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Tuesday, December 8, 2015


It is simply pathetic to hear Donald Trump - the world's largest big mouth - declare that he can say whatever he wants to say - and think for second - that his ratings will stay the same - in these primary elections - and that he has a HOPE - to be the next President.

Donald Trump is a loser - those that support him - are individuals who have NO understanding - about world politics - and how small our world has become - with all the technical. social, political, spiritual happenings for good and other continued - changes for better.

I have said it before and I will say it again.

The Muslim Religion is a faith that stands for PEACE.

Much like Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity and all its various denominations, Sikhism, being an Agnostic, Atheist - and so on - none favor killing, maiming, bombing, other drastic and harmful methods - as the core value of their beliefs.

When I was young I was surround by folks from all faiths - and I learned early on -  how to appreciate people and those that practiced their religion.

How let us not mix religion, the faith practiced by millions of Muslims - and the views and practices of - fanatics.

The few fanatics who happen to be Muslims - and are not. Now it the time for the Imams and others that can influence the fanatics - to state clearly - that their behavior - cannot be equated - with going to heaven and embracing all those " virgins" they dream of.

Muslim belief in submitting, in humility, in good works, good intentions - killing, maiming, raping young girls, beheading the innocent who cannot defend themselves - and far remote - from the true, genuine, teachings and commentaries - linked to the Koran.

Fanatics and they come from all Faiths - some call them " alone wolves " - fanatics are just that - " taking extreme, rabid views and having no ethics, less morals, and absolutely no standards ".

We have had Christian fanatics - you may call them whatever you want - it in no way means - if some Christians fanatics bombed a place, shot some innocent folks in a theater - that all Christians are evil.

Donald Trump need to examine his head - his tongue has no bone - so he can wag it all he can -  he will lose - his rating are already rapidly - falling.

Our Muslims sisters and brothers - the Sunnis and Shias - must now first declare UNITY among themselves on all fronts.

We need Iran and Saudi Arabia - and their satellite allies and enablers - to seek - PEACE - without conditions that make no sense.

We simply cannot go to the days of the Crusaders and talk through both sides of our mouth.

We comprehend  as human beings - that we all must aspire and practice the better values - the best standards, help one another - and put aside differences - that can be worked out.

Animosity begins planted some bad seeds, and before you know it instead of weeds that can be plucked out - you have large trees growing - bearing bad fruit.

In the United States our Founding Fathers - knew how Religion - and more fanatics - could and have caused serious rifts.

Let us not forget how - Catholics, Jews, others - have gone through hell - in the past - until some leaders - took it upon themselves - for the good of our Nation - they put their lives on the line - and brought about unity.

We have failed to teach in our schools and colleges - how small the world has become. 

Monthly ecumenical meetings and ceremony can foster unity - our churches, our temples, our other places of worship must open their doors to all - in the United States of America.

This one action - on a War Footing - will change of mentality - and we will understand better how united we all are as human beings.

War and other actions - that have embroiled our Nation - has been brought about - because of lack of communication, understanding, and most of all - respect.

Americans by large are embracing and loving - however, when we see and witness the senseless killings - what is show - sensationalized day in and day out -  that are shown on our television.

Lacking -  proper explanation - failing to put facts in context - the Media directly and indirectly is stirring up - trouble. Make no bones about it.

We the people need more investigative reporting - on all fronts. Not the willy nilly reports - that make no sense - in fact - it is nonsense.

This is the time for all Faith and those constituents that do not believe in any faith -  in this the United States of America - to stand shoulder to shoulder - and make our Nation strong, peaceful, and progressive.

We must not cow to the cowards - the fanatics - who commit their crime mostly on innocent - victims - and cannot face themselves - because they are confounded and confused - in their thinking and consequently in their sordid - actions.

Our Armed Forces have soldiers from all Faiths - and it is amazing - when given the opportunity - how well our soldiers - have performed - standing tall and doing the right thing.

It is the same with our leaders, in the corporate world where they have standards, our professionals in various fields doctors, scientists, teachers, law enforcement, engineers, you came them - they come from all beliefs and some that have no belief.

Our Nation must stand united - all of us  - we must put our Nation first and the good of all the constituents closer still.

Our hospitals for example have doctors who belong to all faiths - Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Jain, Buddhists, Atheist - you came it - we would not want to dismiss a doctor - that the hospital has chosen to perform an operation - based on being fanatical - poor judgement - and biased.

Donald Trump can talk about banning Muslims from coming into the United States - this statement is nonsensical. As the days go by - this singular statement he has made - will bring about his abject failure in this race - that he has take down the drain - into the cesspool of his own making - the Trump Cesspool one of a kind.

Imagine if other countries say the same to us - it would adversely impact - millions. Travel, other international communication and international happenings that are needed - would be full of - hurdles and obstacles - and pandemonium would reign - worldwide.

Let us not be afraid to speak to the - " Truth".

Our Muslim sisters and brothers - already - are doing what they do best - serving our Nation - in all fields - and they should continue - doing so.

By large measure most human beings are decent and peaceful - those that are not - need help - especially those that are - " mentally challenged ".

The fanatics can go to hell - if they wish so - we should not make that our final destination.

By large measure we must not be afraid of these fanatics - who are mostly confused - and in the long run - they will be eradicated - from the face of the Earth.

Lesson learned - we must be cautious - not to go to War - as we have - many a time without a nation provoking - or attacking us.

We  should know and more learn - that we must earn our respect by respecting others. It may be difficult to comprehend - but we have no business interfering in the business - on any level - causing pandemonium.

We must stand united - bring all together - and nurture our infants, children, youth, young adults, others - to go to a better - place. 

We have spent trillions on a War that is going no where.
We have hurt our Seniors and other that need help at ho me.

The disparity at home - has grown by leaps and bounds - San Francisco has been ranked with Rwanda - a country in Africa - the filthy rich and the poor - who live - pay check to pay check.

All this in the land of the Native Americans - who despite all the hurdles put in the way - still practice - PEACE.

Most of us - including Donald Trump - big mouth - are strangers - in the land of the Native Americans. Shame on Donald Trump - is a chronic - loser on all fronts.