and those of us on the front lines know this - but we all must educate ourselves - to understand and more comprehend the details , the many facets, the under laying factors - that lead to violence, hate, and killings and shootings.

Some of those factors - the tip of the iceberg have been addressed in this article - but there is more - and the leadership - must step up and deliver - or forever hold your - peace.

New changes have been made where San Francisco Police Officers have access to shields - in situations where they can be used to protect themselves - and not resort to shootings and killings: